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Friday, February 18, 2011

Psychopaths; Ruled By Reptilian Brain Alone?

This David Icke video describes...
David Icke Beyond the Cutting Edge Part2 06/15 PL

To listen to and watch the whole playlist, link here  David Icke 2.


Reptilian brain

     The more we understand the reptilian mind the more we can understand both the behaviour of the Illuminati across the centuries and the global society they are creating. They have distinct character traits and they are seeking to make humans the same.

     These reptilian characteristics and their connection to the human brain are fundamental to the perpetuation of the illusions of the five sense world that I call the Matrix. The most ancient part of the human brain is known by scientists as the R complex or "reptilian brain" (Figure 30).
     It is the most obvious remnant of our reptilian genetic history, along with those people around the world still being born with tails (see Children Of The Matrix).

     This reptilian brain is vital to understanding the ways in which the Illuminati manipulate human thinking and perception. Most people have no idea of the reptilian heritage of the human body and its influence on our behaviour. Scientists say that the reptilian brain represents a core of the nervous system, and look at the character traits of the reptilian brain as agreed by scientists.

     I quote here from an Internet article by Skip Largent: "At least five human behaviours originate in the reptilian brain ... Without defining them, I shall simply say that in human activities they find expression in: obsessive compulsive behaviour; personal day to day rituals and superstitious acts; slavish conformance to old ways of doing things; ceremonial re enactments; obeisance to precedent, as in legal, religious, cultural, and other matters ... and all manner of deceptions. "
     Add other traits of the reptilian brain such as "'territoriality" (this is mine, keep out); an obsession with hierarchical structures of rule and control; aggression; and the idea that might is right, winner takes all, and you have the very characteristics displayed by the Illuminati and their agents for thousands of years. You simply could not describe them better than to list the traits of the reptilian brain. Racism comes from the reptilian brain, also, and the aggressive, violent sex that the Illuminati bloodlines indulge in big time ask Father Bush, Cheney, President Gerald Ford, and other Illuminati names I expose in my books.


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