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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Manny Pacquiao is not a Fairweather Friend. He's REAL!

(It must be known ahead of time that I had no interest personally in this boxing match. I had no bets on anyone. I listened 10 hours long all Saturday to a live webcast. At 10:15pm when it was done, I wanted to go somewhere alone to think about all I'd heard, but I landed in a very crowded club where in a short while the boxing match was on. I focused all my attention on it instead of what I had wanted to be thinking about. So note that before you read on.)

The most beautiful thing, is truth. People watch a match of boxing between two light weights, and they see that one is more skillful than the other, and they know for sure the more skillful one is going to win....OBVIOUSLY. And because I, that is ME, was watching the game, I felt it more beneficial for all people watching, for the game to be extended, so I helped the black guy to know himself inner-ward, and fight against the very skillful Oriental. But the problem was that those imbecile money mongers who think they could manipulate left and right without a clue as to what is REALLY happening, think that they could make a weakling win over the man who was skillful? Hahaha. In daily life, the skillful man always wins. So what makes them think that a weakling is going to win? Stupidity is the only thing at work there.

I told you, you fucking ignorant dulluminati...that I here am, in charge...duh? Do you not understand that? Is there a fallacy in your thinking? That is the very reason you need to listen. That is the truth. And after Michael Tsarion has given his heart out to the world about it, I don't see any need to hide any longer. You are FUCKED. DEATH be to you. You are DONE. What the FUCK did you think you were doing? STUPID. STUUUUPID. You saw for your selves that the Oriental won, by a landslide. Gawd. My little manipulation of the game really fucked you up. Couldn't fathom for yourselves that this was a trap. And you took a dive. Go to hell. Being done with you is what I needed. Get fucking lost. BYE! Stupidity is NOT where it's at. You are so s\

Belz, with his shiny sparkles showed up last night. It just shows, you nutcases have a loooooooooong way to go. Extinguished!@\\]///

I don't have anything to hide anymore. So fuck you!

Imeanlikefuckineh, you think they would listen to their master, gut fuckin impulse, but these dimwits ..... I'm sorry, I don't know....maybe Father is influencing them to this end. It's the best. I just just just can't believe they could be so idiotic! It makes the game so not worth playing. Stupid is as stupid does. Holy fuckin moly. That is like so dimwitted. They didn't have a clue  I was hiding out over here and my two sisters hahaha were my fucking self. But not really. Because I am, my own self. I sure did love them though. They were some real fucking nasty Generals. Oh how I loved them. Nevertheless. I do. Am. Who. I Am. Listen to Marilyn Manson, Bryan....hahahaha.... He tells it. And he tells it well. Fuck I had to hide in this stupid ignorant place all by myself alone? No wonder they couldn't fathom my own being here. They're so stupid though. I gave them power just long enough to do the things that were meant to be done, and yet they took advantage...to their own hahaha disadvantage. How ignorant can you get? I mean holy fuck! The dark side isn't some excursion on personal self indulgence. You fucking imbeciles. The dark side is the very balance of the light side, and everything that has a beginning has an ending....but noooo....you fucking couldn't even use your own minds for that. You had to just shit all over it. So stupid. I have found friends who are way more intelligent. Even Lucifer wasn't as bold and stupid as you were. Oh god....he was so kind to me. It's pathetic how disgustingly selfish you all were, and didn't even have a clue as to how to deal with the being Lucifer that you were worshipping. What a pathetic mess. What a bunch of low life nothings you all turned out to be. I'm going to have to look elsewhere to build the Heaven I've been working on. And I'm glad to.

Mary had a little lamb, one two buckle my shoe three four shut the door...

My love is so great. My hatred is so great. I cannot describe what is not describable. Beings who I have helped, were so ungrateful, so easy to take advantage, especially from a distance, since I wasn't around. So disregarding what should be top echelon in their minds. Ohhhhhh, you don't know HOW I feel. I like sharp things. Sharp means not dull. If only I could teach sharpness without being misunderstood. But I have. Strangely enough. To those who are now helping me to create my Heaven. My beautiful, perfect place. You know? I didn't sign up here for no rewards. What the fuck? But rewards ARE earned, not just sucked up off someone else's efforts....U know?

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