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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Arizona Wilder - James Casbolt - Revealing the Illuminati.

Arizona Wilder on Government Mind Controlled Slaves

This playlist gives you three sessions in which Arizona tells us what happened to her since she was a child. The last video, number 34, shows you a video which she tells us is an actual lizard being. A Shaman in South America killed it. Here is the picture.

And James Casbolt, his story. This is an excerpt from his third chapter:

"Agent Buried Alive, The Autobiography of Commander James Casbolt

Chapter 3

By the 1970’s, a huge number of mind control projects in Britain and America were underway, as they became rampant and started to affect many areas of society. During the Second World War, the Nazis were involved in creating genetically enhanced soldiers and spies with PSIonic and psychic ability, such as telepathy and telekinesis. They were known as “Ubermen,” which is German for supermen. They were basing their “new man” on a race of warrior Plieadian humanoids they had come into contact with from Aldebaran.

The German scientists developed a technique at the concentration camps known as trauma-based mind control. They discovered that if you could systematically traumatise an individual, particularly before the age of five, their mind would shatter into different parts, which the German doctors called “alters.” When the torture or terror becomes so intolerable, a person’s mind will dissociate itself from the pain and the alter will be created. These alters can then be programmed by the torturer to carry out almost any task. From my understanding, the limit is reached when operatives are ordered to kill their own children.

Old occult books were researched, such as the Egyptian Book of the Dead and the Necronomicon. The Nazi scientists also discovered that when an individual was traumatised and tortured, they developed almost superhuman abilities, such as huge pain tolerance, photographic memory, and PSI abilities. The ancient rites of Satanism were often used, and these rituals usually involved snakes. Through my own experiences and talking to other survivors, a common theme is coming up time and time again: being bitten by poisonous snakes in rituals to transmute the poison and enhance the immune system (American Indian shamans also practised this). Much of the project involved being taken to the point of death and then revived. Cathy O Brien, in her book Trance Formation of America, calls some of the CIA programming centres “near death training centres.” The snake rituals often finish with the participant being “buried alive with their fear.” This involves being put in a coffin with a number of large snakes and then being buried in the ground and left there for hours. When dug up, the subject has “gone beyond fear,” according to the handlers. I’m still trying to work out if this is true, as I have no fear of very dangerous things but have massive panic attacks at small insignificant things.

This is an ancient technique that was used in Egypt and many other places: a child would be picked as a candidate for a certain mystery school. Some of these mystery schools used more compassionate training methods, but all of them involved facing fears and danger at the upper levels. I was always taken through a “3 Room Atrium” ritual in Project Mannequin. I had to learn what was actually happening in later years through study of the Rosicrucian teachings. The ancient and modern shamans were taken into three rooms: In the first room, they were asked questions by the master, such as, “Do you wish to know the mystery of your being?” The initiate said “yes,” and they were then taken into the second room. In this room they were shown such magikal secrets as ancient artefacts. In the third room they had to pass a dangerous test, such as fighting another mystery school member or a wild animal.

Certain cultures, such as the Celtic people, practised PSI phenomena for generations in ancient rituals. Modern individuals and families of these old bloodlines made the most suitable candidates for trauma-based mind control because, although they may not have practised PSI abilities themselves, these abilities were still in the person’s genetic memory from their ancestors. This discovery, combined with trauma-based mind control and the latest advancements in military technology, made a very powerful recipe for the creation of an Uberman. The implications of this for groups that wish to control the world are obvious.

Heinrich Himmler and the Special Projects unit of the SS ordered a Nazi research program into Northern European families. The families targeted for this research program were the ones who had practised multi-generational rites of Freemasonry, occultism, and Satanism. Josef Mengele, the infamous “Angel of Death” from the Auswitz concentration camp, stayed at the Tavistock mind control institute in London when British Intelligence brought him here after the Second World War. One of the main projects at the Tavistock Institute was to find the breaking point of human beings. In trauma-based mind control, a Mengele Grid is programmed into the victim using torture and other methods. The victim’s mind would then break into 169 fragments or alter personalities. A type of electro-magnetic grid would be incorporated into the brain, and this would affect brain waves. With the use of cranial implants, an artificial alpha wave transmission could be sustained in horrific situations. This would enable the operative to stay completely calm in intense situations.

Each alter holds memories of the specific mind control procedure and is unaware of the existence of the other alters because of amnesic walls between them. Certain medical symptoms of this procedure have become known today as MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder) or DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder). In mind control cases, each alter or personality can be programmed for a specific task or ability and then called forward using hypnotic triggers. This is done by the handlers of the relevant mind control project to activate the ability and complete the task. These alters are also programmed with post-hypnotic suggestion to forget the task afterward. Only the handlers of the mind control project can call forth the different alters, as only they know the correct hypnotic codes, triggers, and keys to do this.

If the mind control victim is a “sleeper” (a civilian who lives in the a public community), even the closest family members of the person will have no idea that they are DID. In rare cases, an individual will realise their mind has been tampered with in one of the vast numbers of government mind control projects and seek help to de-programme their alters. This is possible with hard work and the right kind of professional help.

The True Origins of Trauma-Based Mind Control

Now the next question is, where did the Nazis acquire this super advanced technology? Here we get into an even more sensitive area and go deeper down the rabbit hole. Over the years, many victims of these mind control projects and government personnel have reported witnessing different types of what can only be described as non-human creatures in various underground facilities around the world. I certainly saw very strange things when I spent time at Peasmore and other underground bases. I’ve lost count of the number of testimonies I’ve been told from intelligence people who have worked in various underground facilities and witnessed non-human creatures.

This begs the question, are these creatures some kind of
strange human-animal hybrid or other military genetic creations that were carried on from the Nazi genetic manipulation work? Or, are they extra-terrestrial beings from different planets and star systems? The simple answer is both. My colleagues and I have witnessed and communicated with these beings up close and personal.

For a greater understanding of the ET situation on this planet, it is important to understand that the upper levels of the Germen Nazi government, the US government, and the British government were not only aware of ETs at the time of the Second World War, but were actively working alongside them – this had been going even before the Second World War in the 1930′s. The following is a brief summary of the modern history of government involvement with ETs.

Extra-terrestrials and Government Treaties

On July 11th, 1934, the first treaty between the beings, which have become known as the Small Greys (approximately three and a half foot grey beings with large wrap-around eyes from the Orion star system) and the US federal government, under President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, occurred aboard a naval ship at the port city of Balboa, Panama. This was one of the most important events in human history because it thrust us into a role we were not prepared for as regards becoming host to a malevolent, extraterrestrial race.

Although there are benevolent “Zetan”’ Greys, these entities did not have humanity’s best interests at heart.

The US government completely disregarded the Constitution of the United States by doing this and not telling the American people. It was here that the agreement was first made between the Greys (who were actually representing a race of reptilian-like beings from the Draconis star system) and representatives of the US intelligence community. The treaty stated that in return for the Greys providing high technology, the US federal government would allow the Greys to proceed unhindered with human abductions for use in an ongoing ET genetic program. The Americans stated they would only agree to the terms if a list of abductees was provided to the government and the abductees returned unharmed with their memories of the event erased. The Greys provided anti-gravity devices, metals and alloys, environment, free energy, and medical technology in return for this.

These Greys basically said they would provide this hardware in exchange for being allowed to infiltrate human society on all levels. This they did and started to replace important world leaders with clones under their control.

Seven years after this treaty, in 1941, the Greys approached the German government and Hitler. A treaty was then arranged with the Nazis. The Greys offered mind control and other technologies to the Germans, and in return wanted human subjects to conduct their genetic experiments on. The information I have is that Hitler told the Greys they were not to touch the German Aryan people but could do what they wanted with the people in the concentration camps. In the last century, Germany and America have been the main areas of Grey and reptilian invasion, as you can see by the vast amounts of people going missing in America lately. This is why the Nazis were so involved with cloning technology and experimentation on twins [re. Dr. Josef Mengele, a.k.a. the Auschwitz Angel of Death, Dr. "Green", Dr. "Greenbaum", principle architect of Project Monarch mind control programming...Ken].

Approximately twenty people in the US and Germany at the time would have been directly involved in the Grey/human treaties. The information was kept on a strictly need-to-know basis within the governments and secret services. Little has changed regarding Grey, government, and concentration camp issues. We now have the Grey, Draco reptilian, and government sell-outs in Britain and America who are torturing test subjects as we speak, installed into underground concentration camps. Many missing people end up in these facilities and are used as slave labour and test subjects. There is a large underground concentration camp under Salisbury plain in Wiltshire. Most of these evil places are built on sacred land, such as Stonehenge, to distort the vortex centres. I went to this facility in 2006 (taken there by a Delta special forces team by plane) and witnessed some of these martial law experiments.

One of my former NSA/DOE contacts was named Dean Warwick (who died on stage in suspicious circumstances at the Probe International conference in Blackpool). Dean worked at the Los Alamos and Alamo Gordo underground facilities in the New Mexico desert. Dean also worked at an underground facility in Hawaii. He saw Greys and reptilians walking around at the Los Alamos facility and also witnessed human test subjects in cages there. Employees at these facilities go through a process known as “desensitisation” before they are allowed in the high security areas, where they may come across ETs and disturbing tests going on. In desensitisation, the employees are injected with such drugs as Scopolamine (an accelerated learning drug) and shown video footage of ETs and horrific scenes of torture and death to enable them to withstand the things they will see. It is mostly the short Greys that employees of underground bases will come across, as the Draco reptilians keep themselves away from human interaction most of the time. Sometimes, however, an employee will wander down a wrong corridor and see a reptilian – this happened to Dean Warwick, Barry King, and Lincoln.

Dean was subcontracted by the NSA in the late 1980′s and worked for them until 1992. He was a senior electrical engineer at the Los Alamos facility. He told me there are now over 4000 underground bases worldwide and many of them have ETs in the high security lower levels. X5 also said the underground concentration camps in America and Britain are known as D4 facilities (deep underground military prisons). The major bases worldwide are mainly under the control of the NSA and are classified D1- Deep underground military bases, D2- Deep underwater military bases, D3- Deep under mountain military bases, and D4- Deep underground military prisons (although Lincoln informs me these classifications have now been changed).

The Grey and Draco reptilian ETs working together with the upper levels of different countries’ governments is known by intelligence insiders as MIEC (Military Industrial Extra-terrestrial Complex). Another NSA contact, X3, told me that a global Masonic apparatus above the 33rd degree is controlling upper levels of many governments of the world. The 33rd degree is officially the highest Masonic degree, but in reality, there are many degrees above this. This Masonic degree is the first real level of trust, and most Freemasons never get above the lower Blue degrees. You are either born into a certain bloodline, or you do something that sets you apart from Joe public and are brought into the Elite inner circle. On level 33, a mason often gets access to the highly classified areas of the MIEC. This Masonic degree is known as the first level of “Illumination.” George Bush Sr. is reported to be above the 42nd degree and is deeply entrenched in the MIEC. Insiders also refer to the MIEC as “The Octopus.” [re. Danny Casalaro, 'suicided' August, 1991..Ken]

The Octopus Spreads Its Tentacles

As the MIEC began to expand in the early forties, the second extension of the 1934 Grey and US government treaty was signed in 1944. This treaty was renewed every ten years from 1934 to 1964 and the treaties still are being renewed today. Lincoln has just recently visite
d the Chrysantheum bio-genetics facility in Dulce, New Mexico, as a new archive system is being set up there. A scientist who has worked there since the 1970’s informed him that a new treaty has just been signed. If people want to know the name, email me and remind me to ask Lincoln. I will then attempt to put this information into the public domain. Dr. Dan Burisch of Area 51 informed the public that one of the more recent treaties goes by the code name of ‘TAU’ with a specific number after the word. I was given permission in writing by a rep of Majestic to approach Dr. Burisch face to face in Las Vegas to discuss a bio-warfare test I saw conducted on civilians at the Wiltshire underground facility. The rep informed me it was inappropriate to discuss this over email. At the present time (15th August 2008) I still have not made contact with Dan, although I would like to at some point. There was also a meeting between Majestic and Lincoln in North Carolina and permission was given for him to work with me.

After 1944, much infighting and chaos broke out in the human government factions of the MIEC. Factions that were loyal to the people of the planet were battling it out with factions that didn’t care about the people and just wanted as much technology as they could get there hands on. As well as assassinations and cover-ups, the most important part of the battlefield was information warfare. Positive MIEC factions would leak information into the public about the true ET situation, and then negative factions would come behind them and cover it up with damage containment and psychological warfare programmes for the public, known as “chickenfeed.” Chickenfeed still goes today and has become more complex and confusing. Without “wires” (intel speak for inside connections), it is almost impossible to know what is really going in the world. The NSA is all over the Internet. They are buying up independent journalists, who are not part of controlled mainstream media, to spread their disinformation campaigns.

Hollywood is a major vehicle for this, and the protocol seems to be this: any details of covert projects leaked out are made into a film or included in sections of films so the uneducated public dismisses all the information as science fiction. Hollywood and NBC producer Bob Kiviat has been in touch with me, and I have helped him with his upcoming documentary about a colleague of mine named Simon Anderson/John Leonard Walson. A friend of the actor Dan Akroyd has helped me with some of the information in this book. This man is a member of the U.S intelligence community and has helped Dan write film scripts. He is interested in developing a film script based on my life, but nothing is set in stone when it comes to Hollywood. A colleague of mine named Anthony Pike has also been in touch with Gordon Novel. Gordon is involved with actor Bruce Willis on a new film project called Kingdom Comes. Gordon is heavily connected to the CIA and is the director of the RAAM group based in Las Vegas. I am currently waiting to hear from him. We have been told there was a falling out between RAAM and Majestic, but with all factions currently “sitting around the table” for talks, maybe this can be resolved. Lets act like gentlemen and see what can be worked out.

Before we go into greater detail regarding the treaties, let’s talk more about suppression of real information. Let’s take, for instance, the infamous GLP (God Like Productions) public Internet forum. This site has millions of users, but it is controlled by “moderators” at the Tavistock Institute. There is basically a large room full of computer intel geeks at the facility on Tabernacle Street in London; they control the flow of information here. I’ve posted sensitive information there and had my mother’s address in St. Ives put on the thread with indirect threats on her life. I’ve also had some intel guy with a conscience give me a list of my father’s European drug trafficking routes when he was alive. Add to this, there have been unmarked black helicopters pretending to dive-bomb my flat two hours after posting RV techniques there. That was good for a laugh!


By 1944, the Grey/human treaty was showing signs of stress, as it was discovered that greys were abducting more people than they were putting on the government lists. In May 1954, under the Eisenhower administration, the third extension of the Grey and US government treaty was signed – the Grenada Treaty. The Orion Greys and Draco Reptilians blatantly broke the terms, as we shall see later in the book. The Grenada Treaty was agreed upon under the Holloman air force base in New Mexico by the Greys and the ULTRA unit of the NSA. The name of the facility under Holloman AFB was code named DANDELION, although this may have changed now. The ULTRA unit was one of the most elite and super secret of the NSA factions at the time and was ran by Project Paperclip Nazis who were part of the NSA after 1945. All ULTRA members were cloned humans.

The original documents of this treaty and the original ET materials from it can be found today in the NSA facility called Blue Moon. Blue is code word meaning extra-terrestrial related. Blue moon is an underground facility beneath Kirkland Air Force Base in New Mexico. The entrance to the base is in the Manzano Mountains. Inside Blue Moon is the technological headquarters of the very secretive DOE, which Lincoln and Dean Warwick work[ed] for. Today, the DOE at Blue Moon is building free energy devices, developed from Grey and Draco reptilian technology, for use in space. Many advanced space-based weapons have been built, as well. MIEC insider Dr. Bill Deagle was told by the director of the US space command that they control every cubic centimetre of space between here and Mars. The director also told Bill that they have weapons that would make George Lucas drool if he knew about them. Trillions of dollars have been spent on this technology over the decades since the first modern Grey and Human treaties were started.

Bill Deagle points out this is not just one government administration or the trans-national corporations involved in these areas. He says we are dealing with malevolent evil on a galactic level. Dr. Bill told me over the phone that he worked with employees of underground facilities in the US who were suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder because of witnessing ET/human hybrids and other horrors in these bases. He was also asked to join the 33rd degree illuminated Masonic levels of the MIEC. He is considered a dangerous man who knows too much by these groups and was approached by a Frenchman, code named Pindar [Arizona Wilder talks about "Pindar" in David Icke's 1999 book, The Biggest Secret, and also discusses Pindar with Icke in a 1999 video interview title Revelations of a Modther Goddess. He is a member of the Black Nobility of Merovingians of France...Ken] after Bill’s daughter was born. Bill told me Pindar looked to be in his late fifties with a very professional manner. He wore an expensive suit, had manicured nails, and seemed to disappear when he walked off down the street after Bill refused to become part of the organisation.

Technology exists called Thermoptic Camouflage that can render a secret service man invisible to the naked eye. It is small device that can be worn on the belt and activated at will. A secret service man can also be put through a
Thermoptic field and will become invisible to the naked eye for over forty-eight hours. There is no need to carry the Thermoptic hardware around if you are put through the field; however, after the forty-eight hours is up, the agent starts to phase back into sight and becomes violently ill for a short time.

An American woman who lived in Nevada contacted me last year and told me she had hired a private detective because of black government type cars regularly circling her house, parking outside, and following her when she was driving. One night, she was driving along a desert highway and one of the black cars started to follow her again. She managed to lose it by hitting the gas and sharply turning into a quiet side road. She turned the engine off and got out of the car to wait until the car following her had driven off. This woman then told me she heard footsteps crunching on the gravel toward her, but she could see no one there. She said she felt something next to her, and an invisible hand then grabbed her crotch. She panicked and jumped back into her car and drove off.

Military advancements and Project Plato

With each ET/human treaty, the governments were becoming more advanced, and there were now groups of people that were literally thousands of years more advanced than the civilian population. For every one year that goes by, since the start of these treaties, military technology advances by over fifty years. I heard it best from Phil Schneider, who said that every now and then, the public gets a new computer or some other piece of technology from the MIEC, but these are just little trinkets similar to when the early white American settlers would give beads to the Indians.

On April 15th, 1964, two US intelligence personnel met under Project Plato with the Greys in the New Mexico desert to arrange a meeting on April 25th at Holloman air force base in New Mexico. This meeting was to renew the treaty that had started in 1934 again and was a psychological bid to buy time in order to solve the problem of the Greys and Draco reptilians. The upper levels of US intelligence now believed the Greys and Dracos had this planet time-tabled for invasion and takeover between the years 2000 and 2030.

I have come across huge amounts of evidence that many Greys and Draco reptilians may have actually been on this planet (installed underground) since at least the time of ancient Babylon. They may have been covertly subverting the human surface population over a long period of time in preparation for the return of the fearsome Draco Prime overlords from Alpha Draconis.

Around 1887, several disc-shaped craft were observed in the sky. In 1887, US president Grover Cleveland created a secret committee to investigate these objects; he secretly funded the five-member group. Grover Cleveland was the only US president to serve two non-consecutive terms. He was the 22nd and 24th president of the United States from 1885-1889 and 1893-1897. A team run by the five-member group called “The Suits,” as they wore black suits, questioned many eyewitnesses. Members of the press were contacted and asked not to report the sightings to the public. John G. Carlisle (Speaker of the House) headed the five-man committee and the advised the President not to release the information until the facts were understood. The more information they gathered, the more they realised this was a job too big for the small committee.

Benjamin Harrison became the 23rd President, and John Carlisle retired as Speaker of the House to devote his time to the strange disc craft. The secret committee then became a secret division of the US government called the Central Group. The Central group’s headquarters was set up in tunnels below Washington D.C. code named “The Land of Nod.” Most of the Federal Government did not know about the Central Group.

At this time, England began seeing strange flying craft. In 1896, the English skies were full of “glowing orbs” that criss-crossed the sky in the day and night. Queen Victoria appointed a secret group to investigate these flying objects, and secret studies in England led to contact with the Central Group in the US. They quickly joined forces and became the United Nations Intelligence and Tactics Agency for Aerial Phenomenon or Central UNIT –AAP, also known as UNITAAP or UNITAP. UNITAP was divided into four sections. Their symbol became a red cross within a circle, which was associated with the planet Mars. In 1933, Central UNIT-AAP was officially shorted to the code name Central UNIT.

Later, this name was leaked in England, and a cover story was created involving various science fiction stories to cover the real activities of UNIT.

After this time during the ET and Human treaties, UNIT took control of the central core of the National Security Council (NSC), NSA, CIA and ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence). Other study groups were then hired to get deeper into the flying disc matter, such the Jason Scholar Group, Project Rand, and Page Research. These groups were connected to MAJIC (Majestic Agency for Joint Intelligence Command), also known as Majestic. MAJIC security codes were MAJIC UMBRA, CRITICAL, AND ULTRA. ULTRA was above top secret. There is talk of introducing new code words for classification systems. Lincoln has heard the words CORONA, AIMPOINT, HYPERNOVA, and ARC.

In 1951, there was a Majestic meeting in Paris, France, in which the organisation expanded to take in other countries. The cover was MJ (Magnetic Journey) studies. Majestic was also known as MJ-12. They met with key powers in 12 countries: the US, England, France, Germany, Canada, Denmark, Russia, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Greenland, and Columbia (with links to other countries in South and Central America).

- End of Chapter 3 –

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