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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Trippy Experience About a Heavy Metal Band at a Bar.

They're looking out of the box. Hahhaaa...that is so good. Out of the box. Whichever way you want it. The man in the cave is there for a reason. (The cave: Downstairs at the Coach N' Horses)

This band....KINTRA....I saw them in Windsor last year or so ago. And...I liked them sooo much, that I asked them about stuff and they gave me these two stickers...which I kept to myself. Now....

Last weekend, I was strangely enough, down there again. You know? At the Coach and Horses bar...under The Loop. You know? The Ole Fish Market? Right. So I was downstairs that night fortunately only because another 'friend' of mine had psychic powers and so now I was not at home I was out enjoying the night. . . and I sees this band, you see? It was hahaha what is called KINTRA, but I didn't know that by now....I just sitll, nevertheless fell in love with them. Their music ... was sooooooooooo good!

So, I have forgotten it sinc3, nevertheless still looking to find what name of that KIND of music so I could find some on my computer or my radio, and tune IN to it. But I never found out that name until tonight, when I remembered that I had a same band I really liked's name, right there in my computer folder next to everything. I pulled out the name Kintra...threw it on the main search machine with the words "Metal" next to it...hahaha...and...I came up with this. Kintra.  - 12 Piece Trad.

Well after that, I finally found what I was looking for.

Kintra from Montreal - Phran-Ko-Phun.

Awhhh...so awesome.

That's them. That's who I just saw the other day...hahaha...and I didn't even know it. I won't tell ya what happened, that made me TO remember...but ok maybe I will. The guys bass player lit a chord on fire blew it away and therefore the other team member group boys who were musicians, around? lent them a chord...so they could finish their set. I realized later, it was them. The next band, as nice as they were, were them, actually, or not at all...they were the ones who just left. You know? This type of music is so....brutherly. Luv it.
Oh soh faunny.

Placement La Deuce

          WhOah! Same as you never thought. Frank Oh Fun version 2

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