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Friday, December 27, 2013

Protection From the Covetous Psychopath.

     They wear a mask of sickly sweet friendliness, but underneath hides a ravenous wolf in search of how to cause pain, trouble, and hardship for others.

I've done some research on psychopaths before, but it wasn't until a recent situation which occurred in my life that I realized I had been dealing with one. It was the result of their actions which were cruel, immoral, thoughtless, and disrespectful, all the while hiding what they did by lying about it. Until I found the evidence, I did not suspect anything so vile could have been their intentions.

 And therefore I am doing more in-depth research on these ugly beings. This may help others to spot a psychopath before they get ensconced into one's life and begin their games...as well as help myself up the road to spot one a lot easier and then block them from my life.

Covetous Sociopathy (PDF)

"The consequences of organization run or led in a covetous manner are immeasurable
because often it is long after damage has been inflicted before victims realize that a trespass has
taken place. Sociopathic institutions and individuals are adept at appearing benign. This allows
them the advantages of proximity, appeal, and trust. Often it is only in hindsight that actions
seemingly designed for the benefit of stakeholders are determined to have ultimately been for the
enhancement of personal aggrandizement or wealth. Delayed detection affords greater the
damage. Sociopaths do not generally feel true remorse instead they feel deserving of that which
they seek and more (Murphy & Vess, 2003)."

How to Recognize a Sociopath

"The lack of empathy and desire to exploit others are hallmarks of the sociopath. I have often observed that some couples in the midst of divorce exhibit a distinct lack of conscience about hurting their estranged spouse. This does not represent sociopathy. It does represent an irrational anger and hatred for one’s spouse. We are all capable of cruelty, lying and extreme selfishness, given the right circumstances. However, the sociopath makes a lifestyle of these traits.

So, how do sociopaths get around and become so successful? Martha Stout, PhD., who wrote an interesting book called The Sociopath Next Door, says that it is partly society’s fault. We ignore the fact that a man or woman is doing insensitive, immoral things and make a bunch of excuses for their actions. She points out the fact that sociopaths are experts at appealing to our sympathies and convincing us that they really mean well. The sociopath blames others for his/her situation – “I got fired for stealing from the cash register when everyone else does it too.” This is not to say that every person to externalize blame is a sociopath. Sociopaths simply use externalization of blame as a way of maintaining their charade of innocence and victimhood.

The advice of experts on how to deal with sociopathic personalities is pretty unanimous:  stay away from them and protect your assets as best you can! If you have the misfortune to have a sociopathic boss, you will probably want to make arrangements to work under a different person. Domestically-abused women often realize that their partner was a man with no conscience, who took pleasure in beating them and cutting them down. If you are dating or engaged to someone you suspect is a sociopath, there is no formal cure for this disorder. If you think you will change this type of person, you are probably kidding yourself.  Parents, if you have a sociopathic adult child, you need to protect your monetary assets and develop healthy, strong boundaries. "


  1. Belialith, not sure if you are still blogging, but this was a great post.

  2. Thank you. I appreciate it. I got into studying the psychopath after I found out my brothers wife was one, haha. It was a horrible experience to find out she had stolen jewelry from my best friend sister Molly when she passed away. She wasn't even in the coffin when she was going through her jewelry box that she picked up while Molly's best friend was at her house to pick up the clothes to put on her body for the funeral. Her best friend thought it not right that she should take all her jewelry boxes with her, but she figured that she was family because she was married to my brother, and therefore she kept quiet, but told my younger brother Matt, who told me, and that's how I found out. But I didn't have evidence she stole anything from the jewelry boxes until ten months later when I finally got around to going through all that stuff that I had from my sister Rosy who had passed away six months before my sister Molly who had then passed away, so I had two sisters pass away in six months from one another, therefore a lot of things to do. And when I finally got around to the jewelry of both Rosy and Molly, I was going to give that stuff to Paige, Melony and Waun's daughter, but my brother Waun who came over to see Matt and I before Christmas, because Melony never goes out to our family get-togethers, she's a psychopath, and as I was giving him the stuff to give to her as a memorial, he said Paige doesn't want that, those are all baubles, she already took what she wanted. Meaning, she with her mother went through everything before I even had a chance to look at it, and therefore taken whatever suited her, whatever gold or silver, because she kept babbling at me after Rosy passed away, 'I just want something gold or silver for Paige, that's all." You know? Friggin ugly being. So she took whatever she wanted to and lied to me saying she never went through any of the jewelry. So of course, after that incident, I totally removed them from my life. In other words, I don't have a brother anymore because he can't separate himself from them, as, he didn't tell me they lied to me. So I have to remove all of them from my life. That's why I only have one brother, the youngest, left in my life, and of course my sister Molly's two sons. I've had a lot of interesting things happen in my life, besides this one, to find out that there are uncaring people out there, and the psychopath is the most uncaring of them all. Hahaha. Nevermind. There are very good and caring beings as well.