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Sunday, May 17, 2015

At The End Of A Tunnel

When do you see those underdogs winning? When someone else is helping them out. Even if it takes hiring new blood bro, from say, Ohio, or the Russian republic, it doesn't matter. They're still called the Red Wings, mad hatter. And that is the secret that's been kept from you. Not because I waaanted to. But because, it all has to do with moral support. I don't support stupidity or ignorance. I'm for those winning who ought to be, winning. And once the mark has been made, who cares what else. That is the issue. One must realize how many marks have been made so far. Even though the dark side seems to be winning, it may be that the light side is winning, instead. But the problem with that is....is who, who, is on the bright side? and who, who, is on the dark side?

When I first saw the Red Wings on tv, they were fighting everyone and themselves too. I felt so bad for them. I thought, this was the opportune moment for me to work my magic, and get some exercise. So back then, when I saw them faltering everywhere, and hated, and I hated that, because I knew there was more potential to them than what the 'public' saw, similar to David Icke. My goodness, I wasn't going to allow this opportunity to waste. I started focusing in on them, on their game. I not only focused in on them, I also made it very difficult hahaha, for the other team. I said to myself....when I have three wins in a row with the red wings, then I'll quit the show. So, what ended up happening, is that I had to stick around one year longer. Because,  I don't know, maybe I wasn't working it hard enough at the end part. So they won two times, and maybe I got arrogant. I had to wait another whole year to see them win, before I could quit them, and get out of there. So I don't watch sports. I participate.

When you go read that post about that time I sat in a bar, and had to watch a boxing match? I will tell you, I was doing the same thing...and THEY interrupted.

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