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Friday, December 16, 2016

Higher Dimensions.

     Today I noticed a lot of interesting things. I saw beings from the other side showing up all over the place through everything, and even the houses down the street I was walking on looked a whole lot nicer. Then later I saw a fairy, and then another one, but before them, I saw all kinds of other beings. So yea. This is it. This is the good stuff. I'm finally enjoying myself. And life on planet Earth is much more interesting, once again, FINALLY, YAY!!!

(I'll be back for more communication, but right now, I'm going to go listen to some music.)

Well I found some music, out of all that scrapcrapping paper out there, on youtube. Anyway, glad there's still something nice around. Hahahaa! (has it been that long? No. Looooonger....)

It matters... it matters not.


Now Behold! A witch cometh forth.

Now Behold! A True Word Is Coming Forth...

Higher dim=mentions then listen to this music.

I was impressed by the ball when it lit up in my face, and in my ears this something else music appeared.

Have fun.


     Alright. Today is Saturday December 17, 2016.

Yesterday I was talking about looking for some music on youtube? Well, I went on their homepage and all they're selling for you to hear are junk shit by young kids these days. That's why I had to type in a specific band to find something from the past which sounded good. Today, after listening to this video below, "Endgame: Disclosure & The Final Defeat of the Cabal, by David Wilcock & Corey Goode, Part 1,"........ I now know why all those little kids sound so poor. They have no music in them. All they were or still are, is sex dolls for the Cabal to rape and misuse. Hence, how could any music whatsoever come out of them? It makes sense now.

Written by Radu Cinamarro (found on this site, but no links work to the Radu sites)

"In recent years the teachings of Satan came to occupy the most important place in the collective mentality of many people. A relatively large part of people, if they ask "what is satanism?" would answer that, ' with the devil ". Of course, I do not expect to offer any explanation more complex, but at the same time, some of them have some notions about what is Satanism, I notice that-was among the first to hurry to celebrate this day deeply satanista.

The "father" of the "Church of Satan", tenebrosul Anton Szandor LaVey and terifiantul, used to say that Halloween is one of the largest celebrations in the satanic calendar, along with "Walpurgică" or Night witches Sabbath, on May 1.

In his book, the theory and practice of magic, written in 1929, he explains the reasons for the ritual death and why very young boys are perfect victims: "the magicians of antiquity believed that every living being is a storehouse of energy, which depends on the quantity and size of the animal's health status, and quality of mental health and of his moral character. When the animal dies, its energy is suddenly released. The one who wants to make a good quality spiritual work must choose their victim with utmost caution, so as to obtain the most pure force and stronger. The victim of the most perfect possible is a male child, absolutely innocent and endowed with a greater native intelligence ".

Crowley added in a footnote that according to Frater Perurabo satanistului journal, he practiced the ritual sacrifice of 150 times a year, between the years 1912-1928. This means that only a man has killed a total of nearly 2,500 boys in this time frame. You may wonder what happens to the millions, Yes, millions of children who disappear each year throughout the world, without ever hears something from them? And i never put to account those who are raised by small directly for this purpose without the public ever knowing anything about them.

I think you start to convince yourself that the estimates of the annual ritual sacrifices are not at all exaggerated. In essence, Satanism doesn't mean anything other than a theft of energy and consciousness of another person. In the olden days of yore was known by the term "Rapture" soul ". Perhaps you find that these rituals are but a hideous perversion, but those who practice them know very well that no matter how the ritual so its effects.

A ritual is only a tool that leads to a goal: theft or manipulation of energy. Sex occurs so frequently in the rituals of Satan because when the orgasm is caused by a burst of energy for which sataniştii and reptilienii can easily absorb. Sexual energy of love with a vibration resonate infinitely higher, which is why it cannot be accessed by the reptilians.

Instead, sex practiced during a ritual or satanic sacrifice makes as explosion of vital energy to produce a very low vibration, thanks to the intention which led to the sexual intercourse, so that the energy resonate perfectly with the frequency reptiliană. The astrological energies generated by the constant movement of the planets on the orbit, plus the Sun and moon cycles, are also used to enhance the power of rituals. For example, sataniştii have certain days where its most important ceremonies. These days are slaughtered an impressive number of victims, in particular children.

Some of the most important are:

-1 night/2 February Candlemas;
-21/22 March, the spring equinox;
-April 30/May 1, Walpurgiilor/Beltane Night;
-21/22 June, summer solstice;
-31 July/1 august, Newcastle Emlyn, Festival of the Sabbath;
-21/22 September, autumn equinox;
-31 October/1 November, Samhain/Halloween;
-21/22 December, winter solstice or Yule.

I wish to emphasize again that these dates and festivals are not Satanic itself. They represent important moments in the planetary cycle annually, when the Earth is extremely powerful energies of various kinds, and enabling the development of rituals and ceremonies both positive and negative. The cycle produces energy, and use sataniştii in their own purposes, just as do those who use it in positive, rituals such as the modern Druids. Other times they achieved widespread Satanic rituals are moonlit nights, when solar energy reflected by the star has the night is at its peak. Noting the significance they attach to sataniştii day of May 1, the date when the enlightened Bavarian appeared (in 1776) and day of Communists and Socialists around the world (another creation of the Brotherhood).

The key of Solomon is a book of occult magic. The legend claims that it was written by "King Solomon". She presents the Pentagram and the necessary instructions for using the invocation of demons, with the sacrifices that must be made to the latter. These works provide the knowledge necessary for ancient repeating these rituals generation after generation. The central core of the Knights Templar was involved in rituals of black magic and not infrequently the Templars were accused of satanism and rejection of Christianity under the grounds that it denies Christ and spit on the cross.

It is said that worshiped a very powerful demon named Bafomet, a symbol of black magic, also known as the Goat of Mendes. Capricorn (goat or scapegoat, symbolized and unicorn) is the iniţiatului and represents the political power, while the lion (Sun) represents Royal power. Here arose the expression that the lion is King of the jungle and why is the lion on the flag of the British Royal family. Aquarius is ruled by the planet Saturn, while Zodiac Lion is governed by the Sun.

Therefore, sataniştii and black magicians focuses heavily on those two celestial aştri during their rituals. For this reason, the planet Saturn has a more powerful vibratory impact upon the Earth than are willing to recognize the astrologers. In astrology, Saturn is the planet that governs considered the law and authority."

Radu Cinamar: Author

Radu Cinamar is a Romanian author and a very mysterious figure who was chosen by the head of Department Zero, the most secretive department of the Romanian government's intelligence network to write about what was found from the secret excavations beneath the Romanian Sphinx in 2003. He was subsequently recruited to work for Department Zero and has worked there for several years. Radu has four books about his various experiences.

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