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Monday, October 3, 2011

The BEING That You Are As A Human.

This is the being I am as a human: Some Pictures

This video is an excellent form of information. The man is in the know. Check it out.

Return of the Nephilim by Freemantv

Dream I Had, Mon. Oct 3, 2011

"They" prevented me from discovering and experiencing in my first lucid dream a little while ago, (as soon as I realized I was totally awake in my dream, I looked at my hand and was so happy, I was just about to fly off to my right because I wanted to learn how to do this, understand the energies so I could take it to my reality-wake state and begin using it, when suddenly they were all around me in the guise of human and they intercepted my flight. So now, all I was doing the whole time I was aware, was fighting them off me, and I kept saying to them "just give me some space, give me some space!" They didn't listen. I woke up with one of them on my back. No space there.) and now they were trying to prevent information from coming to me in this dream I had this morning.

Through the whole dream, the higher being was sending me knowledge, messages, and "they" were trying to make it as confusing and fouled up as they could for me to not understand. I kept very close to the stream of knowledge coming from the invisible up above, right in front of me, at me. I was aware the unearthly beings were trying to corrupt the flow. I had to ask Her a few times what some things meant because the meaning was all twisted up in places from those beings veiling it as it came out to me. Basically I knew what She was saying because I listened to Her signs and symbols and translated them to the most well fitting meaning, which all fit together perfectly when I looked at the whole message.

While She was delivering it, I was taking it in pieces, clarifying words, flowing with the meaning and repeating it over and over to myself in the dream because I knew I was in dreaming and wanted to bring this to my 'wake' state. Those alien-type beings, I could see stretched through the atmosphere around me, greenish brown presences, dirty filthy creatures, throwing confusion in, manipulating not only the words but trying to control the whole situation from happening. They failed.

That being was pure and beautiful. Clear lovely and supremely intelligent. I was like Her, except I was here on planet earth dealing with those controlling, forcing things upon me, strange alien beings holding humans prisoner from growing into their fullness. So I'm battling to get knowledge and freedom.

The message She relayed to me was this. In my own words. From the best I can interpret what came through...... We have two parts to us. I'm not certain whether this is only to me, concerning my personal structure, or whether it concerns other humans as well.

So. We have two parts. The male and the female, the left brain and the right brain, the positive and the negative, the conscious and the subconscious. Now we're not going into the UNconscious. We're only dealing with what we've been given to us as ours, our own power. This is what we must claim, wrest away from those who've stolen our subconscious from us, to manipulate us by hypnotizing us to do things in our conscious existence while we have not ourselves placed whatever it is, in there to have done or be doing.

Okay, so She told me, one must take the two parts of themself and intermingle them together and focus that, to what you desire to achieve. To a goal you have chosen. She called them "The Pair." I think that's what they mean in the bible about the marriage. The marriage of the pair which is your mind within you, which is the True You!

Okay people, you will need to read "The Apocryphon of John," a gnostic writing, in order to understand better what I am going to be talking about next.

Stevan Davies Translation: The Apocryphon of John

The Long Version: The Apocryphon of John

Christ / Autogenes asked for a companion. The companion is Mind. When man was created after the Christ by the Christ, Man was of the most brilliant mind. The Archons were envious and hateful of him because of that extraordinary mind which he had.

In my dream She was showing me how to discover my own powers, that I first must know myself, how I'm created, and then I'll be able to employ my structure to benefit us. She was emphasizing the focusing to a point those two parts of my being. She didn't say they were Mind, She said it was the entire structure of who I am. I am as though split from my own self due to the manipulations of those aliens/predators. So I must take both of my sides and focus them into a being, into one point of existence which brings me to the absolute present and frees me from their clutches.

Your being is needing to join itself consciously together and move forward with your plans and goals through that method. "They're" obviously going to try their utmost to prevent this from happening, but, just like She showed me, in order to learn, one focuses their mind, throwing out all distractions until you've extracted that which you were working to own. Which is here the restoration of one's own soul, or self, whatever best describes this.

I awoke in the hour of 6am and continued to remember and remember it. Then a thought came to mind which was from the bible where it said "when two or more come together in my name."  I recognized this passage as having been doped up. The true, clear meaning of it, for me anyway, is, when a being who has the pair together, they are actually the two. That's where the power is, in being One, in being focused to Christ. And the more, would be our own kind, in the same manner. Like Gurdjieff talks about when he says you have a magnetic center. Everyone who gets together in this manner is like a magnetic center in a being, at the same time, they're what appears to be a group of humans. The "in my name" really means the Family who were created from Christ. So you need to read the Apocryphon of John to know clearer, what I'm talking about. The two, your left side and right side, your female and your male, in the Christ Principle. The true Human brought back together within themself.

I immediately upon awakening went into my mind to find my female and male pair. Once I recognized them, by the way, they are very lovely, brilliant and sweet. Humaine in the most perfect way. Once I recognized them I began communicating with them. I as in, this human existence, are now a third person. So they two have come together through the focal point of me. I began asking them questions and they gave me answers that were real. One knows they are telling you the truth. We all three are now in communication. I'm supposedly the neutral in the sense of the word. But the word "neutral" is senseless to compare with what I mean here. I am a full of life and light with astonishing excellence and might, being. Neutral is an energy which combines from the female and male principle and feeds me, this being who is living here in this world. An etheric food. A food of knowledge, of life.

My sincere advice offered to all the family is to find yourself. Go look for who you are and bring the two worlds of your being together to create who you are in fullness. Being one within yourself. That's the way out of the grave, out of this prison we call the 'body' which was modelled after us in which to cage us in. That's what I find anyway.


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