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Monday, March 4, 2013

Belle's Tales

Tonight I was with my two friends from then, when I was 16. It's been since then that I saw Aurora again. Wow. Wisdom's tales. It was an interesting night. Know not what to say, after all, it was a few days prior, coming on, to this point, that everything occurred. And that's not easy hahaha, to put in words. So. . . I'll leave it to your own comprehension, as, everything flows together anyway, s o  when you take a look at your own like, personally, then you can comprehend by the strange words I'm using, what I'm meaning. What ever that means. Haha. Lovely.

Have a good night Belles. See you again, at Summer Solstice.

This guy is so wicked. Listen to the voice. Talk about Capricorn voice skills. Yum!~

You know what Aurora called me today? A Gypsy. Like my mother use to call me. Well, from one gypsy to another. Here's Robert Plant.

Robert Plant Sea Of Love

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