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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

From Friends Long Ago.

The so weirdest thing. Flies, those green, blue, and amber colour house flies just filled my window for the portion that my sister was leaving this world. Then we went to the grave, to bury her body, and there were, oh my GOD so many crickets, and most of them looked young, I mean, TEENagers. No fucking human sized black cricket would be jumping around at a funeral. Nevertheless, I have also noticed that the house fly's in my house are a lot younger looking than the fly's that I use to have come around and visit me before.

So anyway, dudes, dudettes, and beloved pets....yesterday I was walking home after visiting a friend, it was Sunday and the neighbourhoods were quiet. As I made my way back home, I saw a beautiful cat, black and white, is what I saw from the distance. Then it moved so strange it reminded me of only what a little dog would act like, when it lays on the ground and pulls something between it's two front paws. But this wasn't a dog, and this wasn't a cat. This was a skunk, living its life in the neighbourhood. This cute little creature caught my attention. I started observing it and I first and finally realized, when it bobbs its head back and forth, it's because it's looking for worms and bugs on the ground, left - right - left - right, eyeballing the ground. It must be that their eyes were positioned on their face so that they would have to go foraging for food turning their face this way then that, and then be known as the skunk. This little creature was so cute and it was so natural, and it never sprayed me, because it knew I was enjoying its presence. People can make friends...but so can animals and people.

Guys, I'm sorry. Ever since my sister died, I have been having a surpluss of energy in the thoughts. I don't know what to do with it. But this is some of it, up above. Gotta go now. Before I cause too much trouble.

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