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Monday, December 12, 2011

Beelzebub Visits West Virginia

Mothman Prophecies by John A. Keel pdf

 This guy is HILarious! You can tell he's a great writer by the very first thing you read in the book. The chapters. Ha! Check this out:

1 Beelzebub Visits West Virginia
2 The Creep Who Came in from the Cold
3 The Flutter of Black Wings
4 Take the Train
5 The Cold Who Came Down in the Rain
6 Mothman!
7 The Night of the Bleeding Ear
8 Procession of the Damned
9 "Wake Up Down There!"
10 Purple Lights and April Foolishness
11 If This Is Wednesday, It Must Be a Venusian.
12 Games Nonpeople Play
13 Phantom Photographers
14 Sideways in Time
15 Misery on the Mount
16 Paranoiacs Are Made, Not Born
17 "Even the Bedouins Hate Their Telephone Company"
18 "Something Awful Is Going to Happen..."
19 "Where the Birds Gather ..."

Fortean Organizations (Removed)

All of it sounds so euwy gooey good to read hahaa!

Actually, something freaked me out while reading them titles. I was stuck at the first one for a while and just had to make that the blog title. Then I got to Purple Lights and April Foolishness, and Oh my Gawd! First of all, I was born on April 1st. Then when I was around 18 years old, I had gone out on a date with a guy that lived in the neighbourhood, and it was the end of the night, he had the truck parked in the driveway at my parents house. As I sat there, suddenly this great big purple violet light came out of the sky like a huge falling star, but I knew it wasn't that, it was too weird. A great big ball of light was coming out of the sky at me and I looked around the night scenery and everything was lit up ultra violet. It happend so fast, that as it was occurring Darryl had dropped his cigarrette under the dashboard and bent down to pick it up when I said, did you see that? And when I looked over at him, he was just getting back up from retrieving his cigarrette. And I'm like, oh man. It was frustrating that he didn't even see it. So I was the only one there who saw it. It was so cool. Never seen anything like it. But there are times in my life where I see a dot of purple light somewhere sometimes. Lately I was with a friend who is pretty interesting to begin with, fascinatingly intelligent. And I was partying with him when I saw all kinds of ultraviolet purple lights all over his white t-shirt. I was like "wow, cool." It made me to think of the crown chakra. They were like large strokes of paint brush work about 5 inches long and 3 inches thick, of ultra violet purple lights all over this guys shirt, hahaha. Strange stuff. So there you go. I'm interested to find out what else is in this book. Well, I'm getting to reading now.

Oh and one more thing. Wednesday is Mercury, Friday is Venus day. Hehehe.

Here's an excerpt from the book, pg 23:

"The ancient Ethiopians viewed their gods as black, snub-nosed entities. The Greeks and Romans populated their mountaintops with longhaired, handsome gods and goddesses. The Indians of South America worshiped bearded gods who traveled the night skies in luminous discs of light, as did the ancient Egyptians. But religious views were modified in the nineteenth century with the coming of the Industrial Age. The lights were still there but a new frame of reference was needed to cover their activities.

Somebody somewhere does not want us to understand the true nature of this phenomenon and its true purpose. For years the UFO enthusiasts believed the U.S. Air Force was the culprit and that government agents were tapping the phones of teen-agers and little old ladies, tampering with their mail, and following them around in black Cadillacs. I wish the answer was that simple.

We have been victimized by this phenomenon, not just since 1947 but since ever! It is the foundation of all our religious and occult beliefs, of our philosophies, and our cultures. The ancient Chinese marked out the routes of the lights in the sky (LITS) and called them "dragon tracks" because, apparently, fearsome dragons appeared along with the mysterious lights. In a later age, these became fairy lights and were associated with the little people who actually plagued whole generations not only in Europe but also in North America ... for the American Indians were telling stories about the little people long before the Europeans arrived here.

During the witchcraft craze a few hundred years ago, people really thought they saw witches flying through the air ... with lanterns hanging from the front of the brooms. The vampire legends of middle Europe are almost identical to the modern UFO lore. As late as the nineteenth century the devil existed as a physical personage to many people.

If you saw a strange light in the sky in 1475 you knew it had to be a witch on a broom because you had heard of others who had seen witches on brooms skirting the tree-tops. Now in 1975 you might decide it is attached to a spacecraft from some other planet. This conclusion is not a qualified deduction on your part. It is the result of years of propaganda and even brainwashing. If you are under thirty, you grew up on a diet of comic books, motion pictures, and television programs which educated you to believe in the extraterrestrial hypothesis. A small knot of nuts has talked to you year after year on interview programs, telling you how the sinister air force has been keeping the truth about flying saucers from the public; that truth being that UFOs are the product of a superior intelligence with an advanced technology, and that the flying saucers have come to save us from ourselves. The gods of ancient Greece are among us again, in a new guise but still handing out the old line. Believe.
Belief is the enemy."

And Page 53:
"UFOs often zero in on lovers in parked cars. Many—most—of the monster episodes in my files took place in remote lovers' lanes. Young love has to run enough hazards without the fear of a hairy weirdo hammering on the windshield. What concerned me was the two-hour time lapse or spell of lacunal amnesia which apparently took place. What could have happened to the pair during that forgotten period?

The phenomenon has an almost pornographic preoccupation with our mating practices. One of it's most celebrated games is the manipulation of romantic relationships. Early investigators of the fairy episodes, such as novelist Sir Walter Scott, noted that fairies seemed to delight in bringing people together and fostering love, or, conversely, indulging in conspiracies to force lovers apart.

The Bell witch of Tennessee is supposed to have manipulated the love life of a Bell daughter, almost tragically. Brad Steiger, one of America's best-known investigators of the paranormal, has been involved in several poltergeist cases in which the mischievous poltergeists tried to wreck romances and marriages. Nothing can quite affect a new groom's virility like being physically hurled from his wedding bed by an unseen force and pelted with flying ashtrays thrown by invisible hands. Unbelievable though it may seem, such things do happen.

Flying saucer contactees often have their marriages disrupted, even destroyed, after they begin their liaisons with the space people. And there are many cases in which flying saucer enthusiasts have been brought together—literally hurled together—through their mutual interest."

Page 56:
"As I write this book, I keep getting phone calls warning me to stop. They have even called my wife at her place of employment, telling her to stop me or they will. These people have also called my friends making the same threat. I have no way of knowing who these people are, yet they are calling too often to be crank calls. Several times I have written material that has disappeared from my home. When I leave home for any reason, I always lock all doors and windows, yet several times when we returned home, we found our home had been ransacked, drawers pulled out, papers strewn all over the floor, and valuable tapes missing, and my tape recorder broken. ... I have mailed letters, dropped personally by me in the Post Office letter box, that have failed to reach their destination."

Page 58:
"Jim Hacket was lucky. He only lost his shoes. Elsewhere throughout the Ohio River valley, dogs, cows, and horses were dying suddenly and mysteriously, usually from surgical-like incisions in their throats. Animal disappearances and deaths go hand in hand with the UFO phenomenon. The most puzzling aspect of these deaths is the absence of blood. Often the carcasses seem drained of all blood. The wounds don't bleed. No blood is in evidence in the grass or dirt where the victims lay.

Among my grimmer memories of 1966-67 are those times when I knelt in farm fields to examine dead animals, particularly dogs, who had suffered amazingly clean and expert cuts. These deaths were not localized, but came in nationwide waves simultaneously with UFO waves. This pattern has been repeated since. Prior to the October 1973 flying saucer flap there was an epidemic of animal deaths throughout the Midwest from Minnesota to Mississippi, causing quite a stir in the local press."
[ This is like saying the aliens needed blood from physical beings in order to manifest on the planet. ]

"As I have noted, UFOs, hairy monsters, and Mothmen all appear to have the ability to ferret out human females during their menstrual period. I began to seriously wonder whether blood and flesh were not vital ingredients in the mysterious transmogrification process. Did energies from the superspectrum need earthly biological materials to construct temporary entities? It does seem as though many UFO and monster sightings are staged as distractions, luring crowds of people to places like the TNT area while animal mutilations and disappearances are taking place almost unnoticed only a few miles away."

Page 60:
"Ships in the Atlantic were reporting huge luminous "cigars" discharging small globes of light which sailed toward New York and Long Island. And on Long Island and neighboring Connecticut, those globes were cutting nightly capers. During my frequent treks out to Long Island, I saw several of the objects myself and I collected some eyewitness testimony that boggled my already much-boggled mind. One family of seven people swore they had seen a circular object land near a wooded area on Long Island. They stopped their car to watch and were astonished when they saw two figures, normal-human-sized beings, exit through a door in the object as a large black car crossed the field and stopped nearby. The two beings got into the car and it drove off. The object took off quickly and disappeared into the night sky. Similar incidents had been reported in South America, France, and England, but this was the first time I had come across one in the United States. The family was terrified. They knew they should report it to someone but they kept silent until they heard me on a radio program a few days later."

Here's a short video with John Keel talking about what UFO's probably are...energy.

John Keel Fortean Lecture 1992

The thing is, John Keel is most likely correct. When we look at Carlos Castaneda's books about him being the apprentice to don Juan Toltec Sorcerer Seer, don Juan tells Carlos that the Seers of old from the lineage of sorcerers he was with, saw mankind as really being an eggshaped or round shaped ball of light. What he says is that mankind is stuck in one perspective, in one alignment of seeing and therefore he only sees himself as a physical image, which is an illuision. He is really an eggshaped emanation of light. And so, these beings who are visiting planet Earth are possibly taking the illusory shapes with which mankind is used to seeing himself and surroundings in, and they are using it to be in the same place with mankind, albeit, for very short periods of time since they usually disappear after a very short while. Just some thoughts.

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