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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Human Potential ALREADY Flourishing!

What we didn't realize before is that everything we think, imagine, feel, is what creates our reality. So the 'powers that be' were playing the media, tv, newspapers etc, sending out a picture of fear, anxiety, lack, destruction....and that is what we were focusing on and so we were creating it. Now it's time to wake up and see what exactly has been happening. And it's now time to put your imagination to use to clearly picture what YOU want to see, what you enjoy, what you like, what you love, and then send that out. And everything that tries to steer you away from that, just send them love, and go on your way.

This video is so great. What an excellent message. Let's listen:

Here's a Will Burlinghof Interview with Lotus Guide (Will is the Channeler for Cosmic Awareness)

Another great interview! Will Berlinghof 21st Century Shaman, Daniel Holdings 2012

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