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Friday, July 15, 2011

Some Good Metaphysical Reading.

Bringers of the Dawn - which is by the Pleiadians and Barbara Marciniak

 The Teachings of Don Juan

A Separate Reality

Journey to Ixtlan

Tales of Power

From Tales of Power there is talk of The Nagual and The Tonal:
For comparison read these next two links:
                                     The Nagual (Right brain) and The Tonal (Left Brain)
                                      Articles: My Stroke of Insight - Jill Bolte Taylor
                                      Excerpt from book My Stroke of Insight by Jill Bolte Taylor

The Second Ring of Power

The Eagles Gift

The Fire From Within

The Power of Silence

The Art of Dreaming

The Active Side of Infinity

Gnostic Parallels in the Writings of Carlos Castaneda

Possession and Predation

The Archons

Carlos Castaneda's Don Juan's Teachings File

The Holographic Universe.

My Stroke of Insight Video - 18:42 min. long.

From Right Brain Nagual to Left Brain Tonal...

This is an excerpt out of Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor's book "My Stroke of Insight"
and in this she explains, what to me sounds like, the holographic picture.

For example, would there really not be any physical body at all, then it is only the illusion of the body through the hologram which was created by "all of us." The beings of the Universe who are us, have all put into it through the manipulation of thoughts about principles in every different reality. So this physical body is created by the illusion of all those pictures that are made up from the hologram which we have all placed together.

Such as the Matrix...the vibrations of energy being put into mathematical and geometrical order, would be the beginning of the holographic reality, which eventually became a physical body through the additions of holograms within holograms until this physical reality is the result. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, it's only an illusion of being physical. And once we figure this out, then we may step out of the illusion and be on our way.

....."As I lifted my leg to step into the tub, I held on to the wall for support. It seemed odd that I could sense the inner activities of my brain as it adjusted and readjusted all of the opposing muscle groups in my lower extremities to prevent me from falling over. My perception of these automatic body responses was no longer an exercise in intellectual conceptualization. Instead, I was momentarily privy to a precise and experiential understanding of how hard the fifty trillion cells in my brain and body were working in perfect unison to maintain the flexibility and integrity of my physical form. Through the eyes of an avid enthusiast of the magnificence of the human design, I witnessed with awe the autonomic functioning of my nervous system as it calculated and recalculated every joint angle."

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