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Friday, May 30, 2014

We are The Main Force

First of all, after all, the twelve tribes of alien (to us anyway) beings who brought together their DNA to create us, were all of them. Every single one out there came together to offer a part of themselves, the best part, and helped to create what we call Mankind. But Mankind isn't a creation OF the aliens...even though it seems to be because they all brought together the very best portion of themselves.... no. It is not about that. It is that they themselves were shocked when Mankind finally existed. Because they didn't 'really' expect for this to become. And when it was, a reality, they were envious of it. They, who put their absolute BEST into the project, they who happily toiled together... those twelve perfect parts of all of their best is what created mankind and then they... the aliens, were jealous.

So why were they jealous? Because each of them didn't even KNOW the best part of themselves, let alone the best parts of OTHERS too! So when all the best parts of all of them came together, this was entirely a shock to all of them...hahahha, separated-together. Then Mankind was shoved into the lower levels of existence so the aliens didn't have to look at their best selves and wonder 'what the fuck?'

That's how we became the Main Force.

The Main Force is that which has applied those around to employ their very best selves toward a production, and then to co-opulate it into existence. And that's who we are. We have co-operated with the aliens before they even knew we existed, to create for us a body in which we may be able to communicate with them, in their language. Wherefore we may learn something, at the same time teaching others what they want to know about. You never force anything down anyone's pipe. You channel it through the kindest of ways. Gently. That way you can continue to make more friends. And the more friends you make, the more friends appear on the surface, let alone from the inside......

You fuck around with The Main Force? You fuck around with your own self. Justas I have made explicit here...they have given themselves up, for US to be BORN. Evil it is, isn't it? No. But for them it is. Because they're ignorant of their own perfection. Just as you and I have been for a long time. Because of the Lizards. But I wouldn't say that the lizards worked alone. I do know for a fact there is a force up above them. And they fear this force, instead of communicate with it. So humanity's job is not really the lizards and their focus. It is truly those other beings who called the lizards into this area of activity. They, (the lizards) who put us under amnesia, are not those who, by their own THOUGHT created that situation. There is someone else other, out there, who hates us, more than the aliens who one by one were freaked out by the absolute beauty that they had created on their own, together, when they put all their best into making a being called Mankind. No. It is not them. It is altogether another story of wickedness. That is where humanity now needs to put their focus. On that being. And change it. Their own way. Which ever way 12 perfect parts would do it. That's all. That's it. Got to go now!

Before I go, I want to say one word about who is really IN power. The Galactic Federation. They are now who are the OWNERS OF THIS AND OTHER, PLANET (S). But, don't take my word for it. You can be in power if they do not provide the proper aspects.

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