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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Power Path On Our Full Moon Day

Changing the business of life. Yes, I'm fully aware that the business aspect needs to be organized. We see there are systems already in place, but that they are all crumbling because they don't exist on integrity...and therefore, we slip in and begin placing our business in amongst that old order and begin to organize ourselves, wherefore it will be suddenly blooming right out of the old, using up the old energies for the new energies which have just come in. Move over rover, this is someone else's sober work to do.

      Today I'm going to open up a book to your attention. It is "The Power Path; The Shaman's Way To Success In Business And Life" by Jose Stevens.

This book opens up and begins here, and with insertions of my wisdom. He starts with a couple of excerpts from other authors. From the author Peter Senge, "Synchronicity: The Inner Path of Leadership," I'll just take a snippet: "Ultimately, leadership is about creating new realities..." And from the author Victor Sanchez, "Toltecs of the New Millennium": "The World that we perceive, such as the self (our own ego), is nothing more than a description---a fantasy (my wisdom: in other words, misplaced attention) that only seems real due to our insistence in acting as though it were real... When we stop our contradictory description of the world, which we construct daily, we see that it is the true path of freedom that allows us to construct better worlds for us to inhabit."

Ok, now we move on to this man Jose Stevens' book, his writing.

My wisdom: These, I call Shirts. They are Disguised.

"-Corporate leader
-Chief executive officer
-Chief financial officer
-Chief information officer
-Vice president
-Head of human resources
-Team leader
-Communication officer
-Board member
-Department head

Those are the highly recognizable titles of modern business leaders, the movers and shakers of corporations that shape today's world and dictate the course of so much of the world's progress."

My wisdom: And these, I call Shirtless. The Undisguised.

"-Wise man
-Medicine woman
-Spirit walker
-Psychopomp (Walker between the Worlds)
-Soul retriever

These are just a few names applied to extraordinary men and women who have acted as leaders of their indigenous communities on every continent of this planet. They have been the movers and shakers of their worlds, the ones who have made things happen despite massive obstacles and unfavorable odds."

My wisdom. So, it's not 'I want to do this or that'. Want has nothing to do with it. Just fill the "need" whether shirted and disguised, or shirtless and naked. They're both important to know how to dress and undress in. That is, to change costumes.

Let's continue:

"What, if anything, do these two apparently diverse groups have in common? Is there a relationship between them? Is there anything to be learned from the mystically oriented indigenous leaders that can apply to the modern business community? At first glance it may be difficult to see the connection between these worlds; with closer scrutiny, however, you will find within the indigenous traditions a vast and deep knowledge base crucial to the businessperson who is ready to understand the next phase and take the next leap in the business world.

When you stop to consider, is there such a difference between the challenges of a medicine man or woman confronted with a patient's illness and a business consultant confronted with a seriously fractured corporation? When a seer is asked to predict the outcome of the hunt, is that such a different circumstance from a marketing expert attempting to predict the outcome of an advertising campaign? When a shaman is asked to remove a curse, is that not like a manager being asked to find out about and remove the obstacles to productivity within a department? The obstacles and challenges are actually not so different. The difference lies in how each group traditionally sees the problem and how they go about attempting to fix it.

For years our business has been to live in both of these worlds, studying with mystics privately and outwardly working as executive coaches and trainers. The theme of power is central to both worlds, and we discovered that we could be more influential individually and as consultants if we trained in the ancient methods of acquiring and utilizing power."

And there it is. Now we understand what is happening in our World today. There is a shuffling about going on. Yes, the marriage has occurred. The alchemical marriage. The up and the down has combined. The left and the right has combined. The inside and the outside has combined. It is now a new existence.

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