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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Warning: Be Careful Of All Aliens.

From what I intuited today, we must be careful of all aliens whether good or evil because they all have an agenda, and they are not like us no matter how much they pretend to be 'just like us.' They'll tell us they're protecting us but they're only protecting their own interests. All we need to do for protection is to look inside ourselves and ask our Soul any questions we want answers to. Start a relationship with your Soul because it has all the answers you need and you will find love there too, as well as amongst others through their Souls as well.

The Mother of this whole place is Sophia. She accidentally made the aliens, it wasn't her intent to make them, but when she fell into this place, they suddenly just came into existence. It was because she is a young Aeon and was thinking to create Man and she was so immersed in that endeavor that she didn't know her mate was not with her, nor did she ask the Father for His/Her blessings, and that's why the aliens came out automatically when she fell into this universe. And then she ended up creating that which she meant to create from the beginning, when she got help from her mate and all of the Light Beings on the other side of this place. They all sent her help, and Man was created. So, Man comes from the Original, Autogenes, Father/Mother, but the aliens weren't created from them. That's why there is such a great difference between Man and alien. But the aliens did come from Sophia, so that makes them our half-brothers/sisters, and so we have to learn how to get along, as well as protect ourselves from the evil aliens' shenanigans. And they have some messed up shenanigans. First of all we have to get rid of them from off our planet. That's the main thing.

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