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Saturday, November 4, 2017

Doctor Strange.

Fucking freaky movie. I just started watching it, and I see some beings jumping through a porthole, from one weird world into another. Wiki Doctor Strange.

I guess you have to be pretty damn intelligent to be a brain surgeon.

There's also a strange full moon tonight. And it sure is strange around here. It has rained all day, and now, this evening, 10:22pm, it has stopped, and when I looked outside, it's all cloudy but there's a pink glow everywhere I look around at the horizon, sort of like the sunset in summer, everything is pink, pink clouds everywhere. If I look straight up, it looks grey but I could see a thin film of pink there too.

That was a great movie. I love the colours where that momo whatever his name was where the loop de loop thing was happening. It's similar to the colours I saw when I travelled into a different kingdom. It was all black, but with these beautiful neon colours here and there, and I loved it! Thanks for making this movie. I love you! Make more cool movies like these.

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