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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

How did. I Mean, How, Isn't That Indian? American Indian.

"Q. How did the reprogramming that you carried out through the Sixties

counterculture and psychedelics movement compare in effectiveness with that

accomplished through religious mind control by Theocratic religious groups?

A. There is a tremendous difference, roughly that between doing something using a

high level of technology and doing it by human muscle power, with the psychedelic

drug being analogous to the machinery. We did more reprogramming in a few years

on more people than the traditional religious Theocrats do in the same number of

decades. Unfortunately, the Fifth-stage Theocrats now have access to mental

reprogramming techniques just as effective as those we used in the Sixties; but this is a

subject we’ll discuss later."

But this is a subject you'll discuss later?? No. You'll discuss it now. There is no difference. It is only in your 'difference' that things lie uncomfortably. Your dif fer ence isn't exactly intelligence. Naturally, no one goes on to accuse anyone of doing things they themselves would not do. But, because there are so many derelicts, one must choose very carefully how one is to deal with such idiosyncrasies.

Hehehe. Hahaha.
What the fuck?

Uono what? Music is the best agent for healing of any kind of stuff, in this condemned situation, than anything. Here is the truth.

Or this.... :


  1. The Friggin' Falcon

    © 1966 by Theodore R. Cogswell

    I went out to take a friggin' walk by the friggin' reservoir,
    a-wishin' for a friggin' quid to pay my friggin' score,
    my head it was a-achin' and my throat was parched and dry,
    and so I sent a little prayer, a-wingin' to the sky...

    And there came a friggin' falcon and he walked upon the waves,
    and I said, "A friggin' miracle!" and sang a couple staves,
    of a friggin' churchy ballad I learned when I was young.
    The friggin' bird took to the air, and spattered me with dung.

    I fell upon my friggin' knees and bowed my friggin' head,
    and said three friggin' Aves for all my friggin' dead,
    and then I got upon my feet and said another ten.
    The friggin' bird burst into flame - and spattered me again.

    The burnin' bird hung in the sky just like a friggin' sun.
    It seared my friggin' eyelids shut, and when the job was done,
    the friggin' bird flashed cross the sky just like a shootin' star.
    I ran to tell the friggin' priest - he bummed my last cigar.

    I told him of the miracle, he told me of the Rose,
    I showed him bird crap in my hair, the bastard held his nose.
    I went to see the bishop but the friggin' bishop said,
    "Go home and sleep it off, you sod - and wash your friggin' head!"

    Then I came upon a friggin' wake for a friggin' rotten swine,
    by the name of Jock O'Leary and I touched his head with mine,
    and old Jock sat up in his box and raised his friggin' head.
    His wife took out a forty-four, and shot the bastard dead.

    Again I touched his head with mine and brought him back to life.
    His smiling face rolled on the floor, this time she used a knife.
    And then she fell upon her knees, and started in to pray,
    "It's forty years, O Lord," she said, "I've waited for this day."

    So I walked the friggin' city 'mongst the friggin' halt and lame,
    and every time I raised them up, they got knocked down again,
    'cause the love of God comes down to man in a friggin' curious way,
    but when a man is marked for love, that love is here to stay.

    And this I know because I've got a friggin' curious sign;
    for every time I wash my head, the water turns to wine!
    And I gives it free to workin' blokes to brighten up their lives,
    so they don't kick no dogs around, nor beat up on their wives.

    'Cause there ain't no use to miracles like walkin' on the sea;
    They crucified the Son of God, but they don't muck with me!
    'Cause I leave the friggin' blind alone, the dyin' and the dead,
    but every day at four o'clock, I wash my friggin' head!

  2. I like that. Very good response. Tells it all.