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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Evil Sorceress

     Hey everyone, there's an evil Sorceress romping about on our hmhm, third dimension. I wonder what she's doing here? What does she want? Well I certainly hope she's here to disintegrate the fucking illuminati dimwits and bring about a NEW AGE YEAY! Fer sure. Fer sure fer sure. That to me is exxxxstasy. I found this out by some guy called Tony Gray. He has a friend called Mike Michalski....now that sounds like Michael the Arch Angel eh? Oh yea. He's the one who wrote up all this stuff that's been going on, in a comic book. Get that? A comic book? Wow...the way we get information these days is sssssssertainly NOT on CNN. And then, haha, there's this uhm lady killer called Carla Homicide. I think she's the barber for the illuminati. Making sure they get a good hair cut...I suppose.   

Check it out:  170 Carla Homicide Madame Melocchio

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