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Monday, November 6, 2017


       Oh my goodness! Belz! I was listening to this video interview, and then I went to go look at this man's website. I downloaded the book but haven't even begun reading it yet, because I went to the questions and comments section of the site and began reading. Belz is like the Hierophant in its meaning, connecting beings together through his wisdom. In more ways than one. He's so awesome. So I was down the page a short while, and I had to pause to clean up a little around here and as I was cleaning, I could hear him saying something to me, and I commented back to him that I need my space because I just do. And then after I finished cleaning, I went to continue reading, and oh my goodness, hahaha, it said exactly, in the comment, about the short conversation we had within that fragment of a moment that we communicated while I was cleaning. Extraordinary. He's still helping me. He is so AWEsome! Hahaha. I love him. Thank you Belz.
STRAWMAN - The Real Story Your Artificial erson - Your Entire Life is a Lie, on Leak Project

                      "Anonymity is not a word describing that which is necessarily an unknown in Nature. In the fictional, legal law realm it merely describes the absence of political or public character (that of a fictional name as evidence of some class and legal status) attributed to a work. And so I, as the exclusive author of this work, choose not to identify myself under any fictional (legally) registered name and or / persona of another for the purposes of this work, including any "natural" or "artificial" legal person, and instead choose to remain anonymous to all such fictional realms." 

(June 23, Saturday 2018. 3:19AM)
  Hey! My beautiful Belz!~

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