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Friday, July 18, 2014

Dulluminati Shoot Plane Down To Blame It On Russia.

So they're at it again, the dulluminati criminals. They can't stand it that Russia and China are gone independent, they're using the ruble and yen to do business, they have rejected the American dollar which was thrown upon everyone after world war ll. So the dulluminati, in an effort to get control back, have shot a Malaysian airplane down, murdering about 300 people, because they figure they're going to blame it on Russia so that they could manipulate the situation back into their criminal hands.
HA! Even a 5 year old can figure out what their plans are.

I mean, how embarrassing, that idiot Obuma, immediately after the incident, points the finger at Russia. I mean hello, there is absolutely no evidence right off the bat, but nut-case Obuma who works for the criminal dulluminati blames the Russians right after the incident, in order to try to sway the public by his manipulation techniques, hahaha, his stupid ideas which were planted into him, the puppet, to do for his dulluminati leaders. The dulluminati being the Rothschild corpse-ration.

malaysian airlines mh17 flight which shot down over Ukraine

Russian president Vladimir Putin's response on Thursday.

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