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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

You're So Beautiful, And You're Mine.

"I see a Vision limitless, all things turned into Light --sweet, joyous.
But in a little while Darkness came settling down on part of it --awesome and gloomy, coiling in sinuous folds so that methought it like unto a snake.
And then the Darkness changed into some sort of Moist Nature tossed about beyond all power of words, belching out smoke as from a fire and groaning a wailing-sound that beggars all description. (love-making). And after that, an outcry inarticulate came forth from it, as though it were a Voice of Fire.
Thereon, out of the Light, a Holy Word [Logos] descended on that Nature. And, upwards to the height, from the Moist Nature, leapt forth Pure Fire; Light was it, swift and active too.
The Air too, being light, followed after the Fire; from out of the Earth-and-Water, rising up to the Fire so that it seemed to hang therefrom.

But Earth-and-Water stayed so mingled with each other, that Earth from Water could no one discern. Yet, were they moved to hear, by reason of the Spirit-Word [Logos] pervading them."

Already you could see the Masculine - Feminine in the structure. The spirit and the body.

"Moist Nature which appeared from Darkness"... like from the womb of the Feminine.

"That Light, said He, am I, thy God -Mind- prior to Moist Nature which appeared from Darkness; the Light-Word [Logos] that appeared from Mind, is Son of God.
Know that what sees in thee, and hears, is the Lord's Word [Logos]; but Mind is Father--God. Not separate are they the one from the other; just in their union rather, is it that Life consists.
So, understand the Light, [He answered], and make friends with it.

And speaking thus He gazed for long into my eyes so that I trembled at the look of him. But when He raised His head, I saw in Mind the Light, but now, in Powers no man could number, and Cosmos grown beyond all bounds. And that Fire was compassed round about by a most mighty Power, and now subdued, had come unto a stand (still).

Cigarette break.

And the rest of it is an interesting complex composition of what went on:

"As I was in great astonishment, He said to me again: Thou didst behold in Mind the Archetypal Form, whose being is before beginning, without end. Thus spake to me Man-Shepherd.
And I say: Whence then have Nature's elements their being?
To this He answer gives: From Will of God. Nature received the Word [Logos], and gazing upon the Cosmos Beautiful, did copy it, making herself into a cosmos by means of her own elements and by the births of souls.
And God-the-Mind being both male and female, just as Light and Life subsisting together, brought forth another Mind to give things form to, who God, as he was of Fire and Spirit, formed Seven Rulers who enclose the cosmos that the senses perceive. Men call their ruling, Fate.

Straightaway from out of the downward elements, God's Reason [Logos] leapt up to Nature's pure formation, and was at-oned (together again) with the Formative Mind; for it was co-essential with it.
And Nature's downward elements were thus left reason-less, so as to be pure matter.

Then the Formative Mind (at-oned with Reason), he who surrounds the spheres and spins them with his whorl, set turning his formations and let them turn from a beginning boundless unto an endless end. For that, the circulation of these spheres begins where it doth end, as Mind doth will. (sort of like, the Oroboros!).

And from the downward elements, Nature brought forth lives, reason-less; for He did not extend the Reason [Logos] to them. The Air brought forth things winged; the Water, things that swam, and Earth-and-Water one from another parted, as Mind willed. And from her bosom, Earth produced what  lives she had, four-footed things and reptiles, beasts wild and tame.

But All-Father Mind, being Life and Light, did bring forth Man co-equal to Himself with whom He fell in love as being His own child; for he was beautiful beyond compare, the Image of his Sire. In very truth, God fell in love with his own Form; and on him did bestow all of His own formations.

And when he gazed upon what the EnFORMer had created in the Father, Man too wished to enform; and so, assent was given him by the Father.
Changing his state to the formative sphere, in that he was to have his whole authority, he gazed upon his Brother's creatures. They fell in love with him and gave him each a share of his own ordering.
And after that, he had well learned their essence and had become a sharer in their nature, he had a mind to break right through the Boundary of their spheres, and to subdue the might of that which pressed upon the Fire.

So he, who hath the whole authority over all the mortals in the cosmos and over its lives irrational, bent his face downwards, through the Harmony, breaking right through its strength, and showed to downward Nature, God's fair form.

And when she saw that Form of beauty which can never satiate, and him who now possessed within himself each single energy of all the seven Rulers as well as God's own Form, she smiled with love; for 'twas as though she'd seen the image of Man's fairest form upon her Water, his shadow on her Earth.
He, in turn, beholding the form like to himself, existing in her, in her Water, loved it and willed to live in it; and with the will came act, and so he vivified the form-devoid-of-reason.
And Nature took the object of her love and wound herself completely around him, and they were intermingled, for they were lovers. (spirit and body, as we are now.)

And this is why, beyond all creatures on the earth, man is two-fold; mortal because of his body, but because of the essential man, immortal.
Though deathless and possessed of sway over all, yet doth he suffer as a mortal does, subject to Fate.
Thus, though above the Harmony, within the Harmony he hath become a slave. Though male-female, as from a Father male-female, and though he's sleepless from a sleepless Sire, yet is he overcome by sleep.

Hahaha! Sound familiar?

Nature embraced by Man, brought forth a wonder. Oh so wonderful. For, as he had the nature of the Concord of the Seven, who as I said to thee, were made of Fire and Spirit, --Nature delayed not, but immediately brought forth seven "men," in correspondence with the natures of the Seven, male-female, and moving in the air.
In such wise then, as I have said, the generation of these seven came to pass. Earth was a woman, her Water filled with longing; ripeness she took from Fire, spirit from Aether. Nature thus brought forth frames to suit the form of Man. (what women doesn't want a beautiful home full of beautiful expressions?)
And Man from Light and Life, changed into soul and mind -- from Life to soul, from Light to mind.
And thus continued all the sense-world's parts, until the period of their end, and new beginnings.

The period being ended, the bond that bound them all was loosened by God's Will. For all the animals being male-female, at the same time with Man, were loosed apart; some became partly male, some in like fashion, partly female. And straightaway God spoke by His Holy Word [Logos]:

"Increase ye in increasing, and multiply in multitude ye creatures and creations all; and man, that hath Mind in him, let him learn to know that he himself is deathless, and that the cause of death is love, though Love is all."

When He said this, His Forethought did, by means of Fate and Harmony, effect their couplings, and their generations founded. And so, all things were multiplied according to their kind.
And he who thus, hath learned to know himself, hath reached that Good which doth transcend abundance; but he who through a love that leads astray, expends his love upon his body -- he stays in Darkness wandering and suffering through his senses, things of Death.

Extraterrestrial shares their knowledge.

So, where did they get that story you just read? From some religious fanatic that is trying to suck up your soul energy? I mean, in the beginning part they don't even mention a female. They call it some type of dark energy, but meanwhile back at the ranch, it takes male and female to tango and get children born here. So what type of arrogant being is selling that story to us? That MIND is the only thing and that it's male, and that the male has its own female inside itself, and that's why it created a son? Hahahaa. It just sounds so stupid. It's so unrealistic. There are so many pot holes in those stories. For example, the story in the PDF, the nutjob --to Asclepius-- has them condemning people who don't have children. Think about this incident. A young male and female are engaged to be married, no children yet, and the guy gets killed in a horse and buggy accident, or an automobile accident if you want to bring it to modern present day. He and she had no children. What if she doesn't find someone she's in love with afterwards and therefore never marries? So you see. They put more emphasis on animal things such as popping out babies rather than on Love, which is the most important thing ever. For, without love, there would be no place to go out to, to experiment and experience. Perhaps the 'reason' they want a bunch of babies being born is because they sacrifice them and some entity sucks the blood energy. Of course all the while, kept hidden, because as soon as you let them know what you're up to, then you don't look like the so-called 'light' you portray yourself to be, but instead you are the one who turns out to be that dark and nasty negative that you were trying to hand over onto someone else. One has to have MUCH discernment in order to know what is going on. For example, that extraterrestrial in the video is more correct than that fucking idiot trying to force answers that he believes to be correct, out of the one he's interrogating. What a joke some beings are. What an arrogant and false light. Who's your fucking daddy? An arrogant false light.

How do you get 'demons'? The god damned roman catholic church invented them! If beings were allowed to delve into their bodies (and allow themselves to enjoy sex instead of fear it) and into the scientific nature of life, they would have found out a lot more than the garbage that the church spews at the people indoctrinating them with it, with fantasty and false views of things.

I see a Vision too! Most of the things you are taught is garbage, bullshit, falsehoods! The Corpse Hermeticum-job, is what that book should be called.

For example, who the fuck doesn't have masculine and feminine inside of them? Everyone and everything. Everyone is capable of creating. So what makes Yaldaboath so important, or is that Baphomet? Hahaha. It's just like what's written about what Sophia said about the creature, that he's blind. And certainly blindness comes from ignoring, which you can call ignorance, and then you can see that there would be all types of lies and half-truths to come out of a being that is in self-denial, or denial of the truth because they feel that they could get something out of hiding the truth.

In Michael Tsarion and David Whitehead's video from Unslaved dotcom, Episode 25, The Four Planes of Child Development, with Mark Iwanickithey say it there...we think with our body! Body is very important. But they who want to rule over us would have us think differently.

Cosmic Awareness goes to show us how we need the polar sides in order to manifest instantly, and one of the poles is the Sagittarius-Orange-coloured Chakra of our Navel area! This is excerpted from the June 2018 newsletter:


This first question has a little bit of continuation from
the opening message. It is from JF, in Santa Barbara,
CA. “For many years I have been intensively studying
the process of how we create our own reality and am
fascinated by the mechanics of how this operates. In
particular, I am very interested in learning exactly how
we can manifest physical/material objects instantly, at
will, through the power of our own consciousness/mind.
While I have been able to learn much from your
messages and my own research, meditations,
experiments and experiences over the years, I would
love to know the precise mechanics of how this process
Can you please share in as much detail as possible the
exact process one needs to go through to be able to
manifest any physical object instantly simply through
the power of our own consciousness/mind? Specifically,
I am seeking to know what are the key elements required
for a successful instant manifestation and what specific
practices and resources are most beneficial in learning to
master this process.”

This Awareness indicates that manifesting something
into physical reality stems from the ability to connect
with the Spirit and the Spirit Structures of that which is
being manifested. For the sake of clarity, this Awareness
will use an apple. If one were seeking to bring into
manifestation an apple, then one would align with
Universal Energy, clearly, without inhibitions, through
the central channel of the physical form.
Releasing attachments and expectations, one would
then seek to know the spirit of that apple. One would
seek within a state of stillness and absence of mind,
wherein only the heart is present, and the seeking would
be to know intimately, the spirit of that apple—the cells,
the atoms, the light, the seeds, the mother of the tree, the
father of the tree, the lineage from which it has sprung,
the land and the Earth and the water that has nourished
it, or the bees that have pollinated its blossoms, and all
that is done –without words, without the mind.
The mind will create a filter through which to perceive
that experience. The mind will, of its nature, inhibit,
through the insertion of lenses through which the energy
should flow. The heart is the power source of this
seeking current; and as a current of love, and as a place
where the Universal Energy, the Soul and the Earth
combine, one then is able to create a field that is then
supported by the life force center at the core of the body,
emanating from the plane of the low self, that is around
the navel area of the physical form.
This generates the poles necessary for an object to
become manifested in physical reality. This Awareness
acknowledges that in the Hindu teachings, the
manifestation of matter from nothingness stems in part
from the use of the third eye.
This Awareness acknowledges that indeed, this is
possible. However, if one is seeking to remain in
alignment with natural law, as the Earth is moving
toward and forward with specific sets of understanding
and shifts in paradigms; this process of through the heart
and the core power center of the abdomen allows the
mind and the third eye to remain in a state of stillness.
Through the reflective process, the mind, in the final
completion of the manifestation is able to assist in the
reflections necessary to allow form to take place.

This Awareness suggests that as one understands that
all of physically created reality is generated from the
outside in, generated by creating a field of energy with
ever finer webs of Light, connection, rapport,
acknowledgement, so that Light can gather, and as Light
gathers, it seeks a rapport with that which is birthing it,
to generate an understanding of connection and love, for
the apple that would become manifested in this way
would be a child of the greater Spirit Structure that is the
apple tree; the apple, as opposed to the child, the fruit of
one specific tree.
For the lines of genesis, those currents still exist
despite the absence of the tree and the roots and the
blossom. The genesis, those elements necessary for its
aspects to become present are still there. This is

Thank you, Awareness. The mind is the reflection of
what the heart does, correct?
And too often our mind has too many incorrect or
coloring lenses, which falsify the truth, correct?
So the goal here is to still the mind so that it is a true
reflection of what the heart feels. Is that correct?
In doing that, then the other magical things described
can occur.
Thank you, Awareness. Does Awareness have any
more information on that last question?

This Awareness wishes to offer one more clarification.
When one applies seeking through the third eye and
manifests objects through that avenue, there is a decided
attachment that is applied there, and that level of
attachment allows for that manifestation to exist, even if
it is not in alignment with the highest good of all. In
other words, it allows for an element of sacrifice to exist
within it.
When one manifests through the heart, and
manifestation in this conversation is specific to
manifesting objects out of thin air; if one is to manifest
an apple or an object through the heart, a level of love
and intimate rapport that is built with that object and all
that comes with it, allows for it to become manifest
through channels of alignment that do not require
If an entity is seeking to manifest a million dollars
upon the table in front of him, out of thin air, then one is
agreeing to successfully clear the attachments to the
sacrificial system that is attached to that money. There
are many elements to take into consideration when one
is manifesting in this way, for it is an alchemical
process, one that involves the soul energy becoming
amplified and projecting into a vessel other than the
incarnate form.
When one manifests an apple in this way—a rose, a
piece of gold, or a gem, one is extending one’s soul,
projecting one’s soul energy, Life Force Energy, to
assist in the manifestation of that object, taking into
consideration that what is being formed is sentient. It is
not without life. It is living. It breathes in a way that is of
the heart, and as one becomes practiced in this
experience, one can observe that point of inception, that
point at which the energetic heart of that object begins to
thrive. This is complete.

Thank you, Awareness. I think I understand. I want to
just make sure. So by creating from the heart, you get
the whole spirit of whatever you are creating. If it’s the
apple it’s also everything, every Spirit Structure that is
associated with it, including the bees and the pollen and
the tree it came from, and everything else. Is that
correct? It’s not just an empty apple?


This is correct.

P.s. Avoid being sucked up into the vaccuum cleaner that calls itself god, mind, light, or anything that tries to seduce your power from yourself and into it instead.

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