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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The difference between Vice & Device.

Nothing. There is no difference. They're both the same. Like money, something you're made to be familiar with, well, it's just like that. You either go out to spend your money and paint the town red, or you keep it in a blue box, for when you think you may really need it.

That's the difference between Vice, and Device. You use the vice as a device in order to get what you need to get. For example, sometimes it's not easy when you must cross to the other cliff and in the between is a huge flowing waterfall and, mm, depth to which it falls. One must get smart and turn the vice into the device. Since teleportation is considered to be a vice, because it's taboo to talk about it, like it is to talk about drugs, well then, use the vice as the device and teleport to the other side of the bridge, I mean, the cliff. You now have more time in which to do, that which you need to do.

Ta da! Fit for a king. Whoever told you to stop smoking, had no knowledge that a Vice can be a Device to get you one step further in the game you're playing.

Thank you very much my dears.
Let us now turn to..uh...snow white? Hah ha ha and the three bears?


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