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Saturday, March 16, 2013

My Sister Molly Passed Away

I have stories. Many...stories.

What happened today? My sister died!
That was horrible!
I would never ever wish this on ANYONE.
What's worse, is that I don't know whether I'm coming, or going. Feels like the plate has been taken away from 'home'. So it's move along, move along.
Hey? You busy? I'm free. Would you like to do something? How about ascend?

My Sister Molly!
My goodness, I have a story to tell. But I don't feel like writing all 'night'. It's morning.

She went to the hospital on March 6 at 3:00pm. She passed away March 16, 2013 at 2:08am.

I had no idea this would happen like this and so fast.

I did some research and my Sister Rosy who was in the hospital on September 9, 2012 and then passed away on September 18, at 7:25am 2012, is so much like Molly, my best friend and sister, who is the oldest of the family. Rosy, the second youngest. So the point in time, December 21, 2012...I looked to see the pattern of my two sisters death, who both died of basically the same thing. Breast cancer. The one who passed away first, did so three months before that date, the second one who passed away today, did so, three months after that very date I just mentioned. What is that? Is that not strange?

Not only that, I also noticed they were both in the hospital for ten days. Each. What is this? How truly very strange.

It says the moon is a waxing crescent, 21% full.

Molly once said to me, this is her favorite song:

Pantera - Cemetery Gates

I was just thinking how this is one of my favorite songs:

Cat People - David Bowie


Note: After I wrote this post I decided to keep it in draft form. Today I decided to look at it and edit it. Then I realized what date this was....May 19 Sunday 2013. That's my dad's birthday. Anyway it's now posted. It's because I was looking at the lady who channels Ramtha. She was born March 16, 1946 and that prompted me to come and look at this post I had hidden away, because I was so upset that it happened and felt like there was some kind of mystery which I needed to discover. Well, I'm discovering it.

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