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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Intricate Discernment, With Knowledge.

I've been doing a lot of reading studying and meditating on what I find. Life just becomes more and more fascinating, interesting. Self study, that is, observing what goes on within you and around you, is so fulfilling when you begin to see secrets, or occulted things that you didn't see before, and it makes all the difference because now things begin to flow smoothly, the way they are meant to flow.

Here's something I found which parallels a lot of other things I've been reading, and that I've found through my own efforts and observations:

From Montalk.net Spiritless Humans

"Psychically scanning their consciousness reveals something interesting. There is a certain simplicity, flatness, and inertness to their essence, even if their intellects are highly developed. Unlike other people, their conscious energy is more diffuse, dull, impermanent, and amorphous rather than solid, sparkling, crystallized, and concentrated. Put another way, their minds are like sand castles instead of real castles. There is something animalistic and rudimentary piloting their bodies. It seems they have conscious awareness just as plants and animals do, but not conscious self-awareness as humans are supposed to have. There is an important difference between awareness and self-awareness."

"Their behavior tends toward being glib, shallow, egotistical, narcissistic, mundane, predatory, and materialistic. Sometimes these traits are camouflaged by a polished social exterior, but anyone with a discerning eye can see through the disguise. They lack individuality, independent thinking, and are strongly biased toward holding a herd mentality. They lack comprehension of anything beyond the material sphere of the five senses, and have no interest in such metaphysical matters except as flashy accessories to boost their social image. They also appear entirely incapable of empathy, soul-searching, and willful self-sacrifice. Nevertheless, in the presence of others they can put on a flashy show of concern, distress, or altruism for purposes of social manipulation; for example, crocodile tears to elicit sympathy, or doing something nice for another solely to guilt trip them later and extort a favor."

Now this guy is definitely a Spirited being!

"What to call this higher component of consciousness absent in some people? Usually it would be called the soul, but that has caused too much confusion in the past. For example, casual readers unfamiliar with the proper definition of “soulless” thought it meant “completely devoid of consciousness” when in reality it meant “devoid of individualized consciousness.”

"No, they do have some kind of soul energy by virtue of being alive, but the soul is not imbued with a higher spark of true sentience and self-awareness."

You see, we can't be putting them down, as in judging without understanding. If there are beings that were generated when Sophia fell, and Yaldaboath was created by her, and all his interest is in bringing back the balance, and it doesn't seem to matter whether it's done morally or not, because he's just trying to find any and every avenue to get back to that balance, that wholeness within, and therefore when he created this part of the Universe, he made the higher aspects, i.e. the Angels, and he worked all the way down to the depths where he stopped and it wasn't finished (for a purpose, that maybe he himself didn't recognize at the time, or could have also), and that is where the Demon natures came to be, in balance to the Angel natures up above. So the moment those beings down there came to be, their first impulse was to build! You can see by that very action that they also are Life Oriented. Because if they weren't, if they were empty minded, then they would not have even done anything...they would have perished! But they too strive toward LIFE. Wherefore, they generate life forms that make it up to the 3rd Density material plane, where they have a chance to make it back to where they first came from, into the balance. Some Mason's have done studies on this and know what I'm talking about. So therefore, if there are some beings on this planet who don't have a full soul at the moment, don't worry about it, they too are working to develop themselves so that they could have what is required to get back into wholeness. You see what I mean? Everything is working to correct the defect which happened when Sophia fell...whether they know it or not.

And if Sophia didn't have a clue what she was doing, then how do you expect Yaldaboath her son, or any of us, for that matter, to know what we're doing, unless and until we meet the Higher Being, who has already come to help us, which is Jesus Christ, who goes by the name of Autogenes in the Gnostic teachings. So if we are learning, and making mistakes all the way and correcting them, then why judge Yaldaboath or Sophia or Demons or Angels when they make mistakes? They too are learning and working to correct and perfect. You see? You need to take a large step away from your "personal" life, or personal view, in order to take a grand View through and through all around you. And then with all the experiences that others have shared, whether through books or telling their story to you, and through your own personal experiences, thoughts and feelings, you too can understand how things work, and get a better PERSPECTIVE on what is truly going on here, and elsewhere.

So, in other words, there is a system of progression. Some are near the finish line of their development, and others are just beginning. That is why we have to have so much knowledge, and to not judge others, but to understand what is happening, what is going on here. There is a struggle all right, for development. Some seem to be opposed to it, but if you take a step away from your personal existence, you will see they too are working, in the best way that they know how to, for their development, as well.

Oh, look what I found today, June 14 2018 Thursday. This video that was filmed on May 29, 2018

They show a picture of a girl with polar bears in the video interview:

So I went to check out the wardrobe for the movie, because I like how the coat looks, and I came across the preview of the movie. I think I should see this movie.

And today! Friday June 15, 2018 another creepy video interview where we find out just what type of creatures are around this place. Peter the Insider tells us that there is some type of alien being that took over the Mobius group and that it likes eating souls. He said that it eats mirrors and mirrors of souls. Well, down below is an excerpt by Cosmic Awareness that shows us something about these alien types who like eating souls, or astral bodies of humans. It's under the title: Dark Deeds Of Alien Beings On The Planet Earth.

I forgot to put this in the other day, so I'll put it in today. Here's the link: Organic Portals - Soulless Humans. An excerpt:

Some of them are formed out of the remains of the human being that persist after death in the vital atmosphere near to the earth-plane. His desires and hungers still float there and remain in form even after the dissolution of the body; often they are moved to go on manifesting and satisfying themselves and the birth of these creatures of the vital world is the consequence. But these are minor beings and, if they can be very troublesome, it is yet not impossible to deal with them.
There are others, far more dangerous, who have never been in human form; never were they born into a human body upon earth, for most often they refuse to accept this way of birth because it is slavery to matter and they prefer to remain in their own world, powerful and mischievous, and to control earthly beings from there. For, if they do not want to be born on earth, they do want to be in contact with the physical nature, but without being bound by it.
Their method is to try first to cast their influence upon a man; then they enter slowly into his atmosphere and in the end may get complete possession of him, driving out entirely the real human soul and personality. These creatures, when in possession of an earthly body, may have the human appearance but they have not a human nature. Their habit is to draw upon the life-force of human beings; they attack and capture vital power wherever they can and feed upon it. If they come into your atmosphere, you suddenly feel depressed and exhausted; if you are near them for some time you fall sick; if you live with one of them, it may kill you.
– But how is one to get such creatures out of one’s environment when they are once there?
The vital power incarnated in these beings is of a very material kind and it is effective only within a short distance. Ordinarily, if you do not live in the same house or if you are not in the same company with them, you do not come within their influence. But if you open some channel of connection or communication, through letters, for example, then you make possible an interchange of forces and are liable to be influenced by them even from a far distance.
The wisest way with these beings is to cut off all connection and have nothing to do with them – unless indeed you have great occult knowledge and power and have learned how to cover and protect yourself – but even then it is always a dangerous thing to move about with them. To hope to transform them, as some people do, is a vain illusion; for they do not want to be transformed. They have no intention of allowing any transformation and all effort in that direction is useless.
These beings, when in the human body, are not often conscious of what they really are. Sometimes they have a vague feeling that they are not quite human in the ordinary way. But still there are cases where they are conscious and very conscious; not only do they know that they do not belong to humanity but they know what they are, act in that knowledge and deliberately pursue their ends. The beings of the vital world are powerful by their very nature; when to their power they add knowledge, they become doubly dangerous.
There is nothing to be done with these creatures; you should avoid having any dealings with them unless you have the power to crush and destroy them. If you are forced into contact with them, beware of the spell they can cast. These vital beings, when they manifest on the physical plane, have always a great hypnotic power; for the centre of their consciousness is in the vital world and not in the material and they are not veiled and dwarfed by the material consciousness as human beings are. “

Dark Deeds Of Alien Beings On The Planet Earth
(General Reading 9-10-1993, Paul Shockley, Interpreter: Avaton & Vikki T., Questioners and Energizers.)

Questioner: (Vikki T)
     Did I understand correctly that souls are the number one priority of the Draconians on Earth as well as the good forces?

Cosmic Awareness: This Awareness indicates that the Draconians and the tall Greys, not the short Reptilian Greys, but the Orion Greys, all gain energy from absorbing the souls of humans. The astral bodies of humans are essentially equated to the souls, and these souls give these alien entities a certain amount of energy, the kind of energy they cannot seem to find on their own.
     The Reptoids for example, have very meager souls or their souls are extremely weak. They do not have the kind of souls that humans have. Human souls have such a wide band of vitality, in that they experience such a broadband spectrum of life, that it is a real treat for a Reptilian or Reptoid type to be able to suck the astral body or energy from a human and experience the astral energies from a human.
     The same can be said to an even greater degree of the short Greys, the Zeta Reticuli Greys, for their souls are absolutely atrophied and they cannot even experience emotion except through the absorption of Adrenalchrome, the fluid at the base of the brain taken from humans at the time of intense terror, whereby the adrenalin moves through the human brain and to the base of the brain.
     The Zeta Reticuli and the Orion Greys use this Adrenalchrome as a kind of drug. It is for them, the closest experience to ecstasy, for they can understand and experience emotion, and the emotion they experience is something extremely unique and unusual because it is not in their make-up to have emotions. It is essentially the closest they can come to having a soul.
     This is most applicable to the Zeta Reticuli. The Orion Greys have a rudimentary degree of emotions, not totally lacking in this regard, but the emotions they hold are extremely limited. This Awareness indicates that with this understanding, that these entities lack the ability to have emotions and therefore choose adrenalchrome as a substitute, explains why so many entities have been mutilated and murdered by these entities and why they wish to farm humans for their own needs.
      There is another means by which the Greys have been able to extract the soul energy of entities. This is done often by the Grey aliens looking into the eyes of an individual while carrying on an artificial lovemaking ritual. Particularly it is used on men aboard ships whereby they extract semen while staring into the eyes of the entity to create a bonding, and in this process, they extract astral energy as well as the semen for their genetic experiments.
     This Awareness indicates that the same can be done with women who are abducted. It is common for both astral energies and sexual energies to be extracted from these entities, and in the bonding action, wherein the astral energies are drawn from the eye contact, the entities will sometimes fall in love with the Grey who initiates this action, and thus, a bonding takes place that allows the entity to be overtaken by the Grey.
     It is akin to that which is called "selling one's soul to the devil," where one gives over one's soul to the Greys, much in the way a man might merge and give his astral energy to his wife, and vice versa, in a marriage bond. These actions give the Greys a small momentary feeling of what may be termed emotion, or loving emotion. They do enjoy it. [no wonder. it seems they have an addiction to it! Certainly having a cigarette smoking habit is better than having your soul sucked up by a fucking alien!]
     It does not give them enough to change them into loving beings, but it does satisfy some of their emptiness momentarily. This is akin to the incubus and succubus concepts wherein entities of an Out-of-Body-Being make love to a physical being. However, in the situation with aliens, the beings generally are both in the physical realm. [geez, I can see what they mean by if that's a black space, then that's blacker than black!]
     This Awareness indicates, of course this is in reference to the Greys of the Orion / Zeta Reticuli, or, on a different level, the Reptoids. The Reptoids are more brutish and these entities are capable of taking on different shapes and different images by attuning to the Delta and Theta levels of consciousness. They can appear to be human one moment, and shift in appearance to a Reptoid the next moment. 
     For example, one elderly woman was taken aboard a ship wherein the Reptoid wanted to have sex with her, and she absolutely refused, saying that she had not had sex with anyone since her husband died. The Reptoid then asked her if she would like to see her husband again, that he could arrange it. He went out of the room, and in walked her husband, and they prepared to have sex together, when suddenly, in the middle of their attempt, the husband's face changed and became that of the Reptoid. The woman screamed and fought and eventually got him off her.
     It is possible that these Reptoids can take any form and shape they desire, and can even walk among people on Earth 'looking human.' The question is, how long can they maintain this action? This Awareness indicates that once the woman fought him off, he then turned to her grandson and forced the grandson to have sex with him. These entities are extremely demonic and have no compassion for humans at all.
     It is important to understand the need for staying clear of these lower frequencies and vibrations, of not getting involved in these demented levels, but of keeping your faith and your focus on the spiritual direction that leads to the higher dimensions.
     Humanity is at a crossroads, by which entities will be separated into those that follow a Spiritual path and those that follow a path of Mammon and Darkness. Essentially, the dark forces are represented through the negative aliens, and the Reptoids are the ones who are most fearsome to humans, but the others also as being lured to draw entities into that direction of darkness. This Awareness indicates that the Ahriman forces and the Asuras who are his higher arch-angels, have not yet paraded upon this Earth for humans to witness, but when the time comes, this entity and his arch-angels will present themselves. Entities can only hope it does not occur before the dimensional shift, which will allow the spiritual forces to move into higher frequency levels. 

(This leads into the next article which also has more to do with the crazy aliens and their evil leaders, but you have to read through some of it before you get the idea.)

Getting History Straight. What Really Caused The Great Chicago Fire?
(It was not Mrs. O'Leary's Cow!)

Questioner: There was an article in "Psychology Today" that I'd like to read to Awareness and ask if this information is valid. It is titled, "Cosmic Chicago."
     "In 1871, Chicago was a young metropolis rapidly expanding in both size and importance, but danger was afoot. Prairie fires raged throughout the unusually dry summer and fall, and on October 7th a local fire destroyed four blocks near the bustling center of the city. Then, starting the next day, what came to be known as "The Great Conflagration," devasted most of the city. The cause of the fire has been sought ever since. Now, from Chicago film writer Mel Waskin, author of Mrs. O'Leary's Comet, comes a strange but viable theory. The cause of the destruction that swept through Chicago, as well as towns in Michigan and Wisconsin, says Waskin, was Biela's Comet!
     In 1845, Waskin explains, Biela's Comet split in half becoming two comets, each with its own head and tail. The twin comets slowly drifted apart [like a snakes tongue?], and he theorizes that; As they separated, their orbits changed slightly, enough to affect their approach to Earth. Thus, one of them have returned in 1871, a year earlier than expected. But Richard Schmidt of the US Naval Observatory thinks Waskin has taken liberties with orbital mechanics. "By 1852, the two comets were just half a day apart," he explains. "Then in 1866, under favorable viewing conditions, they weren't seen at all, and astronomers decided they had broken up." Waskin, however, says the anecdotal evidence speaks for itself: "Eyewitnesses in Chicago reported blue flames through basement windows. In Michigan, incredibly intense heat left people externally unmarked, but dead. The coins in their pockets melted. And in Wisconsin, balloons of fire and hot sand fell out of the sky."
     If Waskin's theory stands up to scientific scrutiny, the 1871 Midwestern fires would represent the first recognized incidence of a comet striking a densely populated area of the Earth."
     Would Awareness comment on this story please?

Cosmic Awareness:
     This Awareness indicates these events as being the result of alien forces; this in reference to the energy of certain rays that were released from the breaking up of an alien craft. 1871 was also a year in which there were numerous UFO sightings in various places. There were also abductions during that year. The excessive heat melting the coins was the result of certain radiant energies in regard to waves of unusual nature that affected the metal without affecting the body in the same way. The fires in various areas erupted spontaneously as a kind of spontaneous combustion. Also, a number of entities were caught in spontaneous combustion situations. This does not relate to the comet that fragmented sometime before this event.

Questioner: Were the aliens involved way back then, the same aliens plaguing us today?

Cosmic Awareness:
     This Awareness indicates that this is in the affirmative. These entities have had bases on Mars, on the Moon, and on Earth for some time. It has only been during this century that they have begun efforts to colonize the planet, but they have long held bases on this planet. These entities also have had contacts on this planet, in what may be termed 'ancient times, dating back even as far as Atlantis and ancient Egypt.

The Oannes Moved the Eskimos Into the North

     Ancient Egypt, within a period of just a few years, began to move from an agricultural community to one of great technology and civilization. This was due to the influence of these aliens in the affairs of Egypt, along with the influence from the Atlanteans. Also, those entities known as the Oannes, are as likewise, being related to these beings in the great and distant past; these entities being involved in moving the Eskimos from the Middle east to the areas north of the Arctic Circle, some three thousand years ago. They also moved some of these Eskimos into the openings at the North Pole.

The Oannes are a Genetic Creation With Fish-like Scales

     This Awareness indicates that these Oannes, however, were of a different race, though they had some alliances with the entities who are now associated with the subterranean bases. The Oannes being more of a genetic creation associated with certain fish-like qualities, having scales for skin. They are different in this manner from the ones that have more of an insect basis, the Zeta Reticuli. This Awareness indicates that these entities have certain root ancestral connections, though there have been alterations over the millennia to change them into different types. These may be referred to as races, even though the races are much more distinct from human races. It might be better to refer to them as different genetic types.

Is Ahriman Their Leader?

Questioner: Is Ahriman the leader of these entities?

Cosmic Awareness: 
     This Awareness indicates that Ahriman is what may be referred to as a composite concept. Ahriman as an individual is a creation representing the concept or embodiment of certain qualities of expression that totally lack compassion and enjoy the sufferings of others. Ahriman is simply another word for what many perceive to be 'evil.'
     There are entities who can and might portray themselves as Ahriman, and there are those who might choose someone to play Ahriman, just as an entity can portray himself as Christ, or be elected to represent Christ by others, but the Christ Force is that which exists throughout the universe as life, love, and compassion, and is everywhere present, and the Ahriman force is that which may be called the force throughout the universe that is Antichrist or opposed to all that the Christ stands for and represents.
     Whether an entity plays the role and personifies this force, or whether entities simply recognize the energies as forces that are everywhere present, depends on how an entity wishes to perceive. If you, for example, had no physical body, and existed strictly in etheric essences, you would not be so inclined to embody the different beings with physical forms; you could then see these essences and energies as forces rather than as entities. This Awareness indicates however, entities and energies are the same thing, but generally speaking, entities by your perception, are perceived as having form, and energies are perceived as lying there as potent or potential action waiting to happen.
     This Awareness indicates that Ahriman is an energy, moreso than an entity, but there are also entities that can attune to the energy of Ahriman and portray and personify that energy as though it were a being, just as there are entities that can attune to the Christ Force and personify that, and portray the Christ as a person. This Awareness indicates there are entities that do these things--that personify these forces. There will always be Christs and there will always be Antichrists. These are forces, but there are also entities that will embody these forces in order to portray them as though they were entities.

Don't Confuse Ahriman With Lucifer

Cosmic Awareness:
     This Awareness indicates that Ahriman should not be confused with the force that is referred to as Lucifer. Lucifer is simply a symbolic representation of separateness. Its main expression is that of the ego. Wherein anything sees itself as separate--that is the ego, and that is Lucifer. Ahriman however, is a kind of cold impassionate force that enjoys the suffering of others.
     The ego energy of Lucifer is that which is more inclined toward competition through deception and misrepresentation and thus is referred to as the Father of Lies, whereas Ahriman is more inclined toward being sadistic in nature, seeking to destroy others for some personal gain. Both Lucifer and Ahriman have been symbolically embodied in the Christian concept of the devil.

How the Word "Devil" Originated

     If you will note, the word 'devil' is a kind of contraction of the French word, de' evil or 'of evil.' Remove one of the 'e's, link the word together, and you have the word 'devil.' This may be more of a medieval creation, coming into existence during the Middle Ages. The concept of the devil is that which was taken from Persian religions associated with the entity Zamael, and the Egyptian entity Saturn, associated with the Babylonian Satan and Bael, and it became a kind of composite of all those gods of evil, those malevolent beings.

The Surrender of Separateness is Occurring

     The concept of Ahriman is a more modern version based on the ancient Ahriman of the Syrians. The Ahriman of the Syrians represents the embodiment of evil, or that being called Zamael; these being the same. The more modern version of Ahriman as promoted by Rudolf Steiner, represents this entity as a kind of embodiment of sadism, and this may be seen as the more descriptive of these negative forces that are in action on this plane at present time, for Lucifer, the ego, is that which is in the process of rejoining the Christ Consciousness. It is part of the surrender of separateness as humanity moves to rejoin the Godhead.
     The Ahriman force, however, that which is left over and does not accept the rapture, the reunion with the Godhead, has elected to move instead into the opposition and has chosen to push separateness to its extreme and to accept violence as a way of survival, and of enjoyment. Again, these are not categories so much as measurements along a line of varying increments, for the Ahriman qualities are just further out on the measurement than the Luciferian qualities of separateness.
     The Luciferian qualities of separateness may extend out in some ways to touch the Ahriman qualities, and the Ahriman qualities may still move even further out into extreme sadism. There are degrees of these things, and even the Christ qualities have their degrees--some who live strictly by the principles of the Christ Consciousness, others who simply give lip service and still indulge in separateness and egoism.

The Problem in Communicating With Words

     This Awareness indicates that there is a problem in communicating with words, in that words tend to create the implication that there are categories to fit under each word, when in fact it is a long line of increments, and the words are simply placed overhead to indicate a proximity and a change or distance that occurs along that line of increments. In this manner, even those entities that are classed as Antichrist or Ahriman types, may move along that highway, that line toward the Christ Light and may eventually merge with the Christ Light.
     They are not necessarily boxed into the Ahriman group. They do not have to remain sadistic, nor do the Luciferians need to remain as separateness and egotistical or deceptive, but as they begin to move, they also pass under these labels, and into the label, and will be referred to as Christian or Luciferian, or Ahrimanic in nature, and as they pass one way or the other, they are labeled according to their behavior and activities.
     This Awareness indicates that in this sense, entities are not pigeon-holed, categorized, or fixed into those categorizations, nor are those labes branded on them, not to be removed. They may change and become something different. The labels are simply there to indicate where entities tend to be, according to their behavior patterns.
     This Awareness hopes that this helps to clear up the thinking in regard to this cosmic conflict between the Forces of Darkness and the Forces of Light, for these things are not fixed. The Universe is not so set that polarized energies cannot reverse themselves or alter and reach civilization. This is complete. [This was excerpted from the June 2018 Cosmic Awareness Newsletter].

Oh my goodness. This is so beautiful. I love fabric. I love fabric like I love the canvas and paints, and this fabric is utterly pretty! I wonder what it is, how it was made. It's from the Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2012 collection.

And oh my goodness, this fabric is fantastic too!

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