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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Illuminati Is All About Aliens Trying To Destroy Humanity.

What the aliens did is to infiltrate into the planet and they created a secret organization called the Illuminati. So they interbred with some humans and brainwashed them to be in total control by them and in turn they try to gain total control over humanity through the Illuminati so they could destroy humans. The demons are the aliens, and it all began with Yaldaboath who proclaimed himself to be the one god and only god and there are no other gods before me...meanwhile back at the ranch he hid his mother and didn't let anyone know she came before him, and who ever else came before her. That's it in a nutshell. Read the Apocryphon of John. It tells about the story of how Mankind was Yaldaboath's thorn in his side. This all happened in the duration of billions, millions, and hundred thousands of years. Our true history has been hid from us, is one of their ways of trying to dislocate us from the Higher Power. This place is a hologram from what I'm seeing.

Here's the Illuminati playlist starting with very intelligent work done by Fritz Springmeier.


Fritz Springmeier has just got out of jail. The third video. He was in for almost ten years for nothing. They were trying to destroy him, his reputation, etc, because he has been right on target about the truth of what's going on behind the scenes of the Illuminati. It's so ridiculous I have to laugh. The Illuminati are too obvious.

Fritz Springmeier in his own words:

"Bottom line I was persecuted & landed in federal prison because of the work I did against the Illuminati. A retired federal law enforcement [agent] said as much to my original lawyer. In order to give me 9 ½ years for "aiding and abetting" a bank robbery they had to forgive more than 130 years of prison time to real criminals to bribe their testimony. Had it not been for my work against the NWO I would never have been a priority to frame."

From the first moments of incarceration, i determined to remain my good old self, and to not give in to the head-games to which inmates are subjected by incarceration. Prisons are really designed to shred a person up and to be schools to turn out criminals. So far I have been able during over five years of prison to side step that crazy dynamic..."

"While the level of awareness by the public has dramatically flourished since 1990, I do not see any viable opposition to the NWO, nor much comprehension of its length, breadth and depth. Humanity's situation does not look good. We are needing another rescue mission like in the days of Noah's Ark. People need to put their petty differences aside and think of the survival of the human race, as well as the survival of our faith. Those of us with faith would contend that a life which is not lived well (Godly), but lived serving the Kingdom of Death is not worth living. Shall a true faith in our wonderful good Creator as displayed and modeled by Yahshua -shall this faith survive or disappear?"

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