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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Gurdjieff Teaches Objective Conscience.

In his book Beelzebub's Tales To His Grandson, I have pretty much crunched his words in order to clarify the meaning of what he teaches, and so this is my way of excerpting from the book what is valuable. I start on page 348, of the book in the picture in the link.

Chapter 25: Shiemash

Shiemash was the only Messenger sent to your planet who succeeded by creating on that planet conditions in which the existence resembled the existence of the three-brained beings of the other planets of our Universe. He refused to employ the ordinary methods established. Shiemash taught nothing, nor did he preach. Information relating to his, passed from generation to generation through 'initiates.'

Initiates were those who had acquired in their presences almost equal objective data which could be sensed by other beings. They became initiates thanks to their personal conscious labors, merits which can be sensed by other beings, which also evoke in others trust and respect. 'Legominism' is the name given to the successive transmission of information about long past events.

Chapter 26: The Deliberations.

The prayer: I shall always strive to be just towards every spiritualized origination of Our Common Creator. To be coated with planetary body to assist all others to free themselves.

All Individuals same task, for self-perfecting, based on "Faith," "Hope," and "Love."

The different manifestations of the beings I then encountered, I decided I would choose the way for my further activities and devoted myself to concentration. I recalled and analyzed all the impressions present in me of all the perceptions I had acquired. And when I had attained freedom from all the bodily and spiritual associations of the impressions of ordinary life, I began to meditate how to BE.

These meditations of mine made it clear that all the genuine functions proper to man are functions of Faith, Love, and Hope.

When the organ Kundabuffer (the Kundalini) had been destroyed, they had acquired in themselves the genuine sacred being-impulses, Faith, Love, and Hope.

The properties of the organ Kundabuffer -- "vanity," "self-love," "pride," "self-conceit," and so forth.
In consequence of this, they "believe-any-old-tale."
It is perfectly easy to convince beings of this planet of anything you like, provided during their perceptions of these "fictions," the functioning of one or another corresponding properties of the organ Kundabuffer is given, as for instance: "self-love," "vanity," "pride," "swagger," "imagination," "bragging," "arrogance," and so on.
From the influence of such actions upon their degenerated Reason, they will even vehemently prove to those around them that it is just so and can in no way be otherwise.

In an equally abnormal form were data moulded in them for evoking the impulse of love. Not one of ten could describe even remotely the sensation of genuine Love. And without this "taste" they cannot even vaguely describe that rest from labors actualized by us for the purpose of self-perfection. But never do beings-men here love with genuine, impartial and nonegoistic love.

And as regards the being-impulse "essence-hope," such has not only finally adapted itself in them in a distorted form, but this maleficent strange "hope" has taken the place of the being-impulse of Sacred Hope, and is the principle why factors can no longer be acquired in them for the functioning of the genuine being-impulses of Faith, Love, and Hope.

During my observations, although the factors of Faith, Hope, and Love are already quite degenerated in the beings of this planet, nevertheless, the factor which is Objective-Conscience, is not yet atrophied in them, but remains in their presences almost in its primordial state. Thanks to the abnormally established conditions of ordinary being, this factor has become embedded in which is here called "subconsciousness," in consequence, it takes no part of whatever, in the functioning of their ordinary consciousness.

All the separate ruminating parts representing the whole, the functioning of that being factor still surviving in their common presences were to participate in the general functioning of that consciousness of theirs, only then would it still be possible to save the contemporary three-brained beings from the consequences of the properties of that organ, Kundabuffer. It would be possible to attain this only if their general being-existence were to flow for a long time under foreseeingly-corresponding conditions. To the creation of such conditions that the functioning of the "sacred-conscience" in their subconsciousness might gradually pass into the functioning of their ordinary consciousness.

I then decided to investigate in detail to make clear to myself which were the measures Shiemash took and how he actualized them, in order to help these unfortunates to deliver themselves from the consequences of the properties of the organ Kundabuffer, which had passed to them by heredity and were so maleficent for them.

And as regards that marble tablet I happened to read the contents engraved on it called Faith, Love, and Hope:

Faith of consciousness is freedom
Faith of feeling is weakness
Faith of body is stupidity.

Love of consciousness evokes the same in response
Love of feeling evokes the opposite
Love of body depends only on type and polarity.

Hope of consciousness is strength
Hope of feeling is slavery
Hope of body is disease.

I must elucidate a little more in detail, that inner impulse called Hope, which Shiemash constated the case is worse than with the other two. Thanks to this abnormal hope of theirs, a very singular disease arose called 'tomorrow.' They must make certain efforts, and which efforts moreover they even know how to make, but owing to this maleficent disease 'tomorrow' they never succeed in making these required efforts. And this is just the maleficent part of all that great terrifying evil, which, owing to various causes great and small, is concentrated in the process of the ordinary being-existence by putting off from 'tomorrow' till 'tomorrow,'... those unfortunate beings are also deprived of the possibility of ever attaining anything real.

They have deprived themselves of all possibilities of removing from their presences the organ Kundabuffer. It had also become a hindrance to most of them in honestly discharging at least those obligations indispensable in ordinary existence. Beings put off till 'later' everything that needs to be done at the moment, being convinced that 'later' they will do better and more. In many of them, toward the end of their planetary existence, that same organ begins to atrophy of their own accord and some of them even entirely disappear, in consequence these beings begin to see and sense reality a little better.

In such cases a strong desire appears in the common presences to work upon themselves. Needless to say, nothing can result from such desires just because it is already too late for them. The time given for this purpose by Great Nature having already passed; and although they see and feel the necessity of actualizing the required being-efforts, yet for the fulfillment of such desires of theirs, they have now only ineffectual yearnings and the 'lawful-infirmities-of-old-age.'

To save the beings of this planet by means of those data which survived in their subconscious impulse, Conscience. It were indeed possible to save them by means of the data which survived engendering this sacred being-impulse, it would only be possible if the manifestations of their subconsciousness were to participate without fail in the functioning of that consciousness of theirs, manifested over a long period through every aspect of this consciousness of theirs.

Chapter 27: Organization

There Shiemash first of all established relations with the brotherhood 'To-be-or-not-to-be-at-all.' Initiates according to the principles existing. He began by enlightening their Reason by means of objectively true information, and guiding their being-impulses in such a way that they could sense these truths without the participation of the abnormally crystallized factors already within their presences, or of the factors which might newly arise from the results of the external perceptions they obtained from the abnormally established form of ordinary being-existence.


The information that in the subconsciousness of people are always present, the data manifested from Above for engendering in them the Divine-impulse of genuine conscience, and only he who acquires the 'ableness' that the actions of these data participate in the functioning of that consciousness of theirs has the honest right to be called Common Creator of all that exists. The impulse of being-conscience exists in man, and secondly how it must be manifested in order that a man may respond to the real sense and aim of his existence, 'Required-Intensity-of-ableness.'

You must also know that afterwards, when all the results of the labors of Shiemash were destroyed, both this word priest and the word initiate were used still, down to the present time, in two quite different senses. Those beings still called by this word priest who by their pious existence and by the merits of their acts performed for the good of those around them, stand out so much from the rank and file of the ordinary three-brained beings there, that whenever these ordinary beings there have occasion to remember them, there arises and proceeds in their presences the process called 'gratitude.'

In the common presences of men all the data exist for the manifestation of the Divine impulse conscience, but this Divine impulse does not take part in their general consciousness; it takes no part because they gradually atrophy the data, the objective impulse of Divine-Love.

When the organization of the first brotherhood was so established that the further work could already be continued independently, by means only of the directions issuing from the Reason, those who had already sensed the said Divine impulse, consciously by their Reason and unconsciously by the feelings in their subconsciousness, and who had full confidence that by certain self-efforts this Divine being-impulse might become and forever remain an inseparable part of their ordinary consciousness. And those who had sensed and become aware of this Divine conscience called 'first-degree-initiates,' he set apart, began to enlighten their Reason separately concerning these 'objective truths,' which before that time were still quite unknown. These were then called 'Great Initiates.' Those principles of being of the initiated beings. What this being-impulse 'objective conscience' is.

The factors for the being-impulse conscience arise in the "emanations-of-the-sorrow" of our Long-Suffering-Endless-Creator; that is why the source of the manifestation of genuine conscience is sometimes called the Representative Of The Creator. And this sorrow is formed in our All-Maintaining Common Father from the struggle constantly proceeding in the Universe between joy and sorrow. In all beings of the whole Universe without exception, for engendering in us the Divine impulse of conscience, "the-whole-of-us" and the whole of our essence, are, and must be, already in our foundation, only suffering.

And they must be suffering, because the completed actualizing of the manifestation of such a being in us can proceed only from the constant struggle of two quite opposite sources. In consequence of this, every being of our Great Universe, owing to the presence of the Divine impulse of "Objective Conscience," always struggle with the arising within of two quite opposite functionings sensed by us either as "desires" or as "nondesires." And so, only he, who consciously assists the process of this inner struggle and consciously assists the "nondesires" to predominate over the desires, behaves just in accordance with the essence of our Common Father Creator Himself; whereas he who with his consciousness assists the contrary, only increases His sorrow.

All ordinary beings not only already knew this Divine being-impulse of 'genuine conscience' was in them, and that it could take part in the functioning of their ordinary 'waking consciousness,' everybody even began to strive and to exert himself. It then so turned out that almost all of those beings began to work upon themselves in order to transfer into their ordinary consciousness the results of the data present in their subconsciousness for engendering the impulse of genuine Divine conscience, and, of consciously taking part in diminishing the sorrow of Our Common Endless Father.

Owing to this, the question of conscience began to predominate both in the waking-consciousness state and in the 'passive-instinctive' state. Even those beings of that time in whose presences the taste of this Divine impulse had not yet been transubstantiated, but who had only empty information concerning this being-impulse, also exerted themselves to manifest in everything in accordance with this information. The total result of everything I have mentioned, was that within ten years there had disappeared of their own accord maleficent causes of which engender all kinds of trifling factors which prevent the establishment of conditions for at least a normal existence. And namely, division into numerous communities ceased to exist, and secondly, in these said numerous communities there also disappeared 'castes' or 'classes' which had long before been established there.

And precisely this second of the two mentioned abnormally established forms of ordinary being-existence was formed by 'egoism.' Some time later I shall explain to you how those conditions were established there, assigning each other to various castes, and how the same maleficent form of mutual relationship has continued even until now. Namely, egoism. Owing to the same abnormal conditions established from the very beginning after the said second Transapalnian-perturbation there, the general psyche had become dual.

I began in the course of my further detailed researches to investigate the causes in which way and why from the particles of the emanation of the Sorrow of Our Common Father Creator for the actualizing of the Divine being of objective conscience, proceeded in their presences just in their subconsciousness, and thus avoided that final degeneration for engendering Faith, Love, and Hope.

The mentioned duality of their general psyche proceeded because on the one hand 'individual-initiatives' began to issue from that localization in their presences, which is always predominant during their waking existence, and which localization is nothing but the result of the accidental perceptions and are called by them, their 'consciousness'; on the other hand, similar individual-initiatives also began to issue in them existing in which they call their subconsciousness.

And because the individual-initiatives issue from such different localizations during their waking existence, each of them, as it were, divided into two independent personalities. Here it must be remarked that this said duality was also the cause that there was gradually lost from their presences that impulse called 'Sincerity.' Later, the practice of deliberately destroying the impulse Sincerity took root and now, from the day of their birth the beings are accustomed by their 'parents'--to an entirely contrary impulse, namely, 'deceit.'

To teach and suggest to their children how to be insincere with others and deceitful in everything, has become so ingrained in the beings of the planet Earth of the present time, that it has even become their conception of duty towards their children they call by the famous word 'education.' They 'educate' their children never to be able and dare to do as the 'conscience' present in them instinctively directs. And of course when these children grow up they already automatically produce their manifestations and their acts; just as they were taught, as they were 'suggested to,' they 'wound up'; just as they were 'educated.'

Thanks to all this, the conscience which might be in the consciousness of the beings is, from their earliest infancy, gradually 'driven-back-within,' so by the time they are grown up the said conscience is already found only in what they call their subconsciousness.

In consequence, the functioning for engendering in their presences this Divine impulse conscience, gradually ceased long ago to participate in that consciousness of theirs by means of which their waking-existence flows. That is why, the data of this sacred being-impulse in them proceeds only in their subconsciousness---which has ceased to participate in the process of their ordinary daily existence---and is why these data have escaped that 'degeneration' to which all the other sacred being-impulses were subject, and which they also ought to have in their presences, namely, the impulses Faith, Love, and Hope.

Furthermore, if the actions should now begin to manifest themselves from their subconsciousness and strive to participate in the functioning of their abnormally formed ordinary 'consciousness,' then no sooner are they aware of it than they at once take measures to avoid it, because it has already become impossible in the conditions already existing there, for anyone to exist with the functioning in their presences, of this Divine impulse of genuine objective conscience.

From the time when the egoism had become completely 'inoculated,' this particular being-property became the fundamental contributory factor in their psyche for the arising of still several other impulses now existing under the names of 'cunning,' 'envy,' 'hate,' 'hypocrisy,' 'contempt,' 'haughtiness,' 'servility,' 'slyness,' 'ambition,' 'double-facedness,' and so on and so forth. These particular properties of their psyche, utterly unbecoming to beings, were already in the presences of most of them even before the period of Shiemash; but when there began to be fixed and to flow automatically in their being the new form of existence intentionally implanted in them by Shiemash himself, then these strange properties entirely disappeared from most of the beings there.

Later when they themselves destroyed all the results of the labors of Shiemash, these same psychic properties maleficent for themselves gradually arose anew in all of them, and, for them, they are already the foundation of the whole of their essence.

Well then, when the data arose in the common presences for engendering this egoism, and when gradually evolving, giving rise to secondary strange impulses, this egoism usurped the place of the 'Unique-All-Autocratic-Ruler' in their general organization; then, not only every manifestation but even what is called the 'desire-for-the-arising' of such a Divine being-impulse, became a hindrance to the actions of this 'All-Autocratic-Ruler.' In consequence of this, prevented it partaking in the functioning of that consciousness of theirs, the actions of those Divine data were gradually removed from the functioning of their ordinary 'consciousness' and participated only in the functioning of their subconsciousness.

It was only after my detailed investigations I understood why there still exists that division of themselves into various classes or castes which is particularly maleficent for them. My later detailed investigations clearly showed me that, in their subconsciousness, even in the beings of the present time, the data for the acquisition of this fundamental Divine impulse conscience does indeed still continue to be crystallized and, hence, to be present during the whole of their existence. The point is, later appeared from time to time, in the presence of this atmosphere, radiated from the presences of these yours, owing to that particular inner impulse which they themselves call 'Remorse-of-Conscience.'

And this proceeded because in those of who chance to receive and experience some kind of what is called 'shock-to-organic-shame,' the associations proceeding from their previous impressions almost always become changed, calmed, and sometimes even for a time entirely cease in them, which associations as I have already told you, consist mostly of various kinds of what is called 'rubbish.'

In consequence, there is then automatically obtained, in these beings, such a combination of functioning in their common presences as temporarily frees the data present in their subconsciousness for the manifestation of the Divine impulse conscience and for its participation in the functioning of their ordinary consciousness, with the result that this said Remorse-of-Conscience proceeds in them.

Here it is necessary to say that these ones become ideally expert in not allowing this inner impulse of theirs, called Remorse-of-Conscience, to linger long in their common presences. No sooner do they begin to sense the beginning, or even only so to say, the 'prick' of the arising of the functioning in them, of such a being impulse, than they immediately, as it is said, 'squash' it, whereupon this impulse, not yet quite formed in them, at once calms down. For this 'squashing' of the beginning of any Remorse-of-Conscience in themselves, they have even invented some very efficient special means which now exist there, under the names of 'alcoholism,' 'cocainism,' ' morphinism,' 'nicotinism,' 'onanism,' 'monkism,' 'Athenianism,' and others with names also ending in 'ism.'

Meanwhile transubstantiate in yourself the following: when the particular property of 'egosim' had been completely formed in the common presences of these beings, various other secondary impulses which still continue to ensue from it, in consequence of the total absence of the participation of the impulse of sacred conscience in their waking-consciousness, these beings both before the period of Shiemash and also since, have always striven and continue to strive, to arrange their welfare exclusively for them themselves. The result is that the prosperity of one is always built on the adversity of many. It is just this exclusive regard for their own personal welfare, which I cited as, 'cunning,' 'contempt,' 'hate,' 'servility,' 'lying,' 'flattery,' and so on, which in turn, on the one hand factors outer manifestation unbecoming to beings, and on the other, the cause of gradual destruction of all inner possibilities placed in them by Great Nature, of becoming particles of the whole of the 'Reasonable Whole.'

Well then, when the results of the labors of Shiemash begun to blend with the processes of their 'inner' and 'outer' existence, and thanks to the Divine impulse conscience surviving in their subconsciousness, gradually began to share in the functioning of their 'waking-consciousness,' then the being-existence both personal and reciprocal began to proceed to have relations towards each other only as towards the manifestations varying in degree of a Unique Common Creator and to pay respect to each other only according to the merits personally attained by means of personal conscious labors and intentional sufferings.

That is why, during that period, there ceased to exist separate independent communities and the division of themselves in these communities into various castes or classes. At that time also, the beings began to consider themselves and those like themselves merely as beings bearing in themselves particles of the emanation of the Sorrow of our Common Father Creator. And all this then so happened because when the actions of the data of the Divine being-impulse began to participate in the functioning of their ordinary waking-consciousness, beings began manifesting themselves towards each other in accordance, with conscience.

The consequence was that masters ceased to deprive their slaves of freedom, and various power-possessing beings of their own accord surrendered their unmerited rights, having become aware by conscience and sensing that they possessed and occupied these rights and positions not for the common welfare but only for the satisfaction of their various personal weaknesses, such for instance as 'vanity,' 'self-love,' 'self-calming,' and so on. Of course, at that period there continued to be all kinds of chiefs, directors and 'adviser-specialists,' who became such, chiefly from difference of age and from what is called 'essence-power,' from varying degrees of self-perfecting, and they then become neither by hereditary rights nor by election in those positions. All chiefs, directors and advisors became such in accordance with the objective merits they personally acquired, and which could be really sensed by all the beings around them.

All the beings of this planet then began to work in order to have in their consciousness this Divine function of genuine conscience. They transubstantiated in themselves what are called the 'being-obligation-strivings' which consist of the following five:

1. First striving: to have in their ordinary being-existence everything satisfying and really necessary for their planetary body.

2. Second striving: to have a constant and unflagging instinctive need for self-perfection in the sense of being.

3. Third striving: the conscious striving to know ever more and more concerning the laws of World-creation and World-maintenance.

4. Fourth striving: the striving from the beginning of their existence to pay for their arising and their individuality as quickly as possible, in order afterwards to be free to lighten as much as possible the Sorrow of our Common Father.

5. Fifth striving: the striving always to assist the most rapid perfecting of other beings, both those similar to oneself and those of other forms, up to the degree of self-individuality.

At this period when every terrestrial being existed and worked consciously upon himself in accordance with these five strivings, many of them thanks to this, quickly arrived at results of objective attainments perceptible to others.


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