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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Hello Lovelies!

FFFFuuuhhh yhummy.

Let's check out the beginning of the intro of the movie "World War Z" and let's see all
the neurishment we can find, uh? Yes, let's.

Ohpe, then the movie starts. No more delights. Let's just watch wuts's up at the green

You know the dullness of this movie is? The kids notice something being spoken on
dim-wit t.v. and it's called martial law. The kid asks the dullass parent what it means,
and what it sounds like to me is that the dullass parent, for all his SO-CALLED
experience, has no fucking idea of what that means. (eeoh, it's a houze-hold name, we
just accept it as what we have been brainwashed to thinking it is, naathing!). So what
we are looking at here already is, "hey dad, what's the easter bunny?" Dad: "Oh, it's
something that brings chocalat eggs to your backyard into the basket that you made,
expecting these chocolat eggs to arrive. You do believe in the easter bunny, doncha?
Like sainta claws, it's all real, ain't it ma? Like house rules, chiristmas and easter, and
helloweeni and stained patricks day...all house rules."

Isn't the creativity brilliant. "All you do is make pancakes in the morning" sais the
child. Just like sainta claws stained patricks day easter bunny day and helloween, over
and over and over, the same goddamned pan-cakes in the mourning.
And so next, the family is in the car in the midst of a dead city, and he's clicking buttons on his robot car, whereas there are robot black hellicopters flying over head, which only is ah, natural....geez louiz, when don't you see black military copters flying around all over the viscinity? Mh? What was that martial law again dad?

Oh luvly, a cop drives by going down the WRONG way and smashes his outer mirror off the car itself. No problem dad, it's just martial law.

And that's when the dull action starts. Stuff to make your mind even duller than it's already made to be by inDOCtrination, and all your other school FORMations.

Anyway. That's the movie I'm watching right now. How many of you are seeing the damn same thing? Mh? Hey?

Well it's out there. Check out Netflix. It's on there.

P.S. Hey, the good thing about the movie, is, it sounds like Rob Zombie's wife Sheri Moon counting...one...two...three...four...

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