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Friday, May 30, 2014

Black & Gold and Red.

I'm going to make a little poem. Black & Gold and Red. It's going to be a very pretty poem, after all, isn't Black & Gold and Red a very pretty combination. Yes it is. But first. I want to say, that Marilyn Manson ought to begin making movies. Those kind of movies where only his Capricorn mind could make. Not those ignorant movies that the cabal would have him make, by ramming him from behind with all their criticisms because he's right on target, because his songs are truths being told through the deceptive medium of pictures on the surface, and rough sounds but of course because both the meanings and the pictures make rough feelings to come forth. Wherefore, I feel that Marilyn Manson with his Capricornian industry and his Rooster attention to detail, hm, mmmm, can make some damn spectacular movies, without making a porno or other grotesquenesses that the Jews have taught the rest of the world to do through their example. And you know what I mean.

 Alright so now, let's get back to the poem I was going to write. Tis the night before death is destroyed. Tonight...I want you to watch this video and notice all the detail that the person put into it while listening to the Marilyn Manson song "Down In The Park." They did an astonishingly well portrait of what human potential is all about. This is where I got my inspiration to write this poem.

 Now, I want to mention...that this poem is not written only in words. There are ideas, pictures, sounds, music, song, dance...and everything else that comes along when you participate in comprehending what it means...Red...Black & Gold.

The Golden Snake

Manrilyn Manson and Rob Zombie. These are two of my favorite musicians... today. They are so wonderful. You really have to open your comprehension to what these two beings have done. They make themselves out to look so evil....sort of like 'Belialith'?.... and yet they are sooo good....soooo ooooo gooooood. Love them. They're our teachers if you know. If you don't, now you do too.

Take for example, this Marilyn Manson concert. The illusion is....

that the jewish dullights have put such a tortu-ous meaning around him because he 'SEEMS' to resemble them, but... Marilyn Manson like Rob Zombie move to their OWN beat. Their own sound. They cannot be manipulated by the cabal, the jew, the illuminati, jeHOvah, you KNOW? Even though the cabal does everything in their power to make Marilyn Manson look like he's telling another story OTHER than the one he's REALLY telling. You know.

They do that to Rob Zombie too, but Rob is aaa, little bit better at being able to get his point across to others...and that's why he's the positive. Or that's because he's the positive. For what I know about Rob Zombie is, he was born in the Year of the Dragon. And translated from Chinese to Western, that means the Aries. He's a Capricorn ARIES. Those are positive. Whereas Marilyn Manson is a double feminine, because both of the signs he was born with are those which are pure feminine. Rob Zombie was born under the feminine; Capricorn, and then the masculine: Dragon. Which is Aries. And that too is positive, in Western Astrology. So anyway. Wut I Am telling us is, There ARE forces all around us, but, We are The Main Force. And that's all that matters. Through there is sunshine.

Let's all round it up now, and let's move along.

The situation with this Marilyn Manson music is that it is in a form of "REFLECTION," that is, like the moon, the moon is a feminine form of being. It reflects the masculine rays of the sun, and in that way, brings 'Light' to the night. Do you understand?

Wherefore, this concert, under the title of The Golden Snake, is exactly the same type of experience I am talking about when speaking of the moon. This is a feminine type of music being delivered, with GREAT passion. And this passion is reflected through to you, to your comprehension, by the fact that it is a poem, all about the asshole and the assholes that are in so called 'power' over us, thinking that they have all the rights, to do as they please. Ha! Hahahaha! Hilarious if you ask me. Don't even ask me, just ask anybody. See what they say. They are saying the same thing I Am. That the idiots who think they rule the world, only rule over destruction, that is, which they have created for themselves!!! Evil. You don't want to know what it is. Even in ignorance!!!

Good Bye. I do, I have to go now. It was such fun. Communicating. Oh would the cabal only communicate too, they wouldn't have to go through what they are now going through. And there is no mercy. But what is MERCY? When you had the ability to give it, and you held it back? Hahahahahaa.... what then IS Mercy? I tell ya. You have planted your OWN GARDEN. EAT THE FRUITS YOU'VE PLANTED!

And yes, Marilyn IS a revelation. Of me. I'm the one who has helped you all along. I am not of the Father. I AM THE MOTHER. It's too bad the Father didn't tell you anything about the Mother...maybe he was keeping it for himself...hahahaaa...ahahahahaaa. No. I am THE REVELATION that Marilyn Is Talking About. Rob Zombie will tell it to you if you listen close to some of his songs....such as the black box that he saw expand before him. But I won't tell you what song it is exactly which it is described in, because it is not worth babbling about it. I reserve my rights. I refer to my secrecy. I have no need to exploit myself. I do not need to explain. I only find that freely giving and expressing, is the best way to get a point across. Without due deformity, let us get on with the show.

     In the last part of the video, the golden mean section, Marilyn Manson sings to the Californian's that they are the beautiful people, and that their job is to understand the ugliness with which they have been encumbered with. That is, the absolute ugliness of the jewish people running their government who are trying to steal away their guns so that when they try to break into their personal homes, which no one ever should, or ever entertain to do, they are ready to blow them away instead of being blown away. So do KEEP YOUR GUNS, even if it is a small thing in an animal world, it is better than listening to the Annunaki who bullshit their way into our comprehension.. So these beautiful people will prevent the cabal from stealing from them their one physical way of defence, not that there is no other way, I tell ya, MIND OVER MATTER, and therefore, they are trying to take over the country through their bullshit and lies. Marilyn Manson is teaching the Californian crowd to keep their instruments sharp. That's what I like about THIS concert

He's truly an intelligent musician when he sings "kill your god"... it's because most people don't realize they were brainwashed to BELIEVE in a god. But that god is not part of the beings' life. It is only part of the illusion of that life. Such as the Queen of England and her son the Prince who had sex with Dianna to make some more sons. They are not part of the comprehension of "Kill Your God" ... BUT! They too do know that were they to continue with their sleep, then they too would have to battle against the profession of the people who have 'killed their 'god' ' ". You  know what I'm saying?

So the properties of the great are not the properties of the material. Those of the material are slaves to the properties of the Great. For, they know no other. Therefore they are correct in comprehending that the properties of the Great do well for them, as well as for them who are not so great. By loving and living, there is justice. There is balance. Let us meditate on what balance truly means.

By the end of the concert, those who are destroying their instruments, etc, are those who know that the cabal has been in power and trying to rule over all of us, but that the players in THIS band are not convenient to the cabal. They are fighting against slavery. They are the free from monetary things.

Monetary is something created by the Orions. Therefore we don't have to partake of that bullshit. We as Humanity, as Mankind, need to create our own structure. In this, we refer to Sovereignty.

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