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Monday, December 5, 2011

Illuminati Corporations Making Mercury Laden CFL Lightbulbs And Aerosol Sprays

The idiotic Ill-uminati corporations poisoning people and the environment, then blaming it on humans and manipulating them to feel responsible or guilty for something the original human-being never did, nor would do without the ignorant Illuminati's deliberate brainwashing and manipulations. Who is still making the aerosol spray cans from bug spray to hairspray and shaving lotions? Who is making mercury filled light bulbs which poison us and the environment? And who is being told to stop using aerosols? and to stop poisoning the environment? Ha! It's so ridiculous it's idiotic.

They're a hoax. The whole game they play is idiotic. They constantly polute the environment, then send the media on a campagn to bombard humanity with the lies that humans are causing these horrific crimes against nature, when in fact, it is the Illuminati who have STOLEN the places of power through murder and mayhem, in their effort to rule the world and are doing it themselves through force of tyranny. What world will be left for them to rule the way they play? Fodder for extraterrestrial entities who will rid themselves of the so-called secret societies, then clean up the waste through their unknown technology, and hence, yea, through the help of the distorted view of some lost secret society people, will then take over the planet.

People need to see what the situation is, roll up their sleeves, and get working. The Illuminati, like their name says, are sick. Do you let sick people rule the world? No. You need healthy people ruling. Goodness!

Shining a light on fluorescent bulbs

"dangerous vapors and the spread of mercury dust"

"It was just a wiggly bulb that I reached up to change,” Bridges said. “When the bulb hit the floor, it shattered."

When Bridges began calling around to local government agencies to find out what to do, "I was shocked to see how uninformed literally everyone I spoke to was,” she said. “Even our own poison control operator didn’t know what to tell me."

The state eventually referred her to a private cleanup firm, which quoted a $2,000 estimate to contain the mercury. After Bridges complained publicly about her predicament, state officials changed their recommendation: Simply throw it in the trash, they said.

Break a bulb? Five steps for cleanup:

That was the wrong answer, according to the EPA. It offers a detailed, 11-step procedure you should follow: Air out the room for a quarter of an hour. Wear gloves. Double-bag the refuse. Use duct tape to lift the residue from a carpet. Don’t use a vacuum cleaner, as that will only spread the problem. The next time you vacuum the area, immediately dispose of the vacuum bag.

“It’s kind of ironic that on the one hand, the agency is saying, ‘Don’t worry, it’s a very small amount of mercury.’ Then they have a whole page of [instructions] how to handle the situation if you break one,” she said.

Limited options for safe recycling:

"The disposal problem doesn’t end there. Ideally, broken bulbs and their remains should be recycled at a facility approved to handle fluorescent lamps, but such facilities are not common."

"In fact, qualified places to recycle CFLs are so few that the largest recycler of of fluorescent bulbs in America is Ikea, the furniture chain."

“I think there’s going to be hundreds of millions of [CFLs] in landfills all over the country,” said Leonard Worth, head of Fluorecycle Inc. of Ingleside, Ill., a certified facility.

"Once in a landfill, bulbs are likely to shatter even if they’re packaged properly, said the Solid Waste Association of North America. From there, mercury can leach into soil and groundwater and its vapors can spread through the air, potentially exposing workers to toxic levels of the poison."

“One lamp, so what? Ten lamps, so what? A million lamps, well that’s something,” said Worth of Fluorecycle.

“A hundred million lamps? Now, that’s a whole different ballgame.”


So where are Tesla's discoveries, like for example, free energy ?  No emissions there to be bothered about.
And where are the light bulbs that last over a hundred years ?  No pollution there to be concerned with.

The World's Oldest Lightbulb:

"The world's oldest light bulb has been burning for 109 years - so little wonder it has a fan club with thousands of members and its own website.
As EU rules deny householders the right to use traditional filament bulbs, the so-called 'Centennial Light' has been on almost constantly since 1901."

"The bulb was designed by Adolphe Chailet, who competed with the likes of the world famous Thomas Edison to make the best bulb.
Despite his amazing design Chailet was never as successful as Edison even though his bulb was proved to survive higher voltages."

I'll tell you why. Because Thomas Edison was an Illuminati Freemason.

The Light Bulb Conspiracy

"Planned Obsolescence"


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  2. Well that's wonderful. So your aerosols aren't making the hole in the ozone layer any larger, right? Because that was the reason why industrial aerosols were so bad, since they were creating this hole in the ozone layer which allows the negative influence of the sun to come in, hence giving cancer to some people.

    It's good to see that humanity is doing things to make their Earth stay an enjoyable one.