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Monday, August 27, 2012

Getting Free Of Mechanical Karma & Reincarnation

I had an insight. As I was reading this pargraph below, an excerpt from John Lamb Lash's site Metahistory.org , I was watching a green house fly up at the lamp on my computer desk. The fly circled round and round and round in a perfect circle around the lamp post. Then it showed me that to get out of the repeating circle of nowhere, you start to offset it, and it showed me this by flying in a half circle. It went half way around the lamp post only, not all the way around it. It went half way, back, half way, back, half way...and then it began to show me this is the way out of the circle. Because once you can see the half way about it, then you can fly straight. And this is what it did next. It flew to the back of the lamp then came forward out of it and toward me. So this is when I understood what it takes to get out of the repeating pattern of the circle that goes nowhere.

At the same time, I also saw out of what the fly was showing me, that the Lizard beings, the Archons use the symbol of the snake eating its own tail. And I saw that this is exactly what they are so proud of. Not that THEY are eating their own tail, but that they have humanity eating its own tail, being stuck in a never ending circle of nonprogress. Check out the excerpt:

Blind Compulsion

Clear enough, perhaps, but how does archontic input "adulterate" human potential? The additive (equivalent to corn syrup in honey) is a tendency to trance, to self-hypnosis or auto-suggestion, as the text clearly indicates. That tendency is purely archontic. In effect, Sophia allows the archons to induce a trancing factor into human minds, as if you would handicap the mechanism of the inner ear to keep someone slightly dizzy, off-balance. What is handicapped is perception, due to the blurring of suggestion: merely suggest that something be seen in a certain way, and humans will tend to see it that way. Hence, the magic of advertising. Hence, the impact of psi-ops using simulation technology. Sophia does so, so that, by detecting the spin of auto-suggestion, we can arrest delusion at its root and rise to our true potential, using imagination to merge into the sublime reality of terrestrial designs, rather than for fantasy and evasion.

Fine, so far. This is halfway to the full exegesis of the passage on hiemarmene. The Apocryphon of John suggests that the delusional bias is not merely left to operate as a mental disposition, but is actually, functionally "installed" in the mechanism of human behavior, corporeally active. The blind compulsion of fate is due to the way behavior repeats itself through imprinting itself on the human organism, NLP-style Our bondage to karma resides in this: behaviorally, we imitate ourselves.

Now, I realize that mixing mythological language with psychological analysis will not go over well with some people. But there is simply no other way to frame the diagnosis here. The mythological metaphor, "Sophia cuts a deal with the archons, allowing them to bind human behavior functionally into patterns of blind compulsion," describes physically lived psychological reality. Compulsive activity imprints the human organism so as to reproduce itself in ever-repeating patterns (interchangeable fetters), but is then enacted through different, one-time-only actions (changeable fetters). For instance, the drunk who beats the wife who is the enabler of his addiction, repeats a compulsive pattern of abuse, and she repeats her involvement in that pattern, but each time it happens, they are two people performing distinct actions at that moment in time. Each time he hits her in the face is a unique instance of physical abuse, even though his act exhibits a repeating pattern of abuse.

The corporeal power of "repetition compulsion" binds humankind to fate "harder and stronger than she with whom the gods united and the angels and the demons and all the generations until this day." Sophia really takes a chance with us by allowing karma to function corporeally and not merely as a mental process. I would venture to say that she does so because our divine endowment of epinoia is also corporeal, and it takes one to match and master the other.
So you see how nature, Sophia, has helped me to understand something? It's as simple as paying attention to what the shiny green house fly is saying.

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