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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dangerous Aliens

Maybe not all extraterrestrials are dangerous, but some of them are....just like some humans huh? Hahaa...

So anyway. I was reading a pdf paper about humanoid reports made in 1958 and I came across this one which reminded me of the alien attack of the two hikers on Feb.14, those two lovebirds who had a thing fall out of the sky near them and then investigating it they were attacked, and eaten most likely. Here's the part I read which reminds me of that kind of alien:

1958 Humanoid Reports pdf.

Location. Near Domsten Sweden
Date: December 20 1958 Time: 0255A

"Stig Rydberg & Hans Gustavson, investigating a strange glow, found a rounded
object 10 or 15 ft wide and 2.5 ft thick, emitting very bright white light, standing on
3 legs in a clearing. There was a smell “like ether & burnt sausages.” 3 or 4 small
figures about 4.5 ft tall, of a shining dark gray color, were rushing around
apparently aimlessly. These beings had no definite legs, arms, or heads, but were of
variable shape. They attacked Rydberg & Gustavson and tried to drag them
towards the UFO. They had a “raw, funny” smell. Then Rydberg broke free &
sounded the car’s horn, they let go of Gustavson and rushed to their craft, which
took off vertically with an intolerable shine. Hypnosis indicated that the story was
not a hoax."

OK? And here's the link to the video. The next link is a more in depth look at the monster. And the next link is about some Russian explorers or something, who got ferociously attacked by some other space freaks. Well that's my opinion anyway. I mean, you can't call them sane and intelligent attacking a bunch of sleeping beings, huh?

Entire Case Tape 347 Alien Attack (real)

Unknown Alien Creature grabs a tourist face

Dyatlov Pass incident - Most Bizarre Unsolved UFO Case

There are all kinds of dangerous aliens. This is from way back in 1958. Another report just after the one on top:

Location. India, exact location not given
Date: late 1958 Time: daylight

"In a rural area two witnesses saw a disc shaped object land on some rocks; four
three-foot tall figures emerged and seemed to have difficulty in walking about. Two
boys that had been seen playing in the same area previously, were found missing.
Later one was found dead, with several organs removed as if by expert surgery. The
other was found in a catatonic trance and died five days later without ever saying a

Gee...why do you think the false governments would be hiding this information from public knowledge? They even tried to lie about the cattle, horse, and dog mutilations. A real governing agent, or government would be at work sending out knowledge to protect those being governed. So you know when you're not getting protection, you know you don't have an authentic governing body.

In Jacques Vallee's "Passport To Magonia: On UFOs Folklore and Parallel Worlds," you basically have to do your own studies. Use your own mind. Listen to other's stories, share your own, and gather knowledge from what you learn out of those methods. Here's an excerpt from the book:

"There currently is considerable puzzlement among the public, and especially among the young, whenever the attitude of scientists confronted with such phenomena is discussed. Sometimes their questions contain a note of anguish. Typically, they ask the following: "How can we react to the flood of absurd, incoherent stories about flying saucers?" "What is the use of pursuing a study of science if it cannot be applied to the rational analysis of such phenomena?" "In a time when the young are encouraged to follow with enthusiasm the progress of space exploration, why should the subject of life in the universe be a forbidden topic?"
"Several organizations exist in the United States devoted to the investigation of this problem. They seem to have the support of some reputable scientists, and they often allege that the government is convinced that the phenomena have an intelligent origin; but that it hides the truth from the public. Should we not join
such organizations to gain knowledge of the subject?"

A tentative answer could perhaps be formulated as follows. First, it is a mistake to believe in Authority, or to put blind faith in official reports, scientific theses, or the theory of a particular author, whenever a point of research is discussed. As objective as my reader perhaps thinks I am, I cannot help but have a general image in mind as I write this book, and so do all writers, even writers on subjects as amenable to objective analysis as chemistry or geometry—no matter how loudly they deny being biased.

Therefore one must borrow from books only those elements that appear properly documented, and they must be confronted with a larger human context. A good researcher should not be afraid to change his mind; he should not feel desperate because his comforting beliefs leave him as soon as he begins to think critically. If he applies these rules, he may not solve all the problems he attacks, but at least he will be less likely to fall victim of every delusion or fad that is associated with them."

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