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Sunday, July 29, 2018

Every Ten? What is it about the Dime?

Wot? Wut is it?

     Well, recently, I had an experience. I don't feel like writing it out all again, so I'll go copy fromanother site that I first placed it on, and paste it here. Ok? Great. Let's check it out. After this video. Just watch three minutes of it, or eleven, whichever one you want. Then go and read it.

Tracy R Twyman, something awesome happened yesterday. I went with my boyfriend for dinner at the Keg for his birthday (July 28, 2018 Full Moon). Just earlier before he came over, I had been reading your book "Clock Shavings." I was on page 106-107 reading about the Dime in the chemical wedding. We were being served by a waitress at the restaurant, whose name was Desaray. I liked her name. I told her about my sister best friend who had passed away and how I had a dream of her last night and thought the dream was real, but in the dream I was starting to realize that in real life, or waking life that is, she was not there anymore. The dream was so real. Then Desaray told me about her grandmother (Lebanese) who had passed away recently and was very well loved, and everyone in the family kept seeing ten cents everytime her presence was around. So I started thinking about her name and noticed that dix in French meant ten and Arie or Arian, are the whites from the beginning. Des ari. So I told her that and said it may have something to do with the whole. I hadn't realized I had just read about this in the book. But the next day when I woke up, made a tea and sat down to read this book again, right in front of me there it was The TEN! Haha. So I read further and I found that you are spot on! That book by De Vere must be a very important book because you were talking about making the money to publish it, and Baphomet was helping you to do it, and in this way. This what you said, makes so much sense. His book May have something to do with alchemizing into a higher structure: "This Rosicrucian connection seemed a fitting one to make, for when discussing the dispute between Jesus and John over the wedding with Mary Magdalene, Baphomet had visited the rose-cross symbol in the corner of the board." AND: "While there, they were privileged to witness an alchemical union (the wedding itself) and transformation (the water turned to wine). They were even allowed to take communion and consume the magical wine, which they had purchased with their donation." So to me, it looks like I'm on the right path seeing the "ten" occurring in my life. I'm also reading that book that you published of DeVere's, "The Dragon Legacy" so I'm really glad I came across this material. Thanks! That's a great book you wrote, "Clock Shavings," and I"m very grateful for all the research you've done.

Yea so, there you go. Fucken aye. I had a really cool experience and I wanted to share it with someone. I hope you enjoyed it.

Ah. How lovely.

Dime a dozen, no doubt. Believe me? Hhahahahaaa. HAHahahahaaa/

It's good to BE Alive.

Oh my god, this morning, Sunday July 29, 2018, when I woke up to do my exercise (at 1:30pm), I saw on the carpet a dime! Hahaha. Now where did that come from? So strange. I hadn't seen it there before. But it was right there in the middle of where I walked past to go to the bathroom. So I picked it up and put it on the table.

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