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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Do You Like Drugs?

Ido too. U

The fuckin speed in me. I could be a plant. I could be a singular animal just waltzing around. I could be you....I could be me. I could be anything OU U waNt me,  to be. vut, I cannot be it for long. For, I have duties and responsibilites. But, I do appreciate the time away, whith you, when I get it. When you 'get it', let me know. Becaaaaaause, I am lifting the lever, higher. Narnia.

And for hire, as well.




Hahahahaa, Ticonfuseananimal....run after it~!

Monty Python, step aside. What we do in the shadows, is our business.

If you fed off human blood, and you couldn't take it forcefully, then you'd do like the vampires do in their transactions. Get them to agree. But you can't do that by wearing jeans and a t-shirt. You have to distract their attention from the cold skin of your body and the smell of rotting blood from your belly, wafting around you... so you dress in pretty white linen, cotton or silk shirts with frills that excite the imagination, and put a nice lace tablecloth on your kitchen table to entice and seduce them to stick around and fill themselves up with the ambiance and beauty that you offer. They usually do. Stick around, hahaha. Forever!

And far higher...

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