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Friday, December 31, 2010

Join The Party!

Hello everyone. I'm now communicating from this form, the written word in my and your blog system.

And YET, there IS another way of communicating. A few of us have been working this system for a while now. And we've been joining and bringing in others who are on the same desire level. It's called psychic communication.

It's like this. There's a flower inside your head. It is opening up as you come through the passage way. It's like a long hallway, and when you get to the end of the hallway it's as though the flower is in bloom, wide open, soft fluffy petals of lovely colours, and there's a bunch of beings, people and every kind of being from every walk of life partying inside that large place. It's as though the fourth dimension were inside your mind and it was a flower in bloom. The party is full, and it's well protected. Why? Because no one can go there until they have found the way there. And it takes you to go there all by your own self. It's not really a private party because everyone is invited. It's up to you to come. It's not on the outside. It's inside. The connection is not a physical thing. It's spiritual. And many languages happen there...and yet, all those languages equal one because we all understand one another. It's the place to be. Let's all find you there too.

Hey beauties who are there....I LOVE YOUUUUUU!!!!!

Hahahahaaa aaaa ha!


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