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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Alien/Reptilian Fetus Found In Italian Woman.

This woman has been abducted since she was about 4 years old. Probably earlier.

Italian Woman Abduction Plus Reptilian Foetus Abortion (english subtitles)

Italia 8 J 2009 Alien Fetus aftermath.flv

The sack the fetus was in, was like an egg, the doctor couldn't see through it... and of course, part human as well. Something or someone is trying to create bodies on this planet from strange combinations of human and other creatures genes and DNA. Is this the black government working behind the mask of alien infestation in order to hide themselves and put the blame on races off planet? Or are there aliens doing this, or are they working together with the black government?

I read somewhere they intend to make bodies from their and our DNA and genes, then incarnate into them and destroy the rest of humanity, or keep the rest of humanity as livestock. It said they already hold humans in cages underground, on their ships, and on other planets, or moons. They use humans for food...like we use cattle or sheep.

Isn't it interesting that don Juan from Carlos Castaneda's books talks of this himself? Saying, the sorcerers of old witnessed it. Their teachings were carried on through the lineage to new sorcerers to be aware of to protect themselves by various means. Disciplining the mind to be silent is the main one because that helps us to recognize there is a "foreign installation" in our minds. Such as the thalamus, R-complex or "reptilian brain." Which means, the cages we are held in, are our own bodies. Oooh...

Passport To Magonia: On UFO's, Folklore, and Parallel Worlds. By Jacques Vallee

Before you read the PDF book by Jacques Vallee, read this article...the Reptilian agenda. You'll know immediately what kind of a hoax they're pulling over on people, and how really insanely mad they are. Whether they're this or that... it's truly an insane pact.

The Reptilian Pact (The "Secret Pact", the "Secret Covenant")

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