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Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Circled Cross Solar Pattern.

This is very interesting concerning health. I'm excerpting out of a book called "The Ladder of Lights," which is about the Tree of Life, ie, the Qabala. It is written by William G. Gray, published in 1968.

 "It was Carl Jung who noticed that when healing was established on psychic levels, the patient almost invariably began to have visions or experiences of the Circled Cross Solar pattern, or Mandala. Such a happening seemed almost a sine qua non of healing. It was, of course, the application of Solar balance to the unconscious part of the patient which began their healing process in the first place. This is the working principle of what used to be called magical, and is now termed "paranormal" healing. Reverse its action and disintegration takes place. The Solar Cross is the key to the whole operation."

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