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Friday, October 10, 2014

I Just Like The Outfit

This is original Prince. It is way better than the now Prince, which is affal.

Prince - Controversy - 01/30/82 - Capitol Theatre

Take a look at how offal


Now take a listen to that David Bowie song again. Oh my gawd huh. Yup.

The moral to the story is, when we work together, we get much accomplished. When we become selfish and self-centered, not only does what we call "our music" suffer, but we too, oh my really, for sure, we too suffer. So. Let's go back to view Prince when he was actually working with the full team. With everyone. That is when he became a star. Today, as he works alone, he is nothing more than a mole in a hill. Anyway. To tell you the truth, the music companies were a very strong benefit to the music industry. Every time I wanted to hear something beautiful, something awesome, they brought it to me. But when the musicians started to fight against the managers, those who brought the music to us, that is when they lost their ability to communicate with us. For one thing, they are not in tune with us. For another, they have their own job to do. The music industry was in tune with me. Which means, they were in tune with you. When the musicians got greedy, they threw away the managers, who they thought were taking advantage of them, and they thought they could do a better job than them. But, are there any musicians out there as psychically in tune to me as the managers? I haven't found one yet.  That is why there are managers. To keep the peace. To put in place what needs to be in place. To give everyone what they need. Would we to go back to being less greedy, and more willing to work together, then we could get back what we had in the 60's, 70's, and some of the 80's. So, despite the recording, listen to how this sharing began which brought Prince out of the dark and into the spotlight. Because people like to be shared with, for people are a sharing sort...you know?

Live Recording of Purple Rain

No excuses.

You know what it said. Christ puts on our outfit. We take it off to our own disgrace.

Fantasy is a great delusion. It's the beginning of all illnesses. Once a being realizes what the truth is, then all illusions fall away and health returns. Count your blessings and be grateful for all that you have, rather than trying to take on more than you can handle. No one said it was going to be easy. But because of fantasy, some have fantasized that it was. It is not. It is not easy. Make it clear. The truth is something beyond egoic comprehension. It takes a mature being. Mother can help when Father is not available. Just ask.

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