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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Time Travel With Art Bell - From 2035.

 I was listening to some Art Bell videos where they were talking about time travel. In the first half, the 2010 videos, a lady said something about how her and a lot of different people around her were saying the same thing, that in 1998 time seemed to have changed somehow.

And then in the next series it was in 1998 and Art Bell was wondering what will happen at 1999-2000 with the computers and banks, and he had a special line out for time travelers to call. A young man called in saying he was from the year 2035. He said that your (United States's) last president was Bill Clinton. (But his wife is a half breed lizard)

Well, his term was between 1993 and 2001. Meaning the 1998 incident that the people felt, was real. That could only mean the next president who was what's his name? Bush junior was a "Lizard being" disguised as a human! (@ v @) That perhaps the consortium placed them beings there, in hopes of deceiving you to think they were human, by outward physical appearances. (@ v @) People are prisoners of war who need to get free.
You see how what you see is not necessarily what you get?
Check out this time travellers message in these two videos:

To listen to both sets click here:

                                C2C 2010 with Art Bell

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