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Monday, May 30, 2011

The Key To True Power - Know Thyself.

I've been working on this for a few years. First I needed to read everything I could find in order to get knowledge. Then when I got what that was, written 'out' there, I needed to go in here, within my own store of knowledge to look at what I am reading on the outside of myself, which others had put out to be shared. And through my internal system I could put it all straight.

So this is it. The story of Sophia when she created that god who she called Yaldabaoth. The thing we are dealing with here are symbols which when delved deeply within, we can comprehend the lesson, the message, the keys which are there to be found.

Alright, first of all...I found that what happened there, works for everyone individually. When she first created him she told him to stay and wait there for her, since she was going out to reach the Mother. And what that means, is when you are first brought into life, when first you are 'born' into a form, the thing you must do is to stay where you are at in order to get to know thyself. Know yourself first before you get up and go. Because when you don't wait and stay to get to know thyself first, then you are missing all of the parts which are meant to be there to help you live your life properly, fully, abundantly.

You see, Yaldabaoth jumped away. He didn't stay. Hence, he didn't have the proper knowledge of himself. He had all kinds of holes in his thinking and feeling...which, would he have stayed, those things would not be holes but they would be a whole.

So what happened to those beings, like say for example, the Lizard beings who are full of fear and who think they need negative energy, well that is the same thing they did. There are some Lizard beings though who didn't jump and run...so there are some whole beings out there. The majority of them, soon as they were created, hatched, what-not, they didn't wait and stick around until they knew who they were. Instead they dashed off into the 'circle' or 'group' of others who also did not wait. Hence you have a very unstable foundation. That's why it is easy to destroy groups who are all stuck together. It's so simple to destroy what they think is strong, because they see on the surface some bi i i i ig group, and they're deceived thinking it is their strength. Hah, ha ha. It is an illusion. You can find one being all by themself who has stayed, waited, found out who they were as soon as they were born, before they proceeded on...and you will find that THAT ONE BEING is stronger than all the groups put together in any realm who have run away from finding out who they really are.

Hence, Yaldabaoth was the teacher of lies, for out of his fear all kinds of imperceptions occurred in his mind, and he didn't have the correct foundation on which to straighten those thoughts, hence he crookedly proceeded, and hid the truth the best way he could because he thought of the truth as an enemy at this point. Whereas would he have stayed and got to know his true self, the whole inner being, then he would have been following what he learned about himself, which would be the truth that is in every being. And then this horrible mess haha, with all kinds of beings going off and running away from their own true self, and creating a hell of a lot of mess, that now needs to be cleaned up, wouldn't have occurred.

Would they have stayed until they knew themselves for who they truly are, they too would have had a much easier and fuller existence, with the treasures within their own self nurturing themselves instead of going out and raiding planets for gold and other resources...since all this is to be found within your own treasure store which IS like a fountain gushing, never ceasing, constantly flowing, out of the glory of the first principle, one's own self. Would they not have scrammed as fast as they could from themselves to go running to their destruction, I.E., those groups of insufficiency which they think is their haven, (Hahaha. The most ludicrous thing!) well they now would be living the wealth and prosperity of who they are meant to be. But they only see their surface scaly or what-not type of flesh in their own material realm...instead of the heart of who they really are. So, learn.

That is what ignorance is. When one does not know their true self. That then is what ego is...the exterior separated from the self...a very shallow and ignorant thing. Hence why Sophia would call him "the blind god."

Therefore, what one must do now, is to go back, into their private inner self, away from all the others and find out who they are. You must use your common sense and stay yourself to the place until you know who you are. Would you to listen to your insecure self, the ego, then you would go off running like some madman and attaching yourself to a group of beings who are similar to your ignorance about your true self, and that would be self defeating. Like I told you, it is very easy to destroy a group no matter how large it is, when that is the principle...that no one who has found themself needs any one else, as, they are a whole. They may communicate and share their treasure with whomever they please or with everyone who could to recieve and give...there is no destroying of that kind. Those are indestructible because they are anchored into the divine center from where all things originate. So! You won't see an intelligent person going after one of those to have a fight. You will see an intelligent being with a chisel having fun destroying a group of beings from their 'security' post, hahaha. There is kindness though. When one loves all other beings, the only reason one would to chisel away at, to destroy a group, would be to help them understand that missing principle in their knowings. They need to learn they must go back from that place where they first were born and find out who they are. Then when they have that needed knowledge, they can move out of that place and go anywhere they please and be completely powerful beings.

There you are beings. Know thyself.  One more time. You will hear it always until it is a part of your knowledge. Something that gets taken care of before you proceed to do anything else.


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