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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Universal VALUE Exchange.

The low monetary exchange has been over-turned on its back and is no longer valid. It is now a Universal VALUE Exchange. So anyone have anything of TRUE value, let's share. Hahaa. Finally. Oh my goodness, it's been coming for a long time, and is now here. Check it out check it in, look learn love and live.


eternal  essence  in  absolute  love,  peace  and  gratitude  of  all  its embodiments:

Universal  Value  (UV)  Exchange

I ,  duly  verified  as  reconfirmed  and  ratified,  under  the  full  responsibility  and  liability  of  eternal  essence  embodied,  I  do  issue  the  following  official  Announcement  and  Invitation  to  all  embodiments  of  eternal  essence,  that  the  UV  Exchange  is  now  officially  open  for  DO'ing  in  unity  to  experience  eternal  essence  with   Absolute  Knowledge  of  embodiments  equally.

The  UV  Exchange,  duly  verified  as  reconfirmed  and  ratified,  is  a  lawful  identifiable  conscious  space  that  is  eternal  essence  BE'ing ... eternal  essence's  universal  platform  for  any  and  all  DO'ing  with  the  intent  to  know  and  experience  eternal  essence  in  a  quantum  exponential  and perpetual  flow  in  unity.   All  that  is  BE'ing  and  DO'ing  within  this  intent  to  know  and  experience  eternal  essence  is  protected  within  this  eternal  essence  UV  Exchange  from  any  and  all  former  methods,  platforms,  systems,  agencies,  contracts  and  agreements  intent  on  restricting  the  knowing  and  experiencing  of  eternal  essence.

Advanced  and  Absolute  Technologies  are  eternal  essence  and  are  for  all  embodiments  of  eternal  essence  to  know  and  experience  consciously.  That  conscious  knowledge  and  experience  renders  any  and  all  former  slavery  systems,  and  restrictive  financial  tools  of  commandeer,  currency,  ownership  and  distribution  irrelevant  in  a  twinkling  of  an  eye,  and  creates  a  quantum  exponential  and  perpetual  advancement  of   DO'ing  and  BE'ing  eternal  essence  embodied.  The  release  of  these  Advanced  and  Absolute  Technologies  that  are  eternal  essence  for  the  knowledge  and  experience  by  all  embodiments  of  eternal  essence  within  eternal  essence's  universe,   ARE  eternal  essence's   PEACEFUL   ENFORCMENT   AND   PROTECTION    SYSTEMS.

Embodiments  of  eternal  essence  DO  use  the  UV  Exchange  for  Absolute  Protection,  Insurance  and  Guarantee  that  the Advanced  and  Absolute  Technologies  are  transparent  and  can  be  relied  upon  to  be  disbursed  to  all  for  the  sole  purpose  and  intent  to  know,  experience  and  advance  all  embodiments  of  eternal  essence  in  eternal  essence's  universe  absent  exception,  borders,  dimensions,  expectations,  subscriptions,  judgment,  prejudice,  and  limits.  Eternal  essence  duly  declares  and  orders  the  release  of  all  that  is  eternal  essence  for  the  abundance  of   knowing  and  experience  by  all  its  embodiments  NOW.

As  equals,  absent  exception,  borders,  dimensions,  expectations,  subscriptions,  judgment,  prejudice,  and  limits,  duly  confirmed  as  Protected,  Insured  and  Guaranteed  by:

 /ss/  Heather  Ann  Tucci-Jarraf

 Heather  Ann  Tucci-Jarraf,  eternal  essence,  embodied  and  DO'ing

Rec.  No.  2013032035,  restated  and  incorporated  by  reference  as  if  set  forth  in  full  PRE-PAID,   PRE-AUTHORIZED,  and   PRE-APPROVED.   Issue No. 1121

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