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Sunday, May 3, 2015

America Under Attack By The Dulluminati

Let's take a look at what is really happening under the cover. If you're not use to thinking in strategies, then obviously you won't see it until it is spelled out to you. But you need to start using that mind of yours, all of you! Often! And not wait for someone else to do the work for you because what if someone else is not there for you? Then who will do your thinking for you? If you don't, then you'll be trapped again under some weight that may take you umpteen years to remove.

So anyway. Listen up. Cosmic Awareness said he loves America. I read that a while ago and it made me wonder. Was he holding favorites? No. It had nothing to do with favorites. He was trying to help them keep their freedom, since America represents freedom to the rest of the world, instead of slavery. Well, then obviously America is going to be the secret hatred of those dulluminati off-world idiots who want to steal others' property, the Earth, for their nefarious uses. In order to have sovereignty, one needs to be in control of their own self and the life around them, which is the planet they occupy. If you want peace, you have to work it. So these dulluminati showed us last night how they intend to destroy America, one step at a time.

You saw how unfair that win in the boxing match was. It went to the inept boxer who represents America. You know, the world already hates Americans because we all think they    are so fucking arrogant that it's intolerable. So what they are doing is using that Achilles heel in order to fuel the hatred of Americans around the world. That boxing match was broadcast worldwide. Everyone saw it. Everyone could see the guy Manny won it by sheer energy and skill. But the dulluminati want the American's to be hated, so they take that weak wimp and put the unearned winnings on his shoulders. Well, if that man is such a weak wimp so that he doesn't sniff out the trap, then he's going to just take it thinking he won it fair like any imbecile who doesn't use their own mind, would. And that is a weak character trait, weak enough to be the Achilles heel to the rest of the country, as in, that's who he represents.

So yea, when the flames are high enough and the chains tighten up around America, the dulluminati politicians will again write new laws constricting their freedoms even more, in an effort to chain them to a life of slavery, hence, no more freedom, no fighting for freedom, and like Michael Tsarion said, a bunch of automatons doing the will of the dulluminati without any hindrances. And the rest of the world will follow suit because even if they hated American's they still looked up to them, and if they're all shackled up, then what model does the rest of the world have?

Is that what you want America? Do you want to be manipulated like a puppet? Told this and told that lie which you'll automatically believe because you don't want to do any thinking for yourself, so you'll accept any scrap that comes your way whether truth or lie?

( Neil Keenan – The Interview The Global Elite Never Want You To Hear )

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