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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Extremely Low Frequency Radiation Vibration

Picture this: Sitting in a meadow on the grass with tall flowers all round you and trees surrounding the meadow holding in the peacefulness of atmosphere, the sky above, soft clouds floating, the sound of insects' music, and the sun shining with its gently penetrating rays.

Do you feel it, hear it, see it? Those are extremely low frequency radiation vibrations. They're so low a frequency you can't tell they're there, but they work, radiating their gentle vibrations through to you in the lovliest way communicable. They take you out of all the nonsense the world is full of, and bring you back to your true roots, your self.

Manipulate it all out of the manipulators hands and put it back into your own hands just by realizing you can do this. Mind over matter! Matter is out of the mind...so why not? Take this matter into your own mind and manipulate it to your hearts content!

Today I was thinking of those people we call true alchemists, who take the poisons out of their system by grounding themselves into the heart of the whole. Their inner selves stand up to all exterior bullshit which tries to get into their minds. They are those beings who could eat Mercury and it will have no effect on them whatsoever.

And there are those who in the fear of this world and all its concerns will surely die would they eat a tiny amount of Mercury. Those fooling around with it to see how they could become like an alchemist, are going to find it's not in there. They need to realize, true alchemy...not alchemy on the surface.

All this brings us to this video (I've left a link below), where Dr. John Coleman talks about how the inhabitants of Earth have been manipulated so much that they have nearly lost their self-knowledge, and therefore things like lab-created diseases used to depopulate the place are working on them. So what you must remember.....is who YOU are. You ARE Sovereign. Find out by searching your inner self and believing in what you acquire from your search. Find it. Hold it. Keep it. It's yours to have.

                               Extremely Low Frequency Radiation Vibration


 (p.s. what I mean by "take the poisons out of the system" is get rid of the lies, the riff-raff of nonsense you've heard or seen or experienced around the true Self. For example, Dr. Phineas Parkhurst Quimby, giving one example, helped a woman to heal her cripple state by talking to her. He found out she had believed a passage out of the bible in a literal way, or just a misconscrewed way and that is what caused her illness. She believed a lie. When she listened to Quimby talk of the truth after a couple hours or so, and she understood it within her self well, then she was able to walk again, completely healed.)

"How long shall man wander in darkness, looking for wisdom
when it is in himself - and he does not know it?"

It is the higher principle of our nature.
Now let this higher principle rise with me
above all the opinions of men about another
world made by superstition
and look and survey one vast space
where perfect light and harmony exist.
Now turn your eyes to the Earth and see
men's eyes turned upward to see this world
and listen to their stories about it.
See them down on their knees
begging an unknown God
to guide them to this world.
So the superstition in regard to it
is that the spirits of all those
that they have created and believed in
come from this vast place
where men never come
nor ever will come
till he breaks the fetters of idolatry
and by the buoyancy of his wisdom
rises by his own wisdom
unfettered by superstitions
into the glorious light of science. (silence - my input)

- Dr. Phineas P. Quimby

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