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Friday, October 4, 2013

Waking Up Is Not That Hard To Do, After All.

So today I woke up. It was actually last night, same day, early in the morning, Friday October 4, 2013.

Since I've been fleeing from facing who I call 'Seven', or if you would know, Lucifer, I had created all kinds of negatives in order to not have to face him. It was very difficult to do as well. I hadn't figured out a solution to the problem I faced, so I just ignored it while at the same time taking tiny steps over many years, in dealing with emotions that I hadn't been able to deal with before. Like for example, I was mainly a mind/thought person. When a strong emotion came into my presence, it unbalanced me and my mind was not able to work any more, not clearly, not anything. I was left useless. So I needed to learn what emotions were. I use to only work from the base of what needs to be done, do it. I saw emotion but I never paid any attention to it. Then when I met Lucifer, I had to pay attention to emotion because he in some kind of chemistry made something weird to occur in me, and I couldn't fathom it, so I hid and worked on figuring it out, but it has been an unnumbered amount of time, that finally now, I have dealt with it, and see it clearly. (Well, as clearly as can be seen at this moment.)

I have to say though how it happened. Yesterday, before the 12 o'clock Friday morning mark, when it was still Thursday, I asked the Light beings from the higher aspects of creation to help me. I know that the alien friends of ours tell us that we must ask each day for their help if we are to get it. But I decided that I would ask for a week's worth of help, from Thursday to Thursday. And immediately they began. The worse problem I had was of this, which I just explained. It was horrible. I hadn't a clue that I needed help there, the most. When I finally lay down to bed early in the morning (I'm a night person right now), I began looking through my heart area instead of my head area. That was the strangest thing ever. It reminded me of when I was 18 and when I first met Lucifer on this plane, consciously. He was always there since I was born, but I didn't know it in this body, until later, about 17 years of age. But it wasn't until 19 when I had evidence, which he gave me, and it all clicked. So I lay in bed with my heart open, and I very carefully watched my mind so it doesn't intrude, so that I could see what was coming out of my heart. It was pure. It was the way Father had created me originally, perfect. I saw this out of observing my heart...it was so beautiful. And at the same time, I was still intimidated by Lucifer because I hadn't had enough experience in the heart area to feel confident in myself that I could deal with this. I hadn't heard him come into this reality of mine for many years. Now last night, after I opened my heart and examined my life through it, I then after a short while heard two knocks in my brick wall next to the bed, just like he use to do when I first remember meeting him here. Of course it took all I had to not get skittish and flee. It's really weird...having two parts of being, one that can deal with it, the spirit side, and another that is as though lagging behind, the personality, the one that is programmed with all this meaning, which needs to be attended to or it doesn't get solved. So I was seeing this personality of mine ready to jump and run in a different direction, like a horse, and I had to pull the reigns, observe very carefully through my heart, and then ground myself upon what I had just learned from the heart center.

My goodness...the heart is truly where it's at. I had no comprehension of how important that was before this new experience. So I woke up, today, this very day, with the help of those higher Light beings, who invisibly influenced my life towards the better. Something I had such a hard time to do, all this time. Well, I tell ya folks, when you are stuck and you really need help, ask for it. It truly is worthwhile.

So dreaming this dream and awakening in this part of it... this new reality... which is the old reality, but the schooling is this dream world which we are now at this moment in, is like suddenly finding your true self again. That is what waking up really feels like. Finding the true you.

Hey, that reminds me...of that time when I went to go buy a Seth book and my first crystal, the lady at the store was a psychic who said she could read auras. I didn't know anything at the time about that stuff, so when she offered a free reading I went for it. I lay on a table and she moved her hands above my body sensing for things. When she was done, she said to me that I have some of the most brilliant colours of the aura, except one thing, she said my heart chakra needs help. My whole life I thought, what the fuck was she talking about? I just couldn't understand. Then last night, when my heart opened so fully and beautifully, I remembered her, that instance, what she had told me, and now I finally understood. With the opening of my heart area, I finally felt peace. I mean a really divine and beautiful peace. The love from the heart is the sweetest kind of feeling. Thank you. I just had to add that to this story, to fulfill it in all its aspects. Ok, it's not fulfilled. There are a lot of things I'm not saying...but this is a start. It will do for now.

     Alright! And now we have here for you an excerpt from the PDF book by Cosmic Awareness, "Who, In Fact, You Really Are." (sorry I can't find the PDF document anymore, which has some 700 and something pages in it. Maybe it must be ordered now, but before, I found it and downloaded it, so here's an excerpt.)

"There is, in reality, no such thing as time and space. There is only consciousness. But
within that consciousness there is the possibility of the illusion of time and space. This
can be compared to entities dreaming, when entities move into that state of the dream
and feel themselves flying through space, yet suddenly awakening and realizing that
they have never left their bed, but have simply been moving in terms of consciousness.
Likewise this third-dimensional world in which entities feel themselves moving in levels
of matter from place to place, from moment to moment, is a similar type of dream
or illusion and, in reality, all of this is but consciousness, is but the dream of one aspect
of yourself which is sleeping elsewhere and dreaming your existence.

There are twelve aspects of each entity and only one resides on this plane at a time.

This plane is but a plane of consciousness rather than a plane of reality.

The concept of reality may be better termed a level of realization—to realize, to be indicated
as real by the consciousness—by the collective consciousness of entities who
are in agreement that this or that situation is real. The agreement creates the reality, and
when everyone disagrees with an entity, that entity then is said to have his own reality
which is separate and not akin to the reality of others. The others then refer to that entity
as being un-realistic.

As entities move through these levels of consciousness, they are like vibrations, particles
of light, pigments of a painting, the refractions of the reflecting light or the
vibrations of a note; each being totally distinct and unlike any other, yet each being
totally integrated and part of the total tone, the total colors, the total vibration which
exists in the universe during this moment.

These entities, these portions or parts of this mosaic pattern which is known as
“now”—this pattern of matter and light dancing on the Akashic screen which spreads
and fills in all directions that state of consciousness, that sea, that psychic sea on which
these images are projected, these portions, these particles known as entities, known as
atoms, known as molecules, known as parts and organs and features and shapes and
items—these forms are all but images, and exist in the land of the Magi-nation."

"Use your i-ma-gi-nation Doc." A quote from the movie Session 9.

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