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Monday, November 14, 2011


   The greatest grievance of humanity, and some other alien species, is self-importance.

Excerpted from "Encounters With The Nagual: Conversations With Carlos Castaneda" by Armando Torres:

"The path which transforms an ordinary human being into a warrior is very arduous. Our
sensation of being at the center of everything, and the need to always have the last word, is
forever getting in the way. We feel important. And when one is important, any intent to
change is a slow, complicated and painful process."

For example, would mankind to be created in the image of God which makes him to worship himself so much, then what the heck does he need to eat plants for? And what the heck does he need to have pets for? Would them, plants and animals, not be created in the image of God too, then why the cohabitation, why communicate with them? Shouldn't you isolate yourself and put yourself on a large pedestal away from everyone else so that you can be admired for your self? I mean, that's what it sounds like. Selfish unthinking self-worship. Plants and animals too were created by the same God who created everything else.

It's time to let go of self-importance since it was taught to us by some extraterrestrial beings who were doing it themselves, and look at all the wars that came out of it. That teaching is a false one, and needs to be discarded. Everything is created in the image of God and everything needs to be understood and respected. Knowledge is a very important thing to acquire. It sets you free from ignorance. Get Knowledge!

"After experimenting for millennia with situations that alter our ways of perceiving the world,
the sorcerers from ancient Mexico discovered a portentous fact: We are not forced to live in a
single reality, because the universe is constructed according to very fluid principles which can
accommodate almost infinite forms, producing countless ranges of perception."

"Of all the gifts we have received, self-importance is the cruelest. It converts a magical, vivid
creature into a poor, arrogant, graceless devil."


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