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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Devil's Pocket.

I've been watching this series on Netflix called "The Paradise." This is a very skillfully made movie/show. I really enjoy the intelligence in how it was put together. When I came upon this one phrase, I just stopped the video. It stopped at 22:38 hahaha of the video. So I had to go back and hear it again, write it down. Here it is.

The Paradise (Series 1: Episode 7)

"You overestimate your authority. How do you know that I was telling you the truth?
You need to learn, Mr. Dudley, you cannot trust anyone.
All around you people utter lies and hold secrets that make men shudder.
Do not presume to know me, or anyone else... even those closest to you."

The X-Files (Season 1 Episode 24 The Erlenmeyer Flask )

Deep Throat: "Trust no one."

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