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Sunday, November 13, 2011

4th Density Awareness

Since we haven't been taught, nor have we been learning on our own time, generally, what the magical side of life is all about, I've decided to do some research to help comprehend the place beyond this place.

Here is my short personal story. Tim and I went to a restaurant then stopped in at a bar on Friday night. We left early and went to where the truck was parked. We both saw the large train caboose in the gardens on the river, a show piece from older days, now just a decoration. We both looked at the same time and saw the same thing. There was a reflection of light which made it appear as though someone had turned the lights on in the train. It appeared to have two large windows and you could see inside of it, that there were a couple of tables in a small room. When I saw it I thought there must have been some kids who got inside and were turning the lights on because the lights turned on, stayed on for a while, then turned off and turned back on again instantly, and were on for a short while.

I said to Tim did you see that? He did. I went to go over there, but he seemed frightened a little bit. He said he was going to get the truck and he'll meet me there. I went over to the train and saw there were no such windows. There was only a small tiny window at the engineer's area, and the whole thing had been what we call an illusion. But we both saw it. That is from 4th density. I got in the the truck and we left.

I'm an artist and so I see deeper than most into the surrounding 'physical' reality. When I look at the surface, I don't just see what is there, I also see what shapes the structure. I see energy alive. It's like the molecules are worked by not only third density to create what we see, but also there are other's who inhabit the exact same territory, at the same time. It's a different reality. When I look and see faces on the wall for example, then I begin looking around, I can see faces everywhere, which opens up my mind to a different reality. So now I am aware of two realities interposed within one another. I can communicate with them in their reality and with those here in this reality. But it has to be consciously done. You first have to recognize it's there before you can partake in it. That's my explanation for a 4th density experience.

[Later today: Strange...when I was closing the curtains this evening, I heard a ringing sound like a telephone from the 1920's. Just one "rrrrrrriiiiing." It sounded distant and yet right there in the house. I never heard that here before. And immediately it reminded me of that train I saw on Friday. When I was going to explain it to myself, I made myself to say that it reminded me of what the phones sounded like in....the 1970's. Why would I say something like that, when I know I heard what I heard? Perhaps it has something to do with a past life, and I'm making comparisons to this life?]

[And today, Monday November 14, 2011, I was thinking about this incident because there is so much more to it than meets the eye. It's like when I look at an alien sighting in a video, I must go over and over that video in order to fully see what is there. So in my mind I went over and over the incident above. What I remember is seeing exactly two large windows with a room lit up inside. Tables, wall on the other side. Things that make up a live picture. Then the lights flickered off but turned back on and stayed on. Then when I asked Tim whether he saw that or not, he said yes, and then the lights turned off again. I said I was going to investigate because I wanted to know who was doing that, because that caboose is a beautiful structure and I would to keep it maintained as a beautiful structure. So it was my duty to go inspect to see who was playing around in that train-caboose. Responsibility you see? Well at the moment I said I was going to look at it up close, Tim got frightened and said that it's only the reflection of light shining from the street and he went to the truck saying he'll meet me there. As I was walking toward that train, I saw a reflection off the street, but that was a reflection. It shone on the train and I could see the flat black with the large screw covers on the train's metal framework. That perhaps, out of Tim's mind showed up because he was afraid to face what had been shown to us, so the spirit made a reflection to come upon the train soon after that experience so Tim could hold on to his frightened idea so he doesn't have to face what was shown. I on the other hand saw that last reflected light as exactly that. A veil covering the first vision which was clear. So would anyone to doubt their own self, that is their problem. I know what I saw and the whole thing fits.]

Tim was being timid. From "Encounters with the Nagual":

"Don Juan claimed that what limits human perception is timidity. To be able to manage the
world which surrounds us, we have had to give up our perceptual gift; that is, the possibility
of witnessing everything. We sacrifice the flight of awareness in exchange for the security of
the known. We can live strong, audacious, healthy lives; we can be impeccable warriors; but
we don't dare!"

But Wait! Tim may have been timid for a very good purpose! The more I think about this, the more answers come to me. He was cautious not fearful. And I sensed that something. I must be cautious myself. All these signs are coming through as messages. There is a train track just down the street from where I live and the trains can be heard from here, and even felt sometimes. I hear their whistle sometimes, when they must cross the street they warn traffic of their coming through, by the whistle. The ring. That movie. The bell. The telephone. The whistle. The warning.

When I was in Toronto at the age of 21, my friend Tony from Windsor had a dream and called me to warn me. He said I was in the dream. Tony is the guy who had an interestingly strange experience with a few friends one night when a person in their group became possessed. They were seeing strange things occur like markings show up on that persons body. They called their parents but their parents were not paying attention for some reason or other so they were left to deal with the situation themselves. When I first met Tony it was through John, a guy I went to school with. When he introduced us, of course I was already interested in the occult and had been reading up on it for a long time, so when Tony told me this story, I was interested in being a friend. When I went to Toronto, he called me one day, a month before a weird experience, to tell me he had a strange dream of something rolling down a hill, a black box, and it was coming my way, he called to warn me to be careful.

A month later it happened. It was a Saturday in August. I was reading playing cards all day seeing everyone's I knew future or whatever I could see out of these playing cards which I had just bought that day and decided to spend learning how to do this. It was about 8 or 9 o'clock pm when I began to hear what sounded like boom-boom, boom-boom, under the house. There was no subway under this area of HighPark. I had never heard that sound before. It was as though a train was moving under the house. It went on for some time. Then at around 9:30pm I heard two cats screaming like a cat fight. I was rooting for a cat to win, just for the fun of it, because I think maybe I was getting bored playing those cards. But suddenly something way too freaky happened and I knew it was a frightening situation. The two cats screaming turned into the sound of metal screeching against metal. The air felt electric and staticky. Like it was thick. And this metal against metal noise turned into the sounds of animals, like a bird screeching, and a pig squeeling, a horse neighing, and elephant sounding, a bear growling, and all kinds of other exotic animal sounds. In the middle of those animal sounds was the sound of a male voice crying. He was crying so hard I could hear his vocal chord trembling strongly. And all this was happening in my very backyard.

The weird sounds started approximately 10 o'clock at night. I made certain to check the time. I had went out into the back the moment I heard the first part of the sounds. I saw two cats, a black one and a white one. They were on other ends of the yard. I looked at both of them and they both looked at me and at the tree from where that sound had been coming from. Their fur was standing on end. And they bolted once I looked at them. I was half way down the stairs thinking to go look around. But the noise was so loud, and the only thing moving in the whole evening air was one branch near the bottom of the evergreen tree at the end of the backyard where I was.

As I was thinking to go over to the tree, while standing on the stairs and taking a slow step down, I had then remembered, out of the blue, that call from Tony. Ring-ring. Tony's dream warning me. As soon as I remembered this, I turned around and went back inside. I said to myself I think I should do like the cats did and get out of here. Probably they were giving me that message. It was like they were both there with the same thought, and it wasn't because of some cat fight, it was because of the possibly dangerous situation in the backyard, just a few feet from where I stood on the stairs. All night that very ugly, loud and totally strange sound was going on. Even at 3 in the morning. In the earlier part of the night when I became unnerved by that sound, I wanted to get rid of it. I didn't have a t.v. but I had a radio. So I turned on the radio and the first thing the FM station picked up was the sound of metal screeching against metal. It really freaked me out. I kept changing the stations until I got to a Pink Floyd song, "Wish You Were Here." Hahaa. It was so strange I just turned the radio off and put up with the sounds from the backyard. A little later I heard some lady on the other side of the street from my backyard talking to the thing making those noises. She didn't sound like she was having any luck calming it down. I went to look out the window and these people all had on long black gowns with a red colour at the collar area. They all came out of that house and I watched them as they all disappeared into the park across the street. I lived right across from High Park on Ellis street.

Anyway, the point of this is, that train sound under the house before the sounds started. The ring was the call a month ahead of time from Tony, warning me to be careful. Tim was telling me that light in the train caboose was only a reflection and when I wanted to go take a closer look at it, he declined and went to the truck instead of coming with me. Lately I've been hearing some unusual sounds coming from the ether. I keep running outside to see whether it's coming from outside but it's not. So tonight I heard what sounded like those strange sounds people were hearing all over the Earth and when I ran outside I found that it was the sound of the train just down the street. And when I realized that those sounds I had been hearing had interposed themselves into the sound of the real train going down the tracks, then I remembered that experience I had in Toronto and I think that all this is warning me as to who those strange sounds all over the Earth are actually coming from. And therefore, just as Tim had warned me in the way he declined to go there...I think that would be telling me, would I to, or when I am to hear that sound coming from anywhere, then I am to not bother with it, to keep my distance. That's it. That's the message I've been picking up, which is why I couldn't stop thinking of that incident. It's a warning. Thank you!

[Back to the subject. Today is Wednesday November 16, 2011. Yesterday, Tuesday night, Tim and I went to Papa Cheney's on Riverside Dr. We sat at the table where we could see out across the river and I could see the caboose. I asked Tim again whether he saw it and he said yes. I asked what do you think it was? And he said it could be anything. At the end of the sentence naming a few things off he said it could be paranormal. And I said well where did that light reflect from? He said it was coming from off the GM tower in Detroit. I had never thought that! And I said maybe there are ghosts over there and they communicated over here? He told me about a story that someone in his family had told him. He said in the 1920's they didn't have a bridge but they had a ferry boat which took people across the river. A couple guys he said came over to meet a couple girls in Windsor. They got really drunk and so on their way back home, it was winter and the river was frozen, they decided to drive across the river on the ice. Half way through the one guy heard the ice cracking and told the guy to 'slam' it. So the guy driving put the pedal to the metal and they sped across. They made it. We laughed about it. But we talked more and thought perhaps there were others who had the same idea and didn't make it. Maybe this area is haunted by all of them?

Oh and Tim said he only saw one large window. Whereas I saw two windows.]

Here is a link which describes the ego compared to the real mind:

Consciousness As Seer

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Encounters with the Nagual: Conversations with Carlos Castaneda by Armando Torres -pdf

Excerpt from Encounters with the Nagual:

   "In my quest for answers, I had looked into various spiritual traditions and wanted to find a teacher. But, from the very beginning, Carlos was very clear in this respect: "I don't promise anything," he said; "I am not a guru. Freedom is an individual choice, and each one of us must assume the responsibility of fighting for it."

In one of the first talks I attended, he severely criticized the kind of human idolatry that induces us to follow others, and to expect ready-made answers from them. He said this attitude is a remnant of our herd mentality.

"Whoever sincerely wants to penetrate the teachings of sorcerers does not need guides. It is sufficient to have a genuine interest - and guts of steel. He will, by himself, find everything he needs through an unbending intent."


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