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Friday, September 7, 2012

The Netherworld

Since we talk of the netherworld in the title of this blog, let's check it out! Aaawl riiight! Haha. Just joking.

It is so strange how the Nag Hammadi Library has spoken of five hells and seven heavens of this material place Yaldaboath created, or uhm, I mean copied from what he saw somewhere....I don't know where...but they say he copied the structure. So The Daoists, yeah, strangely enough, also say it's ruled by five kings of hell. And this is the Netherworld.

What's really strange though, is that I had a dream of a guy I use to have a crush on and I only remembered his name as Burt, hahaha. He was there in the dream.

The dream started out by me wandering through a t.v. set with a bunch of actors and actresses doing things. I saw them training dogs to jump through something, and there were cats there too. The people were really nice, it was a pleasant place. I did have a sense of this place being underground somewhere below, like there was a ceiling over the entire place. I needed to go to the washroom so I walked to where it was, past the set further down at some building with a fence around one area, like a school ground. He saw me and I saw him. He looked like he was in charge of the whole place. He wore a nice pastel olive green suit that looked really good on him. When he took the jacket off he wore a nice matching pastel olive green/beige shirt. He looked so handsome.
There was a lineup of girls at the building when I got there. He was looking very intently at me, wondering who I was. He talked to one of his men telling them to not let anyone else come here because he wants to meet me, alone. So all the girls disappeared, and now I was standing there behind the 7 foot tall silver fence looking at him as he approached me. I had a crush on him so I tried really hard to hide it but he knew, somehow.

That's when I suddenly saw into a different dimension while I was standing there a few feet away from him. I could sense his presence, my surroundings and hear his voice, but my eyes were viewing a huge fire all yellow and flaming, huge flames engulfed the entire place. I saw a great big black form of a man with huge black bat wings flying in the midst of all that fire and I saw another one fly through it. They were two pure black forms in the raging yellow fire, and I could see there were others in there flying around in the farther distance through the flames. I felt like I knew them and I wanted to go there and fly with them, then I got my eyesight back and I jumped up on the fence like a bat, then I jumped or flew on to the other side, on the brick wall and stayed stuck on that wall for a little bit, looking at him. Then I came back down because he spoke really gently with me and helped to calm me down. We became intimate but not of a sexual nature. And we talked. And it was so nice being with him.

When I woke up I wanted to go visit him again. But I had to know what his real name was. When I looked it up on the computer, he was from that show called "Soap." His name was Richard Mulligan. He had died a few years ago. I had no idea. I thought he was still alive on the planet. Nope. That was him in that world I visited in the dream.

Sometimes I felt him wanting me to come back to that place, and we communicated from my daily life. I wanted so badly to go back too...I really liked that fire and those black bat people too, but I couldn't get back there. I did have another dream of him though. It was in a different setting and I don't remember how it went.

HELL? It's real! I've been there! Hahaha.

There's more to it than that. In July I wrote to a man who had fallen in love with me back in the 80's and I ran away from him. I wanted to see whether I could deal with this thing, so I wrote, and after I did I got nervous again. I mean, you don't know how it feels to be put out of operation, so as I was laying on the couch trying to calm myself I began saying" help me, help me" and really intently asking for help because I wanted to get past this hurdle which I've had to deal with all my life.

As I lay there still and calm with my eyes closed, suddenly I saw two pure black swirls of energy coming my way, and I felt close to them.

Nahual comes from a Nahuatl root formed by nehuatl, ‘I' and by ni ye, ‘I am', and therefore it means ‘who I really am'; it also comes from the word nahualli, meaning ‘what can be extended'. It is a cold energy, which moves in circular movements

I liked them. They were wisdom personified in my eyes, and I was having trouble dealing with this stupid romantic love thing. I always thought love was a responsibility not a game. But I guess we have to play the game too. So they talked to me. They were surprised I was here on Earth, and it seems they wondered how I got in here saying to me that I'm the only one of my kind on this planet. But I had a hard time believing that. Maybe because I didn't want to think I was the only one here holy sheets to the wind. So they warned me about him, but I already knew to be wary about him since I saw he had a very bright golden light and I was pure black. U know? Eeh! It was so neat. The first time I ever met anyone who I really felt at ease and comfortable with. But I knew my responsibility, that being alone, I have to do what ever I have to do. Something like that you know? So they flew off like they came, in spirals. But I still communicated with them for a while the next few days invisibly.

I think they actually helped me to go through something because I had a very unusual experience after that. The whole night I was in bed crying for hours and hours and these pictures of the water kept flashing before my presence and I was there at every place at the same time in my bed with tears streaming down my face. Then near the end of the session, I saw boiling blood. It was neat. Surprising, after all the water scenes. It was right up close. Then a few more water pictures, like oceans, lakes, rivers, etc, then I saw a huge vat of blood. Like earlier I saw it up close, well now I saw it from a perspective where it was a huge square deep pool and the blood was really thick with bubbling on top all over in small bubbles everywhere. Then it returned back to the water pictures. And ... well... there's a bit more, but that's the end.

The few oral and written sources available have preserved some of the sayings of the ancient nahuales or nahualli, the ‘sages who united sleep and wake'; the main written source is the Florentine Codex, whereas others belong to the oral tradition called mah toteotahtzin mitzmopieli, ‘the tale of our Venerable Land'. Here are some examples:
  • "The nahual is not weakened by emotions. It is not weakened by Coatzin's venerable snake, ‘sexuality'". This saying seems to refer to the two different ways of becoming a nahual, one of which was through sexuality, while the other was through abstinence.
  • "The word of the nahual is wise, he is the master of his liver, he serves the community, he is serious, frank and free of any excesses"; here the expression ‘master of one's liver' might refer either to the ability of controlling one's anger, as the liver is viewed as the place where anger is created, or to the ability to travel to the heavens or to the underworlds by means of the ihiyotl, the life essence, the subtle body that is anchored in the liver.
  • "The good nahual, reliable guardian, the one who observes, preserves, helps and does not damage anyone."
  • "The nahual is tlamatini, ‘a sage', mictlanmatini, ‘sage of the underworlds', ilhuicatlmatini, ‘sage of the heavens'."

Ok. Here's the excerpt:

The Netherworld

The Underworlds
Daoism divides the world into nine levels, which are called the Nine Realms ( 九壘 Jiulei ). Each Realm can further de divided into four Realms, for a total of Thirty-Six Realms. Each Realm is governed by an Emperor of the Soil ( 土黃 Tuhuang ). The names of the Nine Realms are as follows:

  1. Realm of Colourful Brilliance ( 色潤地 Serundi );
  2. Realm of Diamond Brilliance ( 剛色地 Gangsedi );
  3. Realm of Paraffin Brilliance ( 石肢色澤地 Shizhise Zedi );
  4. Realm of Humid Brilliance ( 潤澤地 Run Zedi );
  5. Realm of Golden Millet Brilliance ( 金粟澤地 Jinsu Zedi );
  6. Realm of Diamond and Iron Brilliance ( 金剛鐵澤地 Jinggangtie Zedi );
  7. Realm of Water Brilliance ( 水制澤地 Shuizhi Zedi );
  8. Realm of Great Wind Brilliance ( 大風澤地 Dafeng Zedi );
  9. Colourless Diamond-Link Realm of the Pervasive Abyss ( 洞淵無色剛維地 Dongyuan Wuse Gangwei Di ).

The underworld is dark and obscure. The netherworld cannot be entered by common people, but the soul of the dead must inevitably go there, unless it has become an Immortal. The Chinese call the place where the soul of the dead go 'Supreme Yin' ( 太陰 Taiyin ). The underworld is governed by the Five Kings of Hell ( 五嶽 Wuyu ), especially by the Spirit of the Eastern Hell of Mt. Tai ( 東嶽泰山之神 Dongyu Taishan Zhi Shen ). It is also said that the netherworld is governed by the Great Emperor of Fengdu ( 酆都大帝 Fengdu Dadi ). The netherworld is the location of hell, where the souls of sinners are locked up, as well as ghosts and goblins.

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