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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Crazy! But It's The Full Moon. Have You Ever Seen Anything Like That?

The question is meaning to point you in a direction of renewal. To see things anew, as though you've never seen it before. And what this does to your bag of tricks is to give you a new tool to use, a new perspective you can pull out at any time and look at any thing anywhere, as brand new. And that in turn will help you to see other things, things which you've perhaps forgotten existed, or things you were never conscious of before. So truly, it's a boredom killer. Hahaha. It destroys the setting-in of something to stagnation. Or, it breaks it up and puts you back on track of energy utilization. Creativity. Life. Fun.

Excerpt from the Cassiopaean transcripts:
Q: Well, the people who are working in the direction of STO, what chance do they have of access to this knowledge?
A: They do not need it.

Q: Why don't they need it?
A: They will have it when the elevator reaches "floor number 4."

Enjoy the full moon everyone. Go Crazy. Punch a higher floor!




Et Voila!


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