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Monday, October 24, 2011

Mother Earth As Healer.

There are all kinds of ways to get rid of cancer. Doing many things which are in line with health will get rid of it. For example, eating red grapes with the seeds in them. Crunch the seeds, swallow, and receive immune system boosters. Any bitter flavor is helpful. Before you eat a high-fat meal, bite into a lemon seed chewing it until the bitter flavor is in your mouth, then discard the pulp. What this does is it helps your liver to begin working and the high fat foods get digested better.

Instead of having an enema like they talk of in the first video of this playlist, (for some reason, this method doesn't seem natural. Things are suppose to go out of there, not go in) you can find stinging nettle growing all over the country, trim the leaves and stems and make herbal tea with that every day. What stinging nettle does is clean the blood out, replenish it, make it new again. You receive renewed energy with it. There is high iron content in the stinging nettle which is very helpful to a human body.

Linseed oil is a cleaning, nourishing oil. It's easy to use when you mix it with sunflowerseed oil which is plentiful in vitamin E. One fourth linseed oil, the remainder sunflowerseed oil, and then when you're in the shower or just getting out, massage this oil into your skin. The skin soaks up the nutrients and helps your whole body. You can wipe the residue off with a towel before you get dressed. Just little things like this help. There are so many things to help, you only need look. Get out of the trap of fear. It's useless. It stops you from thinking correctly. Relax and go into the silence of your self, remember joy, nurture it and bring it forth.

Returning to the land, the very foundation of life with health-giving plant stuctures created to nourish life itself, is a return to health. Start a small garden in the backyard. A fruit tree, some herbs for health and a few vegetable plants are helpful.  Evergreen trees are most beneficial to overall psychic health as well as bodily health. Breathe the air from around evergreens. You can even take a tablespoon of needles from the tree to make a hot tea to drink. This has a lot of vitamin C in it besides other nutritious ingredients which your body will benefit from. The scent is lovely too. Be around pleasant nature that soothes. This is the best remedy for any kind of ill.


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